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Anime Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "anime".

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fringemajority Dekker Dreyer 20,480 followers
Bio Writer / director, visual artist.
Location Behind you!
Web http://www.dekkerdrey...
Other lists:  authors, books, films, geek, media, movies, nerd, sci-fi, tv
PetiteAntoin Antoinette 14,024 followers
Bio Learning French... I'm interested in lots of things and I follow all my followers!

Other lists:  electrical, employment, languages
doshdosh Maki 13,929 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Philosophy student. Anime Otaku. Concerned citizen of the world.
Location Toronto, Canada
Web http://www.doshdosh.c...
surfingmaniac Nom 9,830 followers
Bio Websurfing like a maniac! Giving tips on how to make moolah online. hooray! =)
Location USA
Other lists:  casual-games, cupcakes, game-development
dannychoo Danny Choo 9,108 followers (21 on this list)
Bio Former site manager for Amazon, product manager for Microsoft. Currently CEO of Mirai Inc
Location Tokyo
Other lists:  japan, tokyo
JoshNikle Josh Nikle 8,751 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Compulsive serial entrepreneur, ridiculously family proud, avid anime fan, musician, unholy union of geek and Luddite, Passionate about Internet Marketing.
Location North Dakota, USA
P_A_I_N Jimmy G. 7,020 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Looking to make new friends everyday ^_^. I'm into Music, Anime, Marketing, Sports, and Movies.
Location New York
Web http://themetalmusicv...
BleachAnime Bleach Anime 6,285 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Official Twitter For All Bleach Anime Lovers!
Location Bleach Anime Naruto Land
Web http://bleachonline.n...
Tomastudio Thomas Bouveret 5,278 followers
Bio Hi! I'm a french artist who draws french manga, sketch and various pictures. I'm published with some french publishers. Welcome to my official tweeter!
Location Paris
Other lists:  autofollowme, bd, followme, followmejp, manga, mangaka, ost
TheColoringbarn Rodney Michael 5,258 followers
Bio The Coloring Barn is a free online coloring book. Print and color or print and make a book.
Location Houston
Web http://www.thecolorin...
Other lists:  assemblies-of-god, educational-toys, k-12-teachers
rBecky rBecky 5,207 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Dynamic political philosopher, dedicated coffee drinker. Global economic system as substrate of meta-organism? Ask Me How!
Location The Sprawl
Other lists:  branding, coffee, gnostic, hacking, innovation-management, posthuman, satan
jlist Peter Payne 5,143 followers (21 on this list)
Bio I live in Japan and I'm the owner of J-List, a kinda cool anime / bento / cosplay / everything shop in Japan. Japanese Kit Kat, too.
Location Isesaki, Japan
Other lists:  japan
SubbedAnime Subbed Anime 4,426 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Watch & download latest anime episodes/series/movies/specials online FREE: English Sub, English Dub, RAW Japanese + other languages!
Naruto_Uzumaki Naruto_Uzumaki 4,206 followers
Bio I like anime, music, tv, internet, naruto, and skateborading
Location Tampa, Florida USA
MariKurisato Mari Kurisato 4,145 followers (35 on this list)
Bio FFXIV, anime, RPGs robots, space ships, coffee, news, manga, いほんごのがくせいです、でもあめこじんです。Yo.
Location Denver
Web http://www.marikurisa...
Other lists:  Yuri, lesbian, lesbians
himikosama Hentai Maniak 4,134 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Hentai is my favorite genre of anime. I watch it constantly. ===== I like Bycake! =====
Location Tokio
AkiraMas AkiraMas 4,100 followers
Bio === Just Anime fan === ^________^
Location Zeon
animeground Anime Ground 3,603 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Anime Website
Location Internet
Web http://www.animegroun...
snowkitten snowkitten 3,518 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Ambitious, Fun Loving, Quirky, Lax-Addicted, MMA Junkie, Book, Manga, Anime, Movie, Music, Video Game, Car & Motorcycle Lover, MBA, MS, Marketing Geek
Location Colorado
funimation FUNimation 3,517 followers (17 on this list)
Bio Anime leader
Location Texas to Tokyo
Web http://www.funimation...


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