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Advertising Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "advertising".

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geoff_deweaver Geoff De Weaver 511,111 followers
Bio Geoff De Weaver, Author, Social Business Designer, Digital Pioneer, Dad, I ♡ beaches, ✈ Travel, Australia's No.1 Business + Social Media Aficionado
Location  Sydney, Australia
Web http://geoffdeweaver....
Other lists:  australia, branding, digital, facebook, klout, linkedin, socialbusiness, socialmedia, teamfollowback
sorayad soraya darabi 483,948 followers (34 on this list)
Bio hello, strangers. i manage partnership and social-media marketing for the new york times (@nytimes). say hi.
Location New York City
Web http://saucy.tumblr.c...
Other lists:  marketing, news, socialmedia, thenewyorktimes
RobMcNealy Rob McNealy 136,452 followers (80 on this list)
Bio Blogger, Podcaster, MBA, Idea Creator, Serial Entrepreneur, Libertarian, Speaker, Floor Guy, Free Mason, Foodie, Medical Devices, Rapper
Location Maggiano's Little Italy® - It
Web http://www.TwitterGan...
Other lists:  blogging, coach-professional, consultants, corporate-strategy
chrisharrington Chris Harrington 122,645 followers (40 on this list)
Bio Net Strategist - Advertising Tech Geek - Vegan - advocate - I make the Internet bigger - I see the future - Started #votewoz
Location Charlotte, NC
Other lists:  corporate-strategy, food, geeks, green!
chrisbrogan Chris Brogan 105,164 followers (184 on this list)
Bio President, New Marketing Labs. More? . email: blog at chrisbrogan dot com
Location Boston, MA
Other lists:  executives, marketing, presidents
SeanMalarkey Sean Malarkey 103,043 followers (57 on this list)
Bio Expert List Builder, Blogger, Internet lover, Creator of TWIXPLODE - Full time Real Estate Investor. Husband, Dad, Good friend to many...
Location Columbus OH
Web http://MyTwitterExper...
Other lists:  business, business-intelligenc, entrepreneur, family, fathers, marketing, networking, photography, socialmedia
douglasi Douglas Idugboe 102,860 followers (64 on this list)
Bio New Media and Social Web Evangelist, Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist and Trainer Who Loves Technology.
Location Calgary, Canada
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  blog, blogger, blogging, branding, business, entrepreneur, marketing, socialmedia, technology
DiyanaAlcheva DiyanaAlcheva 100,872 followers (54 on this list)
Bio Marketing Specialist and Internet Network Marketing Business Coach assisting beginners and leaders to attract prospects to them and create a positive cash flow
Location Portland, OR
Other lists:  coach-professional, leadership, marketing, network-marketing
MichaelMillman MichaelMillman4★Copy 94,474 followers (58 on this list)
Bio I Polish~You Prosper! $30 Million Dollar (Sales) Man. Maximum Persuasion Copywriter/Polisher, Marketing Strategist, Conversion Maximizer + Positioning Coach
Location Southern California
Web http://MichaelMillman...
Other lists:  copywriting, corporate-strategy, marketing
wbaustin Bill Austin 94,405 followers (62 on this list)
Bio Bill Austin Ramblings and News from Phoenix Arizona. SEO SEM Internet Marketing Social Media Advertising Public Relations Strategy Search Engine Optimization.
Location Phoenix Arizona
Other lists:  blogs, career, engineers, entrepreneur
the_gman Gerald Weber 94,123 followers (70 on this list)
Bio Houston SEO/SEM Guy - Blogger - Friend - Lover - Skydiver - entrepreneur - Tweeter & President Of Search Engine Marketing Group in Houston TX.
Location H-Town USA
Other lists:  blogger, entrepreneur, marketing, seo
AlainVanHeerden Alain van Heerden 93,126 followers (69 on this list)
Bio Internet Marketing Consultancy - The difference between success and failure is almost always a matter of inches – the distance between your ears.
Location Cape Town
Web http://alainvanheerde...
Other lists:  internet-marketing, marketing
Debbas Debbas 89,110 followers (51 on this list)
Bio Founder of promotional items and printing. Professor of Marketing Writing books . Love 2 Interview U. Enjoy Wineries.
Location Throughout the US
Web http://www.weareprint...
Other lists:  activism, ad-agencies, books, branding
pramitjnathan Pramit J Nathan 88,054 followers (82 on this list)
Bio Marketing consultant, author, speaker and trainer, specializing in branding and perception management. Fascinated with social media and a newbie blogger.
Location New Delhi, India
Web http://www.pramitjnat...
Other lists:  blogger, blogging, branding, communications, entrepreneur, marketing, pr, publicrelations, socialmedia
askaaronlee Aaron Lee 85,027 followers (79 on this list)
Bio #1 Twitter in Malaysia, Professional Twitter, Competitive by Nature, Open and Positve Minded, Full Time International Marketing Student, Part time IM-er.
Location Malaysia
Other lists:  education, international-business, internet, marketing
SuggestionBox 84,674 followers (54 on this list)
Bio @IncMagazine Thanks for the Collecting Customer Feedback article including as BEST for Asking for Ideas!
Location San Diego
Web http://SuggestionBox....
Other lists:  business, entrepreneur, ideas, innovation, internet, marketing, seo, socialmedia, technology
daaniziinha Danielle Greice 83,486 followers (2 on this list)
Location SC, Brasil
Web http://www.formspring...
Other lists:  brazil, celebrity, famous, marketing, movies, music, people, relationship, twitter
alicam Alister Cameron 83,221 followers (80 on this list)
Bio I don't claim to be a guru, I just think I've been doing this web/social media/blogging thing long enough to have figured out all the big boo boos!
Location Melbourne, Australia
Web http://alistercameron...
Other lists:  education, founders, geeks, internet-marketing
Serphres Serph. 82,427 followers (21 on this list)
Bio I'm nothing but a head full of dreams, a stomach full of cheap liquor, and a heart of gold.
Location My City, NC.
Other lists:  actor, business, followback, followfriday, marketing, music, networking, socialmedia, twitter
ronniewilson Ronnie 81,339 followers (49 on this list)
Bio Father (2 boys 1 girl) Friend to many that likes to help people Interest include Health, Fitness, Outdoors, Love to learn new things
Location Kentucky
Web http://www.bighealtha...
Other lists:  books, entrepreneur, fathers, fitness


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