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Body-art Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "body-art".

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Agent_M Ryan Penagos 1,299,819 followers
Bio Editor of Writer, blogger, lover of tacos, tattoos, comics, video games, pop culture and cute stuff. See also: @Marvel and
Location NYC
Web http://agentmlovestac...
Other lists:  authors-writers, blogging, cartoons-comics, comics
LaBelleCosmetic La Belle Cosmetics 38,081 followers
Bio Kosmetik, Lichtenergie, Beratung durch Kartenlegen, Permanent Make-Up, Tattoo
Location Dresden, Germany
Web http://sun4u-labellec...
Other lists:  tattoos
ipricku I Prick U Body Works 24,189 followers (1 on this list)
Bio We are a Body Piercing, Modification & Jewelry company interested in meeting new clients as well as engaging in intelligent industry related discussions.
Location Staten Island & Toronto
Other lists:  body-piercing, crafts, jewelry
Utrecht_Art Utrecht Art Supply 22,809 followers (1 on this list)
Bio The freshest art related tweets from THE TRUSTED RESOURCE in art supplies, since 1949!!
Location Web/Catalog/Stores
Web http://www.utrechtart...
Other lists:  art, ceramics-and-pottery, crafts, fine-arts
LAINKCASTING LA INK 13,415 followers
Bio We are the casting department for LA Ink. If you want a tattoo by one of our artists, hit us up!
Location West Hollywood
Web http://www.lainkcasti...
Other lists:  tattoos
jengalt Jennifer Galt 13,057 followers
Bio Adventuress, Networker, Marketer, Author, Outspoken, Buff, Pierced, Seasoned, Wrld Trvlr, Watr Grl, Wild Life Luvr, Tolerant, Objectivist
Location Seattle, WA
justsasha_com Just Sasha 11,449 followers
Bio I love tweet
Location Canada (westcoast)
Other lists:  professional-photography, video-production, volleyball, webmistress
TimBesecker Tim Besecker 10,620 followers (2 on this list)
Bio E-Marketing Analyst and a Pescatarian MBA - (Beer, Snowboarding, SEO, Social Media, Eastern Religions, Passionate Music, Homebrewing, Cigars and Tattoos)
Location ÜT: 40.664945,-74.403366

Other lists:  beer, cigars, snowboarding
BastetAsshur SabA-DVal 10,468 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Hi. I'm from Aus. I get into rock and metal, dance, art, performance. I'm semi-vegetarian, have 5 pythons and write. Oh yeah, and I love tattoo art.
Location Australia

Other lists:  metal, polefitness, tattoos
FameGames dj crier, Fame Games 10,209 followers
Bio Sing your own songs, tattoo “Indie or Bust” on your chest, and listen to Fame Games Mon-Fri. Only you can help bring great NEW music to the airwaves!
Location Unites States
Web http://www.meermusic....
Other lists:  tattoos
CarlySmithson Carly Smithson 9,525 followers
Bio I was born in Ireland . I live in Southern California . I like singing , old cars , tattoos , pitt bulls , cooking , shoes , surfing and Z Gallerie !!!!!
Location California
Other lists:  shoes-footwear, tattoos
CassieSTROM Cassie Strom 7,737 followers
Bio Wannabe Photographer, Entrepreneur, Tattoo ♥er, Caffein Addict, Dog ♥er & Overall Lovely Girl, learning all I can about the Crazy World of Network Marketing
Location Calgary, Alberta
Other lists:  followfriday, tattoos
Ba_k Daniel Cuellar Ba-k 7,715 followers
Bio Desarrollador web desde 1999, 25 años, nerd, ecléctico, deportista, noctámbulo, lleno de piercings, adicto a la cafeina y dice mi mami que hasta guapetón ñ_ñ
Location Mexico City
BestTattooArt Andrea Ell 7,123 followers (1 on this list)
Bio web designer, marketer, and biker but afraid of those tattoo needles
Location Dallas, TX
Web http://besttattooart....
Other lists:  tattoos
amijames Ami James 6,186 followers
Bio I am an entrepreneur. Most people know me from the television series "Miami Ink" which is based upon my tattoo studio Love Hate.
Location Miami, FL
Other lists:  tattoos
TattooGallery Tattoo Artist 5,890 followers (2 on this list)
Bio I Love Tats! I Love Body Art! Show me Yours and I'll Show You Mine
Location Austin
BodyArtTattoo Tattoo Artist 5,476 followers (1 on this list)
Bio I am a Tattoo and Body Art enthusiast. Amazing Tattoo art and news from the inked culture.
Other lists:  tattoos
revitalizenow 5,296 followers
Web http://www.besafeorla...
Other lists:  bodybuilding, fire-alarm-systems, latin-music, law-enforcement
sunkarma2010 Sun Karma 3,010 followers
Bio Hustler Magazine Roving Reporter/Model/Author
Location Richmond, Va
Web http://www.sunkarma.n...
Other lists:  acting, actress, alternative, gothic, modeling, models, porn, tattoos, writing
elayneangel Elayne Angel 213 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Author of The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
Location Merida, Mexico
Web http://piercingbible....
Other lists:  body-piercing, dogs, mayans, pets, sign-language, tattoos


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