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Academia Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "academia".

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fleming77 Jane Fleming 1,825 followers
Bio fingers and vision not the best but still academic but out of work, particular interest adaptive tech, Isle of Ely Fenvision, Chicago, maps
Location Cambridgeshire England
starstryder starstryder 1,745 followers
Bio Communicating astronomy and life in academia 1 sidereal day at a time.
Location IL, USA
Web http://www.starstryde...
Other lists:  science
kvetchingeditor Chaviva E. 1,606 followers
Bio Blogging Jewess turning one Web 2.0 trick at a time in an effort to dominate and collaborate.
Location Central Connecticut
Web http://kvetchingedito...
Other lists:  jewish, jews
Lisa03755 Lisa03755 1,052 followers
Bio Dartmouth College Alumna. Vox clamantis in deserto. New Yorker who Bleeds Green.
Location Hanover, New Hampshire

Other lists:  business, career, education, entrepreneur, highereducation, humor, socialmedia, socialnetworking, technology
saintanselm Saint Anselm College 1,022 followers
Bio Saint Anselm College is a nationally ranked Benedictine Catholic, liberal arts college located in Manchester, N.H.
Location Manchester, NH
Web http://blogs.saintans...
Other lists:  college
DelaneyKirk DelaneyKirk 993 followers
Bio Professor, Educator, Author, Speaker, Edublogger, Social networking
Location Tampa, Florida
Web http://www.delaneykir...
lrakoto Lova Rakotomalala 862 followers
Bio Bridgeblogger, Editor Global Voices in Malagasy, Coordinator Foko Madagascar (ICT), Biomedical Researcher for resource limited setting
Location Tana, Mg / Princeton NJ
Web http://rakotomalala.b...
lalalalinder Linda Duits 701 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Lecturer in communication at the UvA [University of Amsterdam], editor at DeJaap. lalala. loves academia, travel and beer. Currently working in Colorado.
Location Amsterdam
Web http://users.fmg.uva....
CAP_Ltd CAP-Academic Books 644 followers
Bio the finest University Presses from over there over here-Academic Books from North American University Presses
Location Chesham, UK
Web http://www.combinedac...
bohemiacademia Scarlett de Courcier 617 followers
Bio Academic petrolhead with a serious caffeine addiction
Other lists:  books, philosophy, psychology, religion, research, romany, science, socialmedia, writing
stiangd Stian G D 562 followers
Bio Nørd for hire, Fortiden langtids oppdrag innen data mining
Location Trondheim, Norway
Web http://forvirrahalvne...
gerryblog Gerry Canavan 470 followers
Bio perpetual student
Location Durham, NC
Web http://gerrycanavan.b...
brueckj23 Jeremy Brueck 470 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Socially constructing knowledge using Twitter. Leading through Educational Innovations.
Location ÜT: 41.120692,-81.582155
acidflask Jiahao Chen 463 followers
Bio I write code and transcribe reality onto computers. Postdoctoral fellow at MIT. Researcher in theoretical/computational chemistry/physics.
Location ÜT: 42.367775,-71.115638
Web http://www.jiahaochen...
profsuplementos Gabriel Bayma 436 followers
Bio O Professor Suplementos, a sua Loja de Suplementação na Internet. Os melhores produtos, as melhores condições e tudo o que você precisa saber!
Location São Paulo, Brasil
Web http://www.oprofessor...
kmangalam Kartik 419 followers
Bio Entrepreneur and Essayist.
Location New York
matthew_ryan Matthew Ryan 398 followers
Bio Freelance writer, independent journalist and media consultant. Creating solutions is my business.
Location Springfield, IL
Web http://thehorseshoebl...
DraycottMC Matthew Draycott 334 followers
Bio Entrepreneur, lecturer and researcher with a passion for developing young peoples enterprise futures
Location G1: Torrington St, Grimsby
Web http://www.mdraycott....
lisbet Elizabeth Marks 316 followers (1 on this list)
Bio A former graphic design professor turned anthropology grad student studying Media and Japan. In my spare time I write children's stories.
Location Houston, TX
Web http://www.marksism.c...
beccalovesbooks Becca Johnson 288 followers
Bio Wife, MLS Student, Web Master, Public Library Adult Services Manager, Dog Lover, and Book Nerd!
Location ÜT: 40.056463,-85.619743


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