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Business-continuity Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "business-continuity".

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TravisGreenlee Travis Greenlee 39,097 followers
Bio Founder of Business Building Mastery. Lover of life, business, and really cool people... Let's connect :-)
Location Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Web http://BusinessBuildi...
Other lists:  branding, business-development, business-networking, law-of-attraction
lindseycholmes Lindsey Holmes 13,797 followers (1 on this list)
Bio iPhone App Creator & Enthusiast/ Investment Real Estate Guru/ Certified Real Estate Coach
Location NY, NJ, Washington, DC
Web http://www.lchbusines...
Other lists:  coach-executive, community-building
JackieBiz *JackieBiz* Burgoa 8,649 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Forbes 30 Women to Follow on Twitter. MBA. 16+ Years Business Owner, Netrepreneur. U.C. Berkeley Graduate. Worked in Singapore, Bolivia & U.S. Mom of 2 boys
Location Miami, FL
Other lists:  blog, bloggers, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, homebasedbusiness, marketing, smallbusiness, socialmedia, wahm
tweegoo Gordon Stamp 6,103 followers
Bio Internet Marketer Septuagenarian mixing cyber space hopes/skills with abundant real life business know-how/experience, let's help each other to succeed in IM
Location Newcastle on Tyne, UK
Other lists:  broadband-internet, business-ethics
WorldWideWeller World Wide Weller 5,923 followers
Bio Specializing in Strategic Local & Mobile Online Marketing
Location St Charles, MO
Web http://WorldWideWelle...
Other lists:  branding-strategy, quality-improvement, quality-of-life, sales-effectiveness
tweetJohnWard John Ward 5,899 followers
Bio I follow. I give the straight scoop about business & life. No scams, no spam. Let's roll!
Location Brentwood - Nashville, TN USA
Web http://www.JohnSWard....
Other lists:  business-ethics
PCatalano Peter 5,418 followers
Bio Husband, Dad, Step Dad, Visionary, Water Skier, Golfer, Listener, Lover of Dogs - and a successful businessman.
Location Austin Texas
Web http://petercatalano....
Other lists:  alternative-parenting, business-ethics, clairvoyance, stepdad
MattsMedia Matt Astifan 5,304 followers
Bio Online marketer and web developer. I help businesses start, grow and manage utilizing affordable technology solutions. | Contact me @604.569.5809
Location Vancouver, BC
Web http://www.matthewast...
Other lists:  asp, marketingconsultant
karnevans KarnEvans 5,280 followers
Bio My Journey to Become a Successfull Online Marketer with Dean Holland at the Starting with Marketing Academy
Location Auckland. New Zealand
Web http://www.karnevans....
Other lists:  channel-marketing
DataCore DataCore Software 5,205 followers
Bio DataCore specializes in storage virtualization, business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery. Count on DataCore to deliver the storage virtuali
Location ÜT: 37.786599,-122.410619
Other lists:  disaster-relief-recovery
drdwaynedjakes Dr. Dwayne D. Jakes 5,138 followers (1 on this list)
Bio International Managing Director,Entrepreneur, Guru, Biz Expert, Mentor, Startup Business Coach,Author, Consultant,Strategist,Thought Leader,CMC,Professor
Location GA-USA
Other lists:  association-management, business-ethics, business-trust
MSpight Matt Spight 4,873 followers
Bio Professional Business Intelligence Manager and Future Millionaire
Location Connectict, USA
Web http://busintelprofes...
Other lists:  investor-relations, project-management
ksmall1 Kevin Small 4,720 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Graduate of Audio Engineering, Concert Rigger,MLM Pro, Afilliate Marketing,Love to Travel,Outdoorsman,Passionate for Music,Real Estate Note Purchaser, Listener
Location Lakeland,Fl.
Other lists:  business-trust
money_guide Matthew Lloyd 4,322 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Make Money, Internet Marketer, Web Developer
Location Laredo, TX
Web http://www.worldbusin...
Other lists:  business-ethics, business-trust, homebusiness
MichaelRivero Michael Rivero 4,016 followers
Bio I teach people how to make money online no matter which business opportunity they want to promote. I also provide free tools and training and the top secret!
Location Melbourne
Web http://michaelrivero....
Other lists:  acim, broadband-internet
martydickinson Marty Dickinson 3,481 followers
Bio Internet marketing Author, Writer, Speaker, Workshops, WordPress Blog Support, AdWords, SEO Author, SEO Trainer, Skiing, Rush
Location Denver Colorado
Web http://HereNextYear.c...
AgilityRecovery Agility Recovery 3,167 followers
Bio Business continuity planning, compliance testing and disaster recovery services for small and mid-sized organizations in the U.S. and Canada.
Location Charlotte, N.C.
Web http://www2.agilityre...
Other lists:  compliance, disaster-relief-recovery
SCole51 Sharon Cole 3,096 followers
Bio FREE shipping at WWW.SHOP-AND-SAVE.BIZ largest internet mall with great savings.
Location Las Vegas, NV
Other lists:  consumer-products, equipment-financing, merchant-services
bundledbusiness BBS 2,907 followers
Bio BBS specializes in affordable Wi-Fi technology and Complete Online Marketing Campaigns; Your Gateway to Technology.
Location Charleston, SC
Web http://www.bundledbus...
Other lists:  google
rtkuijpers Rolf Kuijpers 6 followers
Web http://www.rtkconsult...
Other lists:  compliance, enterprise-risk, governance, information-risk, risk-management


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