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Atheists Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "atheists".

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nickpol nickpol 2,545 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Motto: de omnibus dubitantum, Atheist,Informatiker,Kosmopolit,Transhumanist Follow me, I follow back. Don't try to proselytize me. NO CHANCE!
Location iPhone 56.15266,10.20082
Web http://blog.thebright...
Other lists:  antitheist, brights, computerscience, followfriday, naturalism, philosophy, science, skeptics, transhumanism
oneoveralpha Stephen L. Thompson 1,390 followers
Bio I'm a writer. Mostly short and mostly SF, but I dabble in other lengths and genres.
Location King of Prussia, PA
Web http://www.oneoveralp...
Other lists:  evolution, writers, twitterfiction, freespeech, firefly, astronomy, sci-fitwitters, twitternovels, writing
whatdayathink Doug Ward 1,203 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Married Artist, Real life is so funny I could cry. Atheist Freethinker
Location iPhone: 40.628342,-80.097687
Web http://whatdayathink-...
Other lists:  atheist, cavemanlawyers, atheist
PoisonTheMonkey Yvette 963 followers (10 on this list)
Bio Student journalist. Ultra-leftist according to my AP stylebook, atheist, vegetarian, nerd, YOUR MOM.
Location iPhone: 38.454597,-121.422479
Web http://bluelinchpin.w...
Other lists:  atheist, communism, comrade
JormaJyrkkanen Jorma Jyrkkanen 872 followers
Bio Philosopher, Classical composer, Researcher, Author, Naturalist, Evolutionist, evolution is the creator, we are the universe pondering itself.
Location BC Mountains and Waters
Web http://jorma-jyrkkane...
Other lists:  sharkjunkies
royorbs3 Royorbs3 675 followers (7 on this list)
Bio There's a revolution in my pants
Location iPhone: 39.406096,-74.560886
Other lists:  atheist
ottawasteph ottawasteph 624 followers
Bio writer/editor, blogger (see above), rock pig, political animal, bleeding heart pinko, cat lover, survivor
Location Ottawa, ON
Other lists:  newdemocrats
robineccles Robin Eccles 557 followers
Bio 50 something northern male living in London, I fix apple computers, Atheist, Socialist, Reasonable.
Location London UK

Other lists:  questionauthority
GrandmaSheila Sheila Waller 438 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Liberal, Atheist, Feminist Grandmother. Amature Photographer, love reading, History, Music, All Comedy, Old Movies, Wit, and Oysters.
Location Lotusland, Ohio
Web http://www.centerleft...
Other lists:  newsjunkie, left
icedborscht icedborscht 431 followers
Bio Owner-Operator of the Iced Borscht & Other Delights blog. Deserving of a larger audience. Much better than many others.
Location Portland, OR
Web http://www.icedborsch...
GojyoChan Leslie Devonshire 395 followers (1 on this list)
Bio ...randomness & obsession, texted live into your internets! Mighty Boosh Evangelist & Camden Leisure Pirate.
Location ÜT: 39.698242,-104.852104
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  30rock, boosh, firefly, madmen, mightyboosh, noelfieldingfans, steampunk, themightyboosh, trueblood
thenewatheist thenewatheist 310 followers
Bio Don't need no god to be good
Location San Francisco
Web http://www.thenewathe...
jmcquillen John McQuillen 303 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Geek, Atheist, Slightly gullible Skeptic! Also... Love my Macs and Linux user since 1997.
Location Maitland, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Other lists:  atheist
Kadath123 Greg Phillips 258 followers
Bio Strong Atheist, anti-theist and hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.
Location Leicester, UK
Web http://kadath123.word...
calladus calladus 207 followers
Bio Fresno Atheist and the co-founder and president of the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics
Location Fresno, CA
JulianaMarie JulianaMarie 164 followers
Bio HEY TWEEPLE! On 9/23, I'm going Bald for the Cure, raising $$ for Leukemia Lymphoma Society!
Location Monterey, CA, USA
Web http://pages.teamintr...
Other lists:  leukemia-lymphoma-society
hitman357 C.Core 145 followers
Bio washed up rock-n-roll outlaw- geezer
Location tampa
Web http://www.docweasel....
davidmww DavidMWW 144 followers
Bio Run an anti-censorship blog. Also webmaster of The Freethinker.
Location Coventry
Web http://www.mediawatch...
DebunkAtheists Debunking Atheists 101 followers
Bio Seeking to help save the lost and glory to God.
Web http://debunkingathei...
Other lists:  christians, debunkingatheists
gensibayan Genevieve Sibayan 81 followers
Bio Actress, Writer, Fashion Designer...I like cheesecake and squash.
Location London
Web http://www.genevieves...
Other lists:  comedy, design, fashion, film, fun, geek, tv


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