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Agnostic Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "agnostic".

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exdell Ex Dell 25,252 followers
Bio Technology news you can use! We're hardware agnostic and having fun. Feel free to retweet us. We're setup to autofollow friends back. Gadget geeks unite!
Location Round Rock, Texas

Other lists:  computers, gadgets, internet, technology
BradHart Brad Hart 5,798 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Agnostic, WAHD, Blogger, Aspiring Novelist, Verrified a person by
Location Huber Heights, Ohio
Web http://bradstinyworld...
Other lists:  novelists
bobwcaincom BobWCain 5,298 followers
Bio Who Me! .....just biding my time as I wait to be recycled! Why not join me for a follow!
Location Leicester,United Kingdom
Other lists:  broadband-internet, family
BibleAlsoSays I AM THAT I AM! 4,230 followers
Bio The Bible... Believe ALL of it, or, Believe NONE of it! Atheist, Agnostic, Skeptic, Troublemaker - Follow me I will follow you back Atheist or Believer
Location State of Reality, Jesusland
Web http://www.thebibleal...
Other lists:  atheist, bible, religion
R_Nash Richard Nash 3,981 followers
Bio Once an indie publisher, always. Believer in the book as the greatest social glue. Advocate for publishing 3.0
Location iPhone: 40.680302,-73.999465
Other lists:  books, publishing, young-adult-books
phdinparenting phdinparenting 3,845 followers
Bio ...exploring the art and science of parenting. Interests: attachment parenting, feminism, breastfeeding, multiculturalism
Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Web http://phdinparenting...
fitzpatj1969 John Fitzpatrick 3,078 followers
Bio MORI developer for @vitarara, writer/author, java programmer, movie lover, board gamer, business consultant
Location Tehran
Web http://www.vitarara.n...
Other lists:  board-games, java, programmer, unitarian-universalism
emma_zero Yuko C. Murray 2,867 followers (1 on this list)
Bio On a Quest to build Cross Cultural Community. Arts, Psychology, Sociology. Japanese-English Bilingual, Agnostic w/own Spirituality, Peace-loving Rebel
Location Seattle Area, WA, USA
Web http://anoceanaway-em...
Other lists:  bilingual
mystic23 Jayson 2,304 followers (2 on this list)
Bio I'm a radio producer, host of The Wrecking Ball Radio Show, I make some of my own music, funny twitter fanatic, agnostic shaman, liberal, universalist, ask me
Location Chapel Hill, NC
Other lists:  progressive, naturists
phatmommy Shannon Entin 2,235 followers
Bio Homeschooling mom, web designer, libertarian, scrapbooker. I specialize in working with those new to blogging and social media.
Location NJ, USA
Other lists:  homeschool
andrewbarnett andrew 1,959 followers
Bio hairy agnostic; website manager and database wrangler; INFP; bewildered; available for hire
Location Melbourne, Australia
Web http://andrewbarnett....
BrianKeene BrianKeene 1,859 followers
Bio Pulp writer of novels, stories and comic books. Also a cigar smoking, agnostic, libertarian firearms enthusiast who enjoys good bourbon, coffee and books.
Location York, Pennsylvania
Web http://www.briankeene...
Other lists:  comics, writer
WonderWy Wonder Wyant 1,853 followers
Bio Ustabee: carny, paralegal, biz owner -- Wannabee: web designer, pilot, pioneer.
Location Sioux Falls, SD, USA
Web http://www.wondersnet...
Other lists:  c#, c++, paralegal
surinderJsingh Surinder J.Singh 1,765 followers
Bio Airline pilot turned spiritual philosopher and book writer
Location Ottawa, Canada
Web http://www.airlinepil...
Other lists:  buddhist-meditation, human-services
pdxsucks Portland Sucks 1,541 followers
Bio A white, politically agnostic carnivorous drinker living in a liberal vegan tree-huggin' city
Location iPhone: 45.520355,-122.657594
Other lists:  portland
Leonitims LEONILA TIMARIO 1,494 followers
Bio Now I'm a twitter, a blogger and have some hubs
Location Las Vegas
Other lists:  group-homes
TLCHead Tom Head 465 followers
Bio ''I'm a juggler out in traffic, just another clown, throwing fire at the sky...''
Location Jackson, Mississippi
Other lists:  activist, blogger, existence, feminist, jackson, postmodern, progressive, single, writing
newageofreason New Age of Reason 168 followers
Location Los Angeles
Web http://www.newageofre...
Other lists:  atheist, freethinker, freethought, humanist, markella, reason, secular, skeptic, styvyn
fsmitha Frank Smitha 3 followers
Bio See web about this site.
Location USA
Web http://www.macrohisto...


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