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Anime-geeks Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "anime-geeks".

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maisaoriginal Maisa Silva Andrade 11,227 followers
Bio Apresentadora mirim do Bom Dia e Cia., cantora e atriz.
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Other lists:  cruises, english---foreign-language-efl, higher-education, internet-consultancy
Tennis_Review TENNIS REVIEW 3,781 followers
Bio The world's No.#1 All Pro #Tennis Internet Network
Location USA / England / France / Spain
Web http://tennisreview.n...
Other lists:  aerobics, appraisers
fuseboxradio fuseboxradio 3,731 followers
Bio DJ Fusion of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast &, a sis in the mix who's always on the daily upward grind/anti-Audio iCoonery
Location USA - MD/NJ
Web http://www.BlackRadio...
Other lists:  audiophiles
RiceKrakaz Emi 2,513 followers
Bio A Geek at Heart. I love computers, Anime and Puppets.
Location San Diego, CA
Other lists:  system-administration-geeks
vorteximmersion Vortex Immersion 1,762 followers
Bio Immerse. Interact. Amaze. Delivering the most advanced immersive and interactive display technology and media in the world with quality and professionalism.
Location Las Vegas
Web http://www.vorteximme...
gigi33 Natasha 1,754 followers
Bio Cash Gifting will spin your world around financially. It's a very special activity based on the principles of TLOA and giving and receiving.
Location Indianapolis
boncle alf 1,585 followers
Other lists:  art-collecting
Asderff NyE. 1,510 followers
Bio Recording Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur, Writer & Blogger Extrodinair
Location Portsmouth, Virginia
Other lists:  artificial-intelligence
animephreak Larry Appleton 1,406 followers
Bio I'm all about anime and cool stuff on the internet. Currently watching Bleach, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and 07-Ghost
Location Heuco Mundo
Web http://www.earthclaim...
Other lists:  cyberculture
trice1706 Patrice 1,329 followers
Bio Dark Angel & Muse *a force of feminine energy, guiding spirit & source of inspiration*
Location iPhone: 52.075077,4.317820
Ruchirablog RuchiraBlog 1,206 followers
Location Sri Lanka
Web http://www.ruchirablo...
Other lists:  drop-shipping
SHADOWORZA0 アーシェスネイ・オルザ 1,077 followers
Bio Gamer, Otakugod, Carpenter, Infohunter, Otaku, Crackpot, Ninja, Techie, Weirdo, Hacker, Grim Reaper, and Folklorist
Location Yuuko-san's shop
Web http://www.anime-plan...
Other lists:  anime, gamer-geeks, gaming, geek, nerd, otaku
comedyseries Aylina 1,066 followers
Bio Comedy short films, and a funny online sitcom. This is Normally This Weird's official Twitter. We tweet about videos, humor, film festivals, and jokes.
Location Phoenix, AZ
Web http://www.normallyth...
shamithu Shamith Uchil 965 followers

Other lists:  archangels
GarenManuk Garen 842 followers
Bio We all expect something for nothing, and we call it faith. Follow me and get your free ebooks on TOP SECRET STRATEGIES
Web http://www.your-free-...
Other lists:  adobe-air
kutaikartanegar tenny herawati 828 followers
Location bandung

Other lists:  alarm-monitoring
ReedzSolution ReedzSolution 810 followers
Location Kharkov, Ukraine.
Web http://reedz.findtalk...
WIOvarianCancer Ovarian Cancer 802 followers
Bio Join the Alliance in raising awareness about ovarian cancer by participating in some or all of the events that happen throughout the year.
Location Wisconsin
Web http://wisconsinovari...
Other lists:  assisted-reproduction
AnimeshibaQuote Anime Manga Quotes 723 followers
Bio Please follow for anime, manga, video game and light novel quotes. RT your favorite quotes! ( ̄ー ̄)
Location 47°9'S, 126°43'W
Other lists:  anime, gaming, japan, manga, otaku, quotes, tokyo
CuteRobot Emily Rosen 14 followers
Bio I'm an artist, designer, developer, gamer, bookworm and all-around crafty person and who loves cute things.
Other lists:  artists, bookworm, cosplay, crochet, gamer, webdesign, webdeveloper


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