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30DayIMChallenge (30DayIMChallenge, "internet marketing", wordpress) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Get results in your business! Follow the simple Action Steps in the FREE Lessons & starting getting traffic, sales, optins & more!

3PL (3PL, "third party logistics", outsourcing) 31 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Third Party Logistics or 3PL continues to grow as companies focus on their core business outsourcing supply chain activities to the experts. Supply Chain Management and third party logistics professionals ...

3PM (PMOT, #PMOT) 150 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This site is dedicated to Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management. It includes tweet entries that are new issues or products in the PM world. It is intended to ...


aapl (aapl, Apple, investing) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
An effort to bring aapl investors together on Twitter.

AdultIndustryAffilliates (AdultIndustryAffilliates) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Post your adult industry affiliate links here #aia #adult #affilliate

AdultWebmasters (#awm, webmaster, adult, porn, affiliate) 340 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The adult-friendly web industry meets here! Open to all adult webmasters, sex bloggers, writers, web developers, affiliate programs, porn producers, photographers, models, performers, and everybody I left out. Tweets with ...

AffiliatesMakeCash (AffiliatesMakeCash) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Affiliate marketing is possible one of the most profitable ways to make cash online. Affiliates Makes Cash was created to help affiliate marketers and those interested on affiliate marketing to ...

AKQA (akqa, AKQA) 30 Member(s). Tweet threads.
AKQA, the leading global digital marketing and technology services firm

alliances (alliances) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for practitioners and fans of strategic alliances.

aris (aris, ave, idsscheer) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is a virtual gathering place for all people interested in the modelling method ARIS, the modelling methodology AVE, and the modelling software solutions of the ARIS Platform by ...

ATG-Commerce (ATG, ATG-eCommerce) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for social networking between ATG eCommerce professionals, sharing knowledge, expertise, stories, assistance and best practices. #ATG or #ATG-eCommerce

AutomotiveDigitalMarketers (AutomotiveDigitalMarketers, Cars, "Digital Marketing", Automotive, eCommerce) 32 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is all about Automotive Digital Marketing. Whether you're in a Dealership or a vendor in the Automotive space this is your group.

AZEntreprenership (entrepreneur, 4AEC, azec) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are Arizona Entrepreneurs committed to growing our businesses and helping others to grow theirs. Please include "entrepreneur""AZEC" or "OTEF" in your post.


B2B_Marketing (B2B, Marketing, Data) 74 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We share B2B Marketing best practice, new ideas and innovative solutions.

BabyBiz (BabyBiz, baby, business) 23 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for business professionals within the baby and juvenile products industry.

Bloggers_For_Hire (blogger, freelance, writer) 30 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Where all of the articulate, engaging, talented and available pens for hire can be found...

Bonanza (Bonanza, shopping, marketplace, ecommerce) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads. is the place to buy and sell everything but the ordinary! We're an online marketplace powered by a wonderful, supportive community of buyers and sellers.

britishmumpreneurs (mumpreneurs, business, mums) 37 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Informal networking group for UK mumpreneurs who run businesses or are thinking about starting one!

Business2Business (Business2Business) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Anyone interested in market intelligence, industry expertise as well as B2B research and consulting.

BusinessMums (BusinessMums) 44 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for members of Business Mums Network

businessnetworking (business, networking, getconnecting) 52 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Own a business and like business networking join our twibe for online business networking and social networking.

BusinessWomen (business, women, success) 72 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The best business advice, discussions, and important news to help business women succeed. Many minds working together ensure your success!


CarDealers (Car, Dealers, auto) 50 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For Car Dealers, dealership employees and suppliers.

CEO (CEO, leadership, "best practices") 87 Member(s). Tweet threads.
CEOs who want to share practices, network, and build a community.

cityplanners (cplan, plan, planning) 224 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Focus on city & regional planning and land use related topics & news. Include plan, cplan, or planning in your tweets after you join, & they'll appear here.

COSTUS (sustainability, corporate, investor) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Consultation on Sustainability + Transparency in the US (COST US): A marketplace of ideas concerning corporate and capital accountability and sustainability.

CourierServices (courier, deilvery, messenger) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is dedicated to promote the local courier services in every city in America. Deivery companies, Messenger Services, 3PL, transportation & logistics.

CPW (CPW, Carphone, Warehouse) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Twibe of the Carphone Warehouse

CSR (CSR) 88 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Promoting and informing about corporate social responsibility and the organizations that support it.

Customs_Compliance (CustomsCompliance, "customs compliance", customs_compliance) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Sharing news, tips, ideas, rants, & raves regarding customs compliance.


