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Astronaut Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "astronaut".

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Astro_Mike Mike Massimino 1,118,639 followers
Bio NASA astronaut, mission specialist for STS-125
Location Houston, TX
Other lists:  aerospace-aviation, nasa, tech
astro_tim Col. Tim Kopra 8,667 followers
Bio U.S. Army Astronaut, International Space Station Expedition 20 (STS-127). Ask me what it’s like to be Army Strong from the Space Station at
Location International Space Station
Other lists:  space-astronautics
followAstronaut follow Astronaut 1,399 followers
Bio Follow me! I'm interstellar!
Location Far Out
darrellwhitelaw darrell whitelaw 1,144 followers
Bio father of two boys, husband of @sarahwhitelaw, MIR co-founder, senior creative playing strategist with a commitment to digital and mobile in advertising.
Location gotham
Web http://www.darrellwhi...
storymusgrave Story Musgrave 865 followers
Bio thinker, astronaut, poet, landscape architect, doctor, speaker, marine, artist, professor, innovator
Location Kissimmee, Florida
Web http://www.storymusgr...
Other lists:  science
MikeMongo Mike Mongo 447 followers
Bio My name is Mike Mongo and I'm an astronaut teacher! Plus: Writer, author, and go-to guy for kids & space.
Location Key West
Web http://humannaires.or...
fuzebird C.A. Arroyo 441 followers
Bio My sole purpose is to create, nurture, and exploit new and exciting stories, characters, graphics, business ventures, and profitable ideas.
Location The Moon
solarseven James Thew 440 followers
Bio Freelance designer, and creator of creative photography & illustration.
Location UK
Web http://www.jamesthew....
neiljohnford Neil Ford 323 followers
Bio Subject Librarian for Health and Social Care at Bournemouth University
Location South Coast
Web http://neilsrandomlet...
Other lists:  librarian
myk31 Mykola / Myk Dawg 306 followers
Bio 1UP 開始! / Too dumb to fail!
Location Kiev, Ukraine
QuotesForIdiots Quotes for Idiots 285 followers
Bio A daily dose of brilliant quotes.
Location Sasquatch Village
Web http://www.quotesfori...
rossautomatica Ross Barber 244 followers
Bio singer, music lover and awesomeness aspirer.
Location Perth, Scotland
Web http://www.electricki...
diddyoh Diddy Oh 210 followers
Bio YOU know who it is...
Location ÜT: 48.067222,12.863611
Web http://www.dideomiche...
mysearchforgod Drunk Punk 209 followers
Bio I like to drink, womanize, search for god at the bottom of a bottle and have great times with my friends.
Location at the bar
Web http://www.mysearchfo...
mike_omara Mike O'Mara 160 followers
Bio First Baseman for the Hackensack Bulls 1988/1989
Location Manchester
Web http://www.developmen...
djtetsuo Terry Hickman 154 followers
Location AUSTIN, TX
thepeejatron Peter J. Lodge 142 followers
Bio The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen all at once.
Location ventura, california
scottlistfield Scott Listfield 110 followers
Bio I paint astronauts and, sometimes, dinosaurs.
Location Somerville, MA
Web http://www.astronautd...
IamJohnCrichton John Crichton 103 followers
Bio My name is John Crichton an astronaut .......................... my recorder ran out of batteries and my journal is full.
Location through a wormhole and beyond
Goldsmi Goldsmi 83 followers
Bio Writer/ film type person.


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