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Abstract-Artists (abstract, artist, art) 42 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art (Wikipedia). This is a Twibe for abstract artists and artlovers

ACEO (ACEO, ATC, art) 38 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are a group commonly united by our fascination with Collecting or Creating ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) - small format art the size of a trading card.

ActingAtlanta (ActingAtlanta, acting, Atlanta) 30 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For actors, filmmakers, and others interested in the art and craft of acting and the entertainment industry in Atlanta to share and network.

Actors (act, perform, acting) 68 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Actors and performing artists unite! A place to share tips, ask questions, hone our crafts, and further our careers.

AfterEffectsGroup ("after affects", adobe, "motion graphics") 448 Member(s). Tweet threads.
All things After Effects. All things Adobe. All things creative.

Animators (animators, animation, animator) 66 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Share your thoughts, projects and inspirations.

Aperture (Aperture, Apple, software) 61 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For users of Apple's Aperture software. Tips, tricks, updates, etc.

arquitectos (arquitectos, arquitectura, innovación) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads. de arquitectos e investigadores urbanos

Art (Art) 2043 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A passion for artistic expression fused with infrastructure to enable the artist to make a career doing what they love.

Art_Of_Photography (Photography, photo, photographer) 45 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For all who love to frame the world in the most striking and unconventional way. Share your talent and pinpoint outstanding coverages in this twibe. Please keep it high quality ...

ArtandDesignMatters (art, design, museum) 35 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Virtual Art Exhibits , Showrooms of Interior Designers, Antique Shops , Art Galleries , Museum Exhibit Schedules

ArtBlogs (ArtBlog, Blog) 32 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for all Bloggers of the creative kind! Artists, Photographers, Crafters, you name it :)

ARTDICTIVE (Artdictive, Creative, Artist) 31 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Artdictive Habits : For those addicted to creativity, whether for own personal pleasure or creating a business from our creative arts

artists (art, visual, #artists) 315 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Visual artists conquering the final frontier - success by way of the internet.

artistwebes (artofpeace, Creatives, joy) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Place for all creatives to share ideas, helpful hints, give and get advise to be their authentic selves and prosper doing what fulfills their souls! WOOOHOOOO * In order ...

ARTnudes (ARTnudes) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Fine art nude photography

artoflicensing (artoflicensing, art, licensing) 23 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Providing a place for Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Product Manufacturers, and Licensing Agents in the ART LICENSING industry to interact on Twitter.

ArtofPhotographyShow (photography, photo, exhibit) 30 Member(s). Tweet threads.
CALL FOR ENTRIES IS OPEN NOW. The Art of Photography Show 2009 is a world-class international exhibition featuring all forms of photographic art -- images shot on film, shot digitally, ...

Artomat (Artomat, "Vend Art", "Miniature Art") 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For Artomat artists, fans, and even aliens. Kerpunking culture. Don't go around artless....

artquilt (artquilt, fiberart, quilting) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Love of fiber art, be it is as artist or collector. Art quilts, mixed media collage, wearable art, knitted art - anything created with fabric or fibers. Share info ...

Arts-in-Adelaide (Arts-in-Adelaide) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Exploring and enjoying the Arts in Adelaide.

ArtsandCrafts (Arts&Crafts) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for devotees of the Arts & Crafts Movement and its ilk - the decorative arts of Mission, Prairie, Aesthetic Movement, Secessionists, et al. NOT scissors and glue.

audiodrama (audiodrama) 30 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Welcome to the Audio Drama Twibe, an opportunity for creators and fans of audio drama new and old to discuss the art form and trade tips/tricks. Please help promote the ...

AussieTVandFilm (TV, film, #AussieTVandFilm) 55 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We're all about the film and television industry in Australia

Axisweb (contemporary, art, artists) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Join us to talk about contemporary art in the UK and beyond.


balloonart (balloonart, "balloon artist", art) 22 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for balloon artists and lovers of balloon are to interact.

BeatFanatic (BeatFanatic, slopfunkdust, production) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
biting may cause permanent damage to your ego.

Bellydance (Bellydance) 62 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twitter hang-out for all who love bellydance - from the novice to the professional to the fans. Welcome!

bioart (bioart, art, science) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Bioart is art created with living organisms and materials from living organisms such as DNA, protein and blood.

bookarts (bookarts, "artist book", bookbinding) 76 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Group for bookbinders and book artists (and wannabes). Letterpress printers are welcome too. If you make books of any kind your are welcome to join. Please share inspiration and links ...

booooooom (booooooom, @booooooom) 101 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Create. Inspire. Community.

