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Business Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "business".

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Serphres Serph. 82,427 followers (36 on this list)
Bio I'm nothing but a head full of dreams, a stomach full of cheap liquor, and a heart of gold.
Location My City, NC.
Other lists:  actor, advertising, followback, followfriday, marketing, music, networking, socialmedia, twitter
joshlam Josh Lam 82,072 followers (104 on this list)
Bio I'm a 17 year old Internet Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Blogger and Student. I love Scandinavian Music.
Location Hong Kong
Other lists:  bloggers, communications, design, entrepreneur, internetmarketing, mac-geeks, newmedia, socialmedia, technology
farahato moe farahat 81,480 followers (100 on this list)
Bio Internet Marketing Consultant. I am a total social media addict, And Simply I love tweeting!!!
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  blogger, consultants, entrepreneur, internetmarketing, marketing, seo, socialmedia, technology
AlohaArleen Arleen Anderson 80,928 followers (90 on this list)
Bio Live Aloha! Give Mahalo! Embrace and delight in your passions!
Location Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Web http://www.AlohaArlee...
Other lists:  design, geek, geek-girls, planetearth
joelcomm Joel Comm 79,954 followers (82 on this list)
Bio Husband, Father. Author of Twitter Power - - Speaker, Social Media Evangelist.
Location Northern Colorado
Web http://www.JoelComm.c...
Other lists:  fathers, iphoneapps, power
FlorakimKimya Florakim Kimya 79,271 followers
Bio Cleaning Products Manufacturer in Turkey
Location istanbul
Web http://www.florakim.c...
Other lists:  cleaning, internetmarketing, manufacturing, marketing, smallbusiness, socialmedia, trade, turkey, twitter
DaveDube Dave Dube 79,220 followers (103 on this list)
Bio The ultimate BMW enthusiast. Give me a reason to visit :-) I also help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, doing less & making more..
Location Beautiful Vermont
Web http://www.davedube.c...
Other lists:  automotive, bmw, entrepreneur, mlm
ekozlov Evgeniy Kozlov 77,754 followers (9 on this list)
Bio Легенда | Твиттеровик-затейник |
Location Moscow, Russia
Other lists:  design, internet, mobile, music, pr, seo, social, travel, twitter
CloudSlam Cloud Slam® 69,822 followers (46 on this list)
Bio Cloud Slam'12® May 30 - June 1 2012. Coveted #CloudComputing Conference Produced by @Cloudcor®; Updated by Kevin Grant #CS12 #CloudSlam
Location San Francisco and In the Cloud
Other lists:  cloud, cloudcomputing, conference, saas, socialmedia, tech, virtualization
JFryeBSwaggin22 Jeremy Frye 69,244 followers
Bio 22 Nation..Wut it do, Its J. Frye.. For Booking and Verses Email: #TEAMFOLLOWBACK #22Nation
Location Boston, Ma
Web http://www.reverbnati...
Other lists:  autofollow, autofollowback, entrepreneur, hiphop, ifollowback, music, socialmedia, teamfollowback, travel
promedia Vincent Sparreboom 67,552 followers (74 on this list)
Bio Great Kisser, Blogger, Workaholic, Jazz, Wine, CEO, Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Geek (not Nerd), Lives at night, Sleeps during the day and banned his alarm clock
Location The Netherlands
Web http://www.vincentspa...
Other lists:  affiliatemarketing, blogging, dogs, indie, innovation, internetmarketing, jazz, socialmedia, wine
PragueBob Robert S. Morrison 66,031 followers (84 on this list)
Bio ...a Czech-speaking American ex-pat living in Prague since 1993
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Other lists:  blogger, communications, entrepreneur, history, marketing, pr, socialmedia, technology, travel
interney Edney Souza 63,424 followers
Bio Empreendedor @ Blog Content, Polvora! & InterNey. Professor at FGV, JumpEducation & Ecommerce School. Diretor @ APADI. Advisor @ boo-box. Curador @ Campus Party
Location São Paulo, Brasil
Web http://www.interney.n...
Other lists:  advertising, blogger, entrepreneur, internetmarketing, marketing, socialmedia, socialnetworking, twitter, wordpress
weirdchina2 Robert Kong Hai 62,803 followers (51 on this list)
Bio Special updates + exclusive info 4 my followers. Business, Tech, Marketing, Social Media, Travel,News + China ☞ Follow my main Twitter account @weirdchina
Location China
Web http://www.weirdchina...
Other lists:  blogging, china, entrepreneur, marketing, news, socialmedia, tech, technology, travel
khenney Kevin Henney 61,427 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Web designer & developer, owner of @Wayfire Media web design, focusing on building affordable sites with open source technologies (Drupal, WordPress)
Location Half Moon Bay, CA
Other lists:  design, drupal, marketing, php, seo, socialmedia
ThinkBusiness Alexander Aranda 60,317 followers (17 on this list)
Bio Twitter for business, an Internet Entrepreneur tweeting about business and internet developments. Passionate about SEO. Follow me. I FOLLOW BACK
Location London, UK
Web http://www.AlexanderA...
Other lists:  branding, entrepreneur, followback, internet, london, marketing, socialmedia, technology, uk
SHEEmusic SHEE 56,875 followers (121 on this list)
Bio When you refer to a woman you say “she,” add an “e” for everything a woman is or aspires to be. That’s me, ♫★SHEE★♫™ ...the quintessential hip-hop female.
Location Empire / Garden State
Other lists:  entrepreneur, hiphop, music, musician, networking, producer, seo, socialmedia, youtube
SharonHayes Sharon Hayes 56,398 followers (93 on this list)
Bio Entrepreneur, Motivator, Domains, Email Marketing, @reply 4 follow ♥ music news tech fitness coffee green REI travel sushi smiles
Location Canada
Other lists:  blogging, coach, emailmarketing, entrepreneur, inspirational, marketing, socialmedia, tech, technology
wishnie Christopher Wishnie 56,323 followers (102 on this list)
Bio Bringing together people and resources to solve problems, build businesses and improve lives.
Location New York City
Web http://christopherwis...
Other lists:  entrepreneur, lifestyles, meetings-events, travel
ShamelessShamus Shameless Shamus 56,183 followers (53 on this list)
Bio Shameless Shamus is the bad-ass conservative sales dude defending right-thinking and helping you put more bux in your pocket with his irreverent sales advice.
Location Nevada City, California
Web http://ShamelessSales...
Other lists:  advice, business-development, business-networking, channel-marketing, conservative


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