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Blogger Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "blogger".

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greensboro_nc Greensboro, NC 98,327 followers (4 on this list)
Bio FB IG 4SQ In Pins
Location Greensboro, NC
Web http://greensboro-nc....
Other lists:  arcade, business, foursquare, games, greensboro, nc, news, socialmedia, squidoo
the_gman Gerald Weber 94,123 followers (78 on this list)
Bio Houston SEO/SEM Guy - Blogger - Friend - Lover - Skydiver - entrepreneur - Tweeter & President Of Search Engine Marketing Group in Houston TX.
Location H-Town USA
Other lists:  advertising, entrepreneur, marketing, seo
uschles Udi Schlessinger 92,599 followers (18 on this list)
Bio The most serious nonsense-maker in the world: PhD in Evolutionary Computation&Machine Learning, Managing Partner @U Labs, Internet Marketing Consultant, Speaker
Location New Jersey
Web http://IndustryReview...
Other lists:  affiliatemarketing, blogging, business, entrepreneur, internetmarketing, ppc, seo, socialmedia, technology
Ade1965 Ade H 91,870 followers (68 on this list)
Bio Wine drinker, clown and a fool. Due to this you will either ♥love♥ me or hate me. Oh and I also write and post a little news and tech stuff.
Location Congleton, Cheshire. UK
Web http://www.congleton-...
Other lists:  beer, cheshire, congleton, news, technology, uk, united_kingdom, wine
actionchick Katrina Hill 91,100 followers (12 on this list)
Bio Action Flick Chick interviews/news/views/reviews. G4's Next Woman of the Web champ. Webcomic star. Sometimes I blog about your tweets - now you know.
Location Dallas, Texas
Web http://www.actionflic...
Other lists:  blog, blogging, celebrity, entertainment, film, movies, networking, socialmedia, writing
pramitjnathan Pramit J Nathan 88,054 followers (102 on this list)
Bio Marketing consultant, author, speaker and trainer, specializing in branding and perception management. Fascinated with social media and a newbie blogger.
Location New Delhi, India
Web http://www.pramitjnat...
Other lists:  advertising, blogging, branding, communications, entrepreneur, marketing, pr, publicrelations, socialmedia
eleesha Eleesha 86,698 followers (19 on this list)
Bio Eleesha is an Inspirational Author, Writer, Blogger, A Social Media sharer of inspiration + affirmations to help inspire others enjoy happiness + abundance.
Other lists:  abundance, author, inspiration, personal-development
PhillyD Philip DeFranco 85,627 followers (10 on this list)
Bio Host of The Philip DeFranco Show that covers everything that really matters, because I said so....
Location Venice, California
Other lists:  news, socialmedia
bearfanron Bear fan Ron Show 85,259 followers (86 on this list)
Bio I host a sports and Political talk shows. I love the Lord, love to blog, I'm a huge Chicago Sports fan, football fan and fan of food. #GG #TCOT
Location Chicagoland, Illinois
Web http://www.thebearfan...
Other lists:  christianity, education, food, politics
markemall 견지갑시다~! 81,506 followers (3 on this list)
Bio 그냥 열심히 사는놈. 어서빨리 아빠가 되고픈 남자. 축구하는거 보는거 좋아합니다. 한동안 카메라를 손에서 놓았는데 다시 잡아보고픈 마음이 생겼습니다. 아직 사진을 좋아하니까 ㅎㅎㅎ 다시 들로 산으로 다니며 마눌림 사진찍어줘야 하는디. #photodiary(포다당),
Location iPhone: 0.000000,0.000000

Other lists:  entrepreneur, followback, marketing, photography, socialmedia
farahato moe farahat 81,480 followers (64 on this list)
Bio Internet Marketing Consultant. I am a total social media addict, And Simply I love tweeting!!!
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  business, consultants, entrepreneur, internetmarketing, marketing, seo, socialmedia, technology
TheDigitalLife Rick Abbott 77,051 followers (70 on this list)
Bio Christian Conservative home-schooling dad, Kentuckian, elder, in love with wife and kids! #TCOT - N8HMR
Location Mammoth Cave, KY
Web http://www.TheDigital...
Other lists:  christianity, conservative, fathers, politics
Jonathan360 Jonathan Nafarrete 77,006 followers (49 on this list)
Bio Social media consultant and photographer. Fashion and Twitter addict. Ford Fiesta driver.
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://jonathannafarr...
Other lists:  bloggers, blogging, fashion, newmedia, photographer, photographers, photography, socialmedia, technology
DesignerDepot Webdesigner Depot 77,001 followers (102 on this list)
Bio Webdesigner Depot is one of the most popular blogs about web design trends, tutorials and much more. It's run by Walter Apai, a web designer from Vancouver.
Location Vancouver, Canada
Web http://www.webdesigne...
Other lists:  design, trends, web-design, webdesign
WayneMansfield Wayne Mansfield 75,034 followers (48 on this list)
Bio The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn - Alvin Toffler
Location Perth,Australia
Other lists:  australia, books, business-services, conferences-events, followback, internet-entrepreneur, internetmarketers, motivation, socialmedia
mr_gadget Arnold Aranez 74,986 followers (66 on this list)
Bio Gadget blogger. SEO / Social Media Consultant. SDLC Expert. Nutella Lover. Canon Fanboi. ENFJ.
Location Melbourne, Australia
Other lists:  electronics, entrepreneur, gadgets, iphone, networking, photography, search-engines, socialmedia, technology
shoemoney Jeremy Schoemaker 74,213 followers (74 on this list)
Bio Hi - I am Jeremy Schoemaker. Husband, Father, Author, Blogger, Managing Partner Of ShoeMoney Capital
Location Lincoln, Nebraska
Web http://www.shoemoney....
Other lists:  fathers
necolebitchie Necole Bitchie 72,732 followers (8 on this list)
Bio Life's A B*tch...So I just Blog That MuthaF**ka!!
Location Atlanta, GA, New York, NY
Web http://necolebitchie....
Other lists:  marketing, media
Jason_Pollock Jason Pollock 72,049 followers (64 on this list)
Bio Filmmaker, Writer, and Activist. I just directed, The Youngest Candidate, a feature film about teens who run for public office.
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://www.theyounges...
Other lists:  activism, art, entrepreneur, film, music, politics, socialmedia, tech, twitter
popstarmagazine Popstar! Magazine 71,930 followers
Bio The Official Popstar! Magazine Twitter
Location New York City
Web http://www.PopstarOnl...
Other lists:  celebrity, entertainment, magazines, writer


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