BrewsPosse (BrewsPosse, Brew's Posse, The Brew, BZTAT, Buzz from BZTAT,) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Friend's of @BrewskieButt and fans of artwork by BZTAT of Art Adventures Studios


canon (canon, photography, fotograf) 36 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Welcome all Canon-User. Please share your ideas and all the informations about Canon-stuff. Willkommen meine lieben Canon-User. Die Gruppe ist für alle, die gerne Ihre Erfahrung und Informationen über Canon ...

ceramics (ceramic, clay, art) 69 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Love to play in the mud? Join the ceramics community to share ideas, tips, latest firings, glaze techniques, and your recipes for ceramic bliss.

CGSociety (CGSociety, digital, VFX) 27 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Digital Arts, Film, Game Art, VFX and everything else.

childrensbookcreators ("childrens books", illustrators, authors) 32 Member(s). Tweet threads.
News and Networking for children's book authors and illustrators

childrensillustrators (children, illustrators, illustration) 51 Member(s). Tweet threads.
for children's illustrators, writers, publishers and anyone interested in the field of children's literature and the creation of art for children.

choralmusic (choir, singing, music) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Amateur, professional, all styles, if you love listening to or singing in a choir, tweet about it!

comedy-writing (comedy writ) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For people who want to form a community around writing comedy for television, film and the stage

Comic-Book-Artist (Comic-Book-Artist) 45 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for comic book pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers, etc.

conceptartist (conceptartist, painter, artist) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For concept artists in gaming, cards, publishing, film, comic books, etc.

Contemporary (contemporary, art, modern) 76 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Join in if you enjoy contemporary art. Who are the artists that turn the art world upside down?

create (create, made, art) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
ALL creative people: • fine art • music • illustration • photography • sculpture • graffiti • pottery • dance • drama • parkour • crafts • free expression (open ...

CreativeDesignPros (design, portfolio, branding) 483 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are a design community that boasts a cross section of creative pros with backgrounds in fashion, industrial, advertising, web design, to illustration, animation, graphic and interior design. Our goal ...

CSS (css, web, design) 47 Member(s). Tweet threads.
a twibe dedicated to designers, best in web design & creative websites, CSS galleries & showcases


Dance 120 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for those with a common interest: Dance. Dance of all kinds.

dance-teachers ("my dance students", "my dance kids", "my dance classes", #dancetchr) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A new way for dance teachers to connect. Use the hash #dancetchr to share great links, useful info or tips, ask questions, or connect with fellow dance teachers. You know ...

DCPhotographers (DCPhotographers, photography, washington) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Place for all DC photographers on Twitter to come under one roof

Decorative_Art ("Decorative_Art Art Paintings Originals Textile Designs") 32 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a Twibe dedicated to the Home Fashion and Interior Design communities as they related to Wall Decor, Wallpaper Design and Textile Design

digitalart (digitalart, "digital art", Lightwyrm) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Digital art has grown tremendously in the last decade. With shift of focus in the entertainment industry it has become a forefront of the art world.

DigitalPainting (painting, digital, sketch) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Digital Painting is an incredible artistic medium, allowing for a much faster connection between your ideas and the final artwork. Join this group if you want to see art by ...

Drawing (draw, sketch, line) 28 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For the love of line.


Encaustic (Encaustic, beeswax) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For professionals, amateurs, and students of encaustic painting.

eSMArtsSocialMarketingArtisans (eSMArts, blog, listing) 34 Member(s). Tweet threads.
eSMArts began as etsy Social Marketing Artisans but has now expanded to ArtFire, SilkFair, ShopIt, and more. We're a global mixed media artisan collective who focus on social marketing ...

EtsyFAST (#etsyfast, etsyfast) 28 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for members of the EtsyFAST (fiber arts) street team on Etsy.

EtsyMetal (EtsyMetal) 28 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for metalsmiths on Etsy who are EtsyMetal Team members

EtsyTweets (EtsyTweets, etsy, handmade) 707 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Come one....come all.. Calling all Etsy Tweets!!

EtsyTwitterTeam (etsytwitter) 33 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This twibe is for members of the Etsy Twitter Team. We are a group of Etsy sellers united through Twitter.


FairyAndFantasyArtists (fairy, fantasy, art) 30 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for all Fairy and Fantasy Artists, any medium, style, level etc

FCP-Users (FCP-Users, "Final Cut Pro", "Video Editing") 62 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Artists using Final Cut Pro. Openly sharing ideas, technique and resources.

fiberart (fiberart, artquilt, textileart) 31 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Love of fiber art, be it is as artist or collector. Art quilts, mixed media collage, wearable art, knitted art - anything created with fabric or fibers. Share info ...

