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Beer Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "beer".

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BeerAdvocate Beer Advocate 12,598 followers (147 on this list)
Bio Jason and Todd (Alström Bros), Founders of BeerAdvocate. Respect Beer Tweets. Following? Tweet your friends!
Location Boston, MA
Web http://beeradvocate.c...
Other lists:  food
TimBesecker Tim Besecker 10,620 followers (35 on this list)
Bio E-Marketing Analyst and a Pescatarian MBA - (Beer, Snowboarding, SEO, Social Media, Eastern Religions, Passionate Music, Homebrewing, Cigars and Tattoos)
Location ÜT: 40.664945,-74.403366

Other lists:  body-art, cigars, snowboarding
magichat Magic Hat Brewing 10,293 followers (102 on this list)
Location South Burlington, Vt
Web http://www.magichat.n...
flyingdog Flying Dog Brewery 10,158 followers (119 on this list)
Bio Gonzo Brewery. Good People Drink Good Beer. 2009 Mid-Sized Brewing Company of the Year (GABF).
Location Frederick, MD
Web http://www.flyingdoga...
beermaven Beer Maven 9,412 followers (52 on this list)
Bio Drink beer, drink beer, oh come drink beer with me. I don't give a damn for any old man who won't drink beer with me.
Location Milky Way Galaxy
BrennerBeer Brenner Brewing Co. 9,283 followers (32 on this list)
Bio While planning his brewery, Mike Brenner is studying brewing at the Siebel Institute and pursuing an MBA at UWM, so Milwaukee can regain its title as Brew City.
Location Milwaukee, WI
Web http://www.milwaukeeb...
Other lists:  ale, community-building, product-design
ryanstewart Ryan Stewart 8,007 followers (3 on this list)
Bio I obsess over Rich Internet Applications and work at Adobe as a Platform Evangelist
Location Staples Center
Web http://blog.digitalba...
Other lists:  flash
BeerWhore Beer Whore 7,209 followers (48 on this list)
Bio designer. crafter. homebrewer. epicurean. singer. writer. milwaukeean.
Location Milwaukee, WI

Other lists:  crafters
MustLoveBeer MustLoveBeer 6,534 followers (110 on this list)
Bio Must Love Beer is a social network for beer enthusiasts. Interested in wine try @mustlovewine.
Location Reno, NV
Web http://www.mustlovebe...
PhxREguy Jay Thompson 5,982 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Phoenix Real Estate Broker, Blogoholic, friend, husband and father. My wife rocks.
Location Gilbert, AZ
Other lists:  evfn, realtor, socialnetworking
draftmag DRAFT Magazine: Beer 5,845 followers (196 on this list)
Bio America's Favorite Beer Magazine. DRAFT combines a fun and quippy style with knowledge to deliver the definitive resource for the beer lover's lifestyle.
Location On the Newsstand (and online)
Other lists:  bars, magazine
evo_terra Evo Terra 5,519 followers (30 on this list)
Bio Professional public speaker, author, & business strategist. Also husband, father and craftbrew fanatic. Penchant for oversharing.
Location Chandler, AZ
Other lists:  balticon, evfn
deege DJ @ Fermentarium 5,457 followers (63 on this list)
Bio I drink beer and wine. I make homebrew and wine. I hope to start a brewery soon.
Location Denver, Colorado
Web http://www.fermentari...
doggiejames Jason 5,083 followers (8 on this list)
Bio #Arizona #NFL #MLB #Sports #Beer #Camping #Money #Business #Networking #Friends #Follow
Location Mesa, Arizona
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  arizona, entertainment, food, money, networking, nightlife, outdoors, sports, twitter
harpoon_brewery harpoon_brewery 5,064 followers (83 on this list)
Bio We invite all of you to visit our Boston brewery, where it all began, and our beautiful brewery in Windsor, Vermont.
Location Boston, MA and Windsor, VT
Web http://www.harpoonbre...
AbbeyStMartin St. Martin Ale Beer 5,015 followers (176 on this list)
Bio Belgian Brewery w/1000+year tradition. We seek flavor + fun. 4x global-distributed premium Abbey ales that are definitely Pure Belgium! Under 18? – DON'T FOLLOW
Location Belgium
Web http://en.wikipedia.o...
Other lists:  culture
leebrimelow Lee Brimelow 4,773 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Platform Evangelist
Location San Mateo, California
Web http://www.theflashbl...
Other lists:  flash
mesh Mike Chambers 4,702 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Principal Product manager for the Flash Platform at Adobe. Developer, amateur photographer, video game player...
Location San Francisco
Web http://www.mikechambe...
Other lists:  flash
AtlantaBeer Atlanta Beer Guide 4,495 followers (35 on this list)
Bio The Atlanta Beer Guide is an independent source dedicated to contributing updates on beer specials, beer events and beer news in and around Atlanta.
Location Atlanta, GA

Other lists:  atlanta
drafternoon Drafternoon 3,733 followers (52 on this list)
Bio Beer Reviews @
Web http://www.drafternoo...


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