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Agile Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "agile".

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utpalvaishnav Utpal Vaishnav 17,783 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Utpal Vaishnav is a lifelong learner, #entrepreneur, #scrum evangelist, blogger and #author based in western India.
Location India
Web http://www.utpalvaish...
Other lists:  entrepreneurship, inspiration, leadership, lean, motivation, scrum, self-help, startup, success
Korayem Moe Salem Korayem 1,286 followers
Bio Tech. geek turned into a biz consultant who happens to love photography. In other words, a polymath in the making.
Location 30.08859522,31.31685865
Other lists:  business, consultant, egypt, management, photography, scrum, socialmedia, startups
Riussi Juha Ristolainen 1,258 followers
Bio Aspiring software craftsman and alpha geek working on mobile software @Futurice and @Codemancers in Tampere, Finland. Nokia Developer Champion, Qt Ambassador
Location Tampere, Finland
Other lists:  android, ios, lean, mobile, programming, software, softwaredevelopment, windows8, windowsphone
JoelFoner Joel Foner 1,157 followers
Bio Project manager, Certified Agile ScrumMaster, practitioner and coach with strong business, consultative, technical and facilitation skills.
Location Boston, MA
Other lists:  bmm, coaching, imcchat, lrnchat, scrum, seo, social, socialmedia, startups
Marketbright Marketbright 895 followers
Bio Nurture Marketing. Lead Generation. Social Media Marketing. Marketing Automation. Converting Leads!
Location San Bruno, CA
Web http://www.marketbrig...
Other lists:  b2b, blogs, cloud, lead-generation, marketing, marketing-automation, nurture-marketing, saas, web-marketing
varunpoddar Varun Poddar 590 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Principal @PoddarCo (a Project, Client Management Consultancy), Blogger, Entrepreneur. Interests - Networking, Photography & Traveling
Location New Jersey, USA
Web http://www.poddarco.c...
Other lists:  photography, pmot, pmp, projectmanagement, scrum, socialmedia
jukkaam Jukka Ala-Mutka 576 followers
Bio Founder, DrSc & Author of the Agile Strategy: strategic agility, business model innovation, diversity, transparency, community, leadership
Location Finland
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  agilestrategy, businessmodel, entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, leanstartup, management, startup, strategy
mdubakov Michael Dubakov 563 followers
Bio Software developer, TargetProcess founder and CEO (agile cubed), Lean/Kanban addicted, learning UX, father of two sons
Location Minsk, Belarus
Web http://www.targetproc...
Other lists:  scrumdev
rbadaro Ruben Badaró 221 followers
Bio Software Engineer @ ChangingWorlds, Portuguese JUG Leader and crazy about software development and agile methodologies.
Location Dublin, Ireland
Web http://www.rubenbadar...
Other lists:  java, mobile, portugal
indigo777 Olga Kouzina 217 followers
Bio TP agile marketing, TENNIS, nature, travel, everything that life brings.
Location Minsk, Belarus
Other lists:  3pm, lean, edtech, usability
Steven_Kass Steven Kass 159 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Project Manager and co-founder of, a knowledge exchange (stackexchange) site for project management
Web http://www.askaboutpr...
Other lists:  business, management, pmot, pmp, projectmanagement, scrum
SynapticNulship Samuel H. Kenyon 110 followers
Bio lead sw engineer @ iRobot, atheist technoprogressive transhumanist, into artificial intelligence and IxD
Location Cambridge, MA, USA
Web http://synapticnulshi...
Other lists:  artificial-intelligence, atheist, cognitive, dubstep, hri, ixd, robots, transhuman, ux
bartekp Bartek Papierski 99 followers
Bio Pragmatic attitude enthusiasts; Scrum practitioner; amateur photographer and... part-time futures/commodities/stock trader.
Location Lodz & Poznan, Poland

Other lists:  scrum
fcastro72 Fabio Castronuovo 90 followers
Bio “You never feel better than when you start feeling good after you've been feeling bad.”
Location Pisa
Web http://www.darkinterv...
Other lists:  crm, customerservice, jazz, projectmanagement, scrm, scrum
jfbauer John Bauer 24 followers
Location Cleveland, OH
Web http://midwestitsurvi...
Other lists:  development, it, itfail, leadership, management, pmo, pmp, software, writer
DarianRashid Darian Rashid 23 followers
Bio Agile instructor, coach and developer who specializes in large-scale, complex projects with s/w, f/w and h/w components.
Location Lehigh Valley, PA

Other lists:  agile_coaches, business, scrum, scrumdev, scrummaster, six-sigma, software, software-testing-quality-assurance, technology
AppDevPM Ray Almonte 23 followers
Bio Love family, friends, good food & drink, fishing, tennis, comedies, sports, project management & software development
Location South Florida
Web http://www.appdevpm.b...
Other lists:  pmot, project-management
jacerdeira João Cerdeira 17 followers
Bio None
Location None

Other lists:  android, java, portugal
agilestrategy Jukka Ala-Mutka 11 followers
Bio Microblog is about Agile Strategy Software and framework. The author is Jukka Ala-Mutka
Web http://www.conedvisor...
Other lists:  leadership, management, strategy
dabuki buki 4 followers
Location iPhone: 48.177831,11.536440

Other lists:  cep, cmmi, scrum, socialmedia, tech


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