FigurativeArt (Figurative, sculpture, doll) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
All forms of figurative art, polymer clay, soft sculpture, paper mache, mixed media, clay, art dolls.

FineArt (fine art, artist, art) 226 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe of fine artists, galleries, museums, collectors and anyone who loves fine art.

flashdeveloper (flashdeveloper) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
How about some Flash and ActionScript 3.x?

flickr (flickr, photo, picture) 23 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Done something creative that you want to share with flickr and your twitter followers? Tell us here.

fotograf (fotograf, fotografen, fotografie) 166 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Dies ist eine Gruppe rund um die Fotografie. Wenn Du ein Hobbyfotograf oder beruflicher Fotograf bist, kommt ruhig rein!

fotografieren (fotografieren, fotograf, kamera) 32 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Diese Gruppe ist die Nachbargruppe von "Fotograf". Auch wenn Du Dich nicht als Fotograf bezeichnest, aber gerne mit der Kamera unterwegs bist, bist Du eingeladen, hier dabeizusein. Rocknroll!


GenArch (GENarch, "Genetic Architecture", "Generative Architecture") 23 Member(s). Tweet threads.
:: Welcome to the GENarch Twibe/ :: Keywords: architecture, GENarch, generative architecture, genetic architecture. computation, biogenetics, topologies... Theory Vs. Practice... :: Feel free to join and share...

gothartists ("goth artist", "goth art", "dark art") 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for visual artists who create Dark art or artwork that has its roots in horror and romance (& sometimes morbid humor). The whole spectrum of goth, Gothic, and fans ...

Graphic_Design (graphic, design, type) 96 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For the love of design.

Graphic_Designers (design, graphic, photoshop) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The official Graphic Design Twibe. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, you name it.

graphicdesignuk (design, logo, illustration) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a UK based Twibe for all topics related to Graphic Design & Website Design. Such as...Logo Design, Brand Identity, Print Design, Illustration, Typography and Software... Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ...


hand-drawn ("hand drawn", drawing, illustration) 77 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A celebration of all things drawn by hand!

HDR (HDR, "high dynamic range", HDRI) 27 Member(s). Tweet threads.
High Dynamic Range images bring out the best of what we can and can not see in standard photography. Join us in sharing one of our passions.

Holga (holga) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Holga is a medium format film camera appreciated for its low-fidelity aesthetic. The Holga's cheap construction and simple meniscus lens often yields pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks, ...


illustration (illustrat, art, draw) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
a network group for people creating, involved with, or interested in visual illustration. for illustrators see:

illustrators (illustrators, art, draw) 132 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Commercial illustrators for advertising agencies, publishers, designers, editorial.

IndianArt (IndianArt) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
If you love or collect Indian Art join us and exchange views...

Insomniacreators (Insomniacreators) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A way for Insomnia creators to find their own in the twitter jungle.


Lampwork_Etc (Lampwork, artists, SRA) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A place for LE members!

landscapes (landscape, seascape, scenic) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for all artists interested in landscapes art.

Leeloo (Leeloo, fashion, design) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Leeloo, Designers of Leeloo, Followers of Leeloo unite in our twibe. We love Leeloo, the online beacon of hope for Australian designers and artists who need presence on the web.

LensbabyAdventure (Lensbaby, photography, workshop) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For photographers interested in learning more about Lensbaby lenses. Lensbaby Guru Lisa Smith is available for workshops. Watch for helpful tips and other cool Lensaby Adventures here on twitter.

letterpress (letterpress, bleisatz) 81 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Members of this Twibe have a shared love, enthusiasm or obsession for all things letterpress!

LiveBritishpoetry (poetry, readings, poet) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Posting details about UK live poetry events, magazine inclusions and book releases

lomography (lomo, holga, diana) 45 Member(s). Tweet threads.


masquerade (masquerade, loj, labyrinth, ball, jareth, costume, mask) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for the Labyrinth of Jareth annual masquerade ball

metalsmiths (metalsmiths, metalsmithing, silversmith) 77 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We R metalsmiths + those who love them. Artistic handmade metals is our thing. Here to put craftsmanship + soul back in personal adornment

mixedmediaartists ("mixed media artist", "mixed media art", "mixed media work") 37 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for visual artists who create artwork using two or more materials and methods, rather than just one medium. All combined art medias are welcome!

montybearkins (artbears, collectibles, handmade) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for all that love art, collecting, making & collecting One of a Kind Artist Bears and love to share their stories about all of the above : ) ...

motiongraphics (motiongraphics, "after effects", cinema4d) 29 Member(s). Tweet threads.
All this motion graphics related

MuseumNerds (MuseumNerds) 53 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Members of this twibe go to museums not just to see the amazing art and artifacts that they house, but also because they are fascinated by the museum itself.

