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Animalrights Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "animalrights".

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ShenitaEtwaroo Dr.Shenita Etwaroo 63,549 followers
Bio ☆Evangelist,Animal Advocate,Author,Artist & Humanitarian☆ #NeverBeSilent @Skinned_Alive & @StopFurTrade ☆ #ARabbitCalledNeon(Coming Soon)☆ ❤♥ヅ
Location Daughter of The King ❤❤❤
Web http://www.shenitaetw...
Other lists:  animals, christian, humanrights, peta, pets, rabbits, stopanimalcruelty, stopbullying, stopfurtrade
GobbleGreen Gobble Green 20,085 followers
Bio Gourmet vegan cuisine delivered right to your doorstep!
Location California
Web http://www.gobblegree...
Other lists:  diet, fitness, health, mealdelivery, nutrition, vegan, vegetarian, weightloss
AnimalRightsCom Animal Rights Online 5,257 followers (7 on this list)
Bio Follow what is happening on Animal Rights Community Online
Location Vegan Ville
Web http://www.animalrigh...
Other lists:  animals, environment, freedom, pets, vegan, veganism, vegans, vegetarian, veggie
AnimalAid Animal Aid 1,834 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Animal rights group campaigning against animal experiments, factory farming, wildlife culls, and the use of animals for sport and leisure.
Location UK
Web http://www.animalaid....
Other lists:  veg, vegan, vegans, vegetarian
blooey Alonso Romero 1,628 followers
Bio Le estoy manejando lo que viene siendo el marketing. Me hace feliz la pizza fría, lavarme las manos, los perros, el play-doh, la tapioca y los días nublados.
Location Del Campestre (Morelia, MX)
Other lists:  branddevelopment, branding, consumerbehavior, dogs, green, marketing, pets
CathyGreenall Catherine Greenall 1,510 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Author of Vegans Can't Eat Anything! & 'Echoes', she edited her father’s book, 'The Greenall Chronicle' & her latest novel is a thriller 'A Quirk of Destiny'.
Location UK
Other lists:  antigm, authors, cookbookauthor, environment, humanrights, music, scithrillerauthor, self-pubishedauthors, vegan
SelflessBeing Selfless Being 1,153 followers
Bio Blog on Spirituality, Conscious Awareness, Teachers & Teachings, Articles, Videos, Quotes, & Poems
Location Austin, TX
Web http://pamelajwells.b...
Other lists:  advaita, buddhism, environment, hinduism, humanrights, peace, spirituality
Lidia_LF Air Eater 536 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Married to @Mathieu_LF. Employed in Marketing/Consumer Packaging. Pop culture nerd and music geek. Cat momma to Yuki & Yoshi.
Other lists:  blogger, design, glutenfree, marketing, packaging, toronto, vegan
MFIoF Mylène 530 followers (4 on this list)
Bio My Face Is on Fire on Twitter!
Location Canada
Web http://my-face-is-on-...
Other lists:  abolitionists, ar, vegan, veganism
rachaellorenz Dchs. Rachael Lorenz 431 followers
Bio ♕ Duchess Rachael Lorenz is a prominent Melbourne socialite with noble lineage; known for her generous philanthropy, photography, modelling and acting ♕
Location Melbourne, Australia
Web http://www.rachaellor...
Other lists:  australia, beauty, charity, fashion, melbourne, model, psychologist, royalty, socialmedia
VeganValkyrja Vegan Valkyrja 376 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Part-time Covert Economic Crime Fighter: CPA Cr.FA CFE Full-time Overt Abolitionist Vegan. Educator. 24/7 Human Animal. Parent. Companion to Rescued Canines.
Location Valhǫllr, Ásgarðr
Other lists:  abolitionistapproach, abolitionistvegan, abolitionistvegans, garylfrancione, justiceforanimals, vegan, veganism
Jayseecosta Jaysee Costa 342 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Vegan animal rights enviromentalist atheist that writes and takes photos
Location London
Other lists:  animalwelfare, antiwar, atheism, atheist, darwin, environemnt, green, lefty, vegan
DorisLin Doris Lin 273 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Guide to Animal Rights
Location New Jersey, USA
Web http://animalrights.a...
Other lists:  vegan
dhanjot dhanjot 236 followers
Location Miami
Web http://www.attractact...
Other lists:  rabbitrescue, vegan
This_Vegan_Life Jen Hamilton 178 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Curious vegan into equality, justice and freedom for ALL. Peace, love and respect are a few of my many interests.
Location Chicago, IL

Other lists:  abolishionist, animals, eco, health, lifestyle, nature, vegan
MFIoFV M 68 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Just your run-of-the-mill abolitionist vegan blogger and Twitter addict...
Web http://my-face-is-on-...
Other lists:  abolitionist, blogger, vegan, veganism
nondairydreamr non-dairy dreamer 67 followers
Bio ☮ Dreamy hippie vegan slacker just trying to be original like everyone else
Location Houston, TX
Web http://www.nondairydr...
Other lists:  activism, animals, hippie, peace, recipes, veg, vegan, vegetarian, veggie
meghan78 Meghan Schuessler 42 followers
Bio I'm in my early 30s, live in Bellmore, work in Garden City & am trying to write a novel!
Location Long Island, NY
Web http://meghanwritesan...
Other lists:  animalwelfare, blogger, editor, greysanatomy, lost, paranormalromance, reading, writers, writing
attraction2you Jessica 71 38 followers
Bio Law of Attraction enthusiast from California.
Location San Francsico

Other lists:  facebook, jetblue, lawofattraction, meetup, money, socialmedia, twitter, vegan, yoga
DEJeepGal Brenda 7 followers
Bio jeep jeep! pitbull rescuer, jeeper, wifey, giggler, blogger, twitter addict, 3 my pitbull & my hubs. I live to laugh & have fun! a.k.a @just_bren - retired name
Location Delaware
Web http://dailynittygrit...
Other lists:  animalrescue, blogger, firststate, jeep, kentcounty, mustang, pitbull


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