MuseumNews (history, art, museum) 22 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Brothers & sisters in the museum world - art, history, science, culture - UNITE ... hot topics?

musicphotography (musicphotography, musicphoto, musicpic) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
You like music and see concert pictures? Then join the group :)


newjuice (newjuice, festival, event) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
New Juice brings work of young creative talents to the eyes of the public. New media art, live performances, interactive installations, music, traditional art. A mixture of flavors in an ...

nicepapertoys ("paper craft", "paper toy", papertoy) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Paper toy creators and fans unite to share the many wonderful paper toy creations from all over the world, in more original styles than you can imagine. And be sure ...

nikon (nikon, photography, fotograf) 27 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Welcome all Nikon-User. Please share your ideas and all the informations about Nikon-stuff. Willkommen meine lieben Nikon-User. Die Gruppe ist für alle, die gerne Ihre Erfahrung und Informationen über Nikon ...

NYCArt (NYCArt) 79 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Art events and news in the NYC area.


OOAK (#OOAK) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
OOAK stands for One Of A Kind. This group is for those that like to create or collect OOAK art!

Opera (Opera) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for opera companies and their employees.


painters (painter, painting, artist) 335 Member(s). Tweet threads.
painters - for those who love paint, love paintings, love painters or love all 3!

Paperxchange4art (Paper, journaling, collage) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
COLLAGE,ART JOURNALS, PAPER ARTISTS of ANY kind will find this a great place to post about what you do(sell)re:paper. XChange your paper, scraps/others!EMAIL addy. to to be paired up!

Pentax ("Pentax photo dslr") 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Passionate about Pentax and photography. Capture the moment with our beloved dslr!

PeriodStyleAndFashion ("Period Style", "18th century Fashion", "18th century style") 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for everyone interested in period style and fashion. Baroque, Rococo, art, literature, architecture and just about anything that was stylish about our past.

PhotographersLounge (PhotographersLounge, Photos, Photography) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For the members of Photographers Lounge on Be sure to include #photographersloung, #photos or #photography in your Tweets.

photographes (photographes, photographe, photos, photo, shooting, photography) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Le groupe des photographes francophones, qu'ils soient amateurs, semi-pros ou pros !

photoschool (photoschool, photography, photograph) 20 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Learn about photography @Photoschool

Photoshop (Photoshop) 102 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Keep up to date with what your Twibe-mates and see what they have to say about the worlds best pixel editor, Adobe's Photoshop.

photoshoptips (photoshoptips, photography, camera) 71 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Artists and Digital Photographers who work with Adobe Photoshop

PictureFramers (PictureFramers) 22 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This twibe is for people interested in picture framing and art from all over the globe. If that's you, please join us!

Plein-Air ("Plein Air", Painting, Artist) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for artists to encourage the pursuit and appreciation of "plein air" painting. Thanks for joining. ;-)

polaroid (polaroids, polaroid, SX-70) 77 Member(s). Tweet threads.

Poppytalk_Handmade (poppytalk) 183 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Collecting inspiration and promoting emerging design talent focusing on handmade and vintage goods!

PortraitArtists (Portraits, Art) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibes group for artists to discuss portraits, portrait techniques, different mediums used and more.

portraitpainters (portraitpainters, painters, portraits) 36 Member(s). Tweet threads.
I created this twibe group for portrait artists because I was looking for other like minded creative folk to share our knowledge, work, opportunities and info. Join!

printmakers (printmakers, ink, press) 55 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a twibe for any and all printmakers and lovers of ink on paper!!!

Pro-Photographers (Photographer, photography, photo) 274 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for those who are part-time or full-time professional photographers.

Puppetry (Puppetry) 23 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For all fans of puppet building and puppetry.


queerpornmafia (queerpornmafia) 34 Member(s). Tweet threads.
the members of this twibe are hot, sexy, and ready to sweat for some delicious queer porn. we are the makers, the watchers, and the stars. we are the new ...


rap (rap, music, hiphop) 37 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Hip hop culture & rap music.

RedBubble (RedBubble, T-Shirt, Art) 161 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Create-Buy-Sell T-Shirts, Cards, Prints & Posters at one of the fastest growing creative arts community, Redbubble

Retro (Retro) 55 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This twibe is about RETRO, Anything & Everything Retro... We Love It!

RopeMarks (RopeMarks, Bondage, Kinbaku) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For the love of Japanese bondage aka shibari aka kinbaku and all things RopeMarks


SacredArtists (SacredArtists) 36 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Are you committed to creativity and art as a spiritual practice? Come join the conversation!

Sculpture (sculpture, bronze, art) 34 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Bronze, stone, glass, wood, metal, you name it. Don't you just melt over a good 3D art piece?

SequentialArtist (SequentialArtist, Comics, Manga) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
To help people find sequential artists on twitter, comics, manga, animation, whatever!

SimplyPrimitives (primitives, folkart, handcraft) 39 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A gathering of primitive artisans who have come together to share what they love.

SketchCardArtists (SketchCardArtists) 32 Member(s). Tweet threads.

soundasart (#saa, soundasart, "sound art") 22 Member(s). Tweet threads.
SoundasArt: a twitter micro-forum concerning the emerging artform sound art. Tweet interesting things...

SpookyTimeJingles (SpookyTimeJingles, halloween, christmas) 28 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For anyone who loves Halloween and Christmas and loves one of kind handcrafted holiday arts!

StatenIslandArts (StatenIslandArts, art, music) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Sharing the joy of the vibrant Staten Island arts scene (and an enjoyable, free, 25-minute ferryride from lower Manhattan for all you off-islanders)

storytelling (storytelling) 67 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A place to discuss storytelling through the power of twitter. A way for storytellers to connect?

streetart (streetart) 97 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A place for like minded twitterers to discuss street art, artists and galleries.

streetartists ("street art", "street artist", artists, stickers, "sticker art", bombing, graffiti) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Street Artists from around the world all in one place.

SurfArt (Surf, Ocean, Art) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For surf art aficionados,ocean lovers, & those concerned with protecting our ocean environments

surrealism (surrealism, art, lotus) 22 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This twibe is dedicated to Surrealistic artists and Surrealism enthusiasts. If you want to tweet to this twibe type lotus. Use this twibe to discuss different methods of the creative ...


Tango (Tango, milonga, canyengue) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For everyone with a passion for tango.

TheBoardwalk (beach, handmade, art) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Life on The Boardwalk is warm, laid back, and all about fun. Join us on our forum,

TheFormOfBeauty (TheFormOfBeauty) 134 Member(s). Tweet threads.
These people love and tweet about all kinds of beauty - be it art, photography, travel, inspiration or music.

TotalArtSoulMembers (#TAS) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A totally free platform for creatives of all disciplines to be see and heard.

TribalBellies (TribalBellies) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
American Tribal Style Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion. Uniting dancers worldwide.

twitterart (twitterart, twitclipart, twitartchain) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The use of twitter to create art.

typography (typography) 530 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Members of this Twibe have a shared love, enthusiasm or obsession for all things typographic!


ukarts (ukarts) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for UK arts organisations and all who work in them.

UKHandmade (UKHandmade) 132 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Online magazine supporting and promoting the best Artists and Designers the UK has to offer.


venicetheseries (venicetheseries, "crystal chappell", "jessica leccia") 249 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is dedicated to all things related to the Venice web series starring Crystal Chappell & Jessica Leccia.

vfx (vfx, visualeffects, animation) 100 Member(s). Tweet threads.
a visual effects oriented group of tweeters (twitter-ers?).

videography (videography) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We love to make videos.

vinyltoys (vinyltoys) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.

VisualArts (Sculpture, Drawing, Painting) 20 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This group is meant for all Visual Artists around the globe. A place to enlarge your network.


Watercolor (Watercolor, painting, art) 35 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are watercolor artists who enjoy sharing information about our technique, process, tips, discoveries, anything that will make the painting journey more fun.

watercolour (watercolour) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is for all artists who enjoy watercolour (watercolor)and their friends, a place to share work, tips,exhibitions and interesting art sites and to comment.

WearableArt (WearableArt, Art, Fashion) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.

webcomic ("wmwc comic webcomic") 341 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Connecting people who love making, reading, or talking about webcomics of all varieties.

womenartists ("women artists", "women in art", "feminist art") 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for female visual artists whose artwork deals with issues relating to women's identity & experience and for those who support women in the arts. Network, share and support!


Zazzle-Peeps (Zazzle, Zazzlers, "Zazzle T-Shirts") 215 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is for those of you that create and sell, or browse and buy, Zazzle t-shirts and other creative, goodies. Zazzle is the best & most unique, POD out ...

Zines (Zine, distr) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a twibe for zinesters, zinemakers and independent press aficionados.

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