DesignThinking (DesignThinking, innovation, design) 74 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for all those design thinkers who aspire to be positive change agents.

devon (devon, dmsc) 47 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for Devon twitterers with the aim of starting a Devon Social Media Cafe.

domainers (Domainers, "Domain News", "Domain Names") 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twitter members interested in the Domain Name Industry

DynamicsAx (Dynamics, Ax, development) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Members Blessed/cursed with Dynamics Ax from MS everyday


eBay_Sellers (eBay_Sellers, eBay) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Any and all eBay Sellers are invited to join. Small, medium, big sellers. Pros or just occasional sellers. Welcome!

ecommerce (ecom, online, internet) 216 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Our Twibe is a fabulous collection of ecommerce entrepreneurs and their online stores

emailmarketing (email) 166 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Email Marketing experts

emakina (emakina) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Emakinians Twibes gather all people working at one of the Emakina Group' companies.

EmotionalIntelligence (EQ, emotional, intelligence) 20 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Creating workplace cultures of greatness through the "street smarts" of emotional intelligence--assessment, training, coaching and development. Share your ideas!

engineering (engineering) 39 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Connecting the engineering community on Twitter

EPL (EPL, epl, etsy, handmade, art, jewelry) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is for all Etsy Promo Love members. Dedicated to all who love Etsy and love to promote others in our forum. We love EPL!! We love to share ...

Etiquette (etiquette, manners, image) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Let’s inform, share, elevate, enrich, imbue, enliven and connect about etiquette, manners, image and civility.

etsyenespaniol (etsyinspanish) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Un espacio para todos aquellos que amamos ser parte de la comunidad de Etsy y hablamos español...


FellowshipOne (FellowshipOne) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Users of FellowshipOne


GoDaddy (domains, hosting, SSL) 42 Member(s). Tweet threads.

GovCon (GovCon, government, contracting) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe of government contractors and others involved in the GovCon community.

GreenRetail (GreenRetail, sustainability, green) 39 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For green and retail strategists to intersect. Retail has much to offer as a unique hub of influence. Lets create a paradigm.


handmadeforum (handmadeforum) 37 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Handmade artists forum all jewelers, crafters, chainmaillers, artists are welcome to stop by and show off your stuff or get some help and support. Great Community

Handmadeology (Handmadeology, etsy, artfire) 58 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Handmadeology: The Science of handmade. Brought to you by @timothyadam. Find lessons on Etsy, Art Fire, and Traffic.

herbusinessnetwork (herbusinessnetwork, "women in business", mentor) 75 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Networking, education and inspiration for business women. A place to network, collaborate, share ideas, access mentors and resources.

Hertfordshire_Biz (Hertfordshire, Herts, Offers, Hertford) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Hertfordshire Businesses unite, share, network and promote each other

HomeBusiness (home business, home based business, small business) 37 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Home business network. Do you own a home business or plan to start one? Get home business ideas and tips from this twibe!

Hospitality (Hospitality, travel, hotels) 27 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Members of this Twibe provide hospitality services and are using social media to expand their reach.

HR_Tech (HR_Tech, HCM, HRIS) 152 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is dedicated to those who are dedicated to moving the HR Technology / TM Technology market up and to the right!

HUB (HUB, Humanity, Brilliance) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
As members of HUB, our monthly subscription provides food, clean water, education and microloans to people who need it - and provides an income for you, too!

hvac (hvac, hvacr, "air conditioning") 34 Member(s). Tweet threads.
All those with an interest in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration!


iCraft (iCraft) 23 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Creativity without Borders!

indexers (indexers) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
'Indexers' twibe gathers tweets from its subscribers who are interested in indexing books, data and information in various formats. Included in our definition of indexing are those working on thesaurus ...

InHouston (InHouston) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The premiere Business Networking Group in Houston. Mixers of 400 plus in some areas of town.

InsideSageSoftware (SageSoftware, "ERP. BusinessSoftware") 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Inside Sage Software, a twibe dedicated to Sage Products and Services, how they are built and what the future looks like.

InsuranceNews (Insurance, agents, claims) 73 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For insurance industry professionals, reporters/bloggers, anyone else who follows industry trends

InteligenciaCompetitiva (InteligenciaCompetitiva) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
competitive intelligence, inteligencia competitiva, estratégias empresariais

interiordesign (interiordesign, architecture, hospitality) 117 Member(s). Tweet threads.
creative design professional meet here to exchange ideas, products, and services. hospitality, contract commercial, retail space design art ideas

internalcomms (internalcomms) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Group for those of us involved professionally with internal communications

InternalCommunication ("Internal Communication", "Employee Engagement", Communication) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Internal communicators uniting organisations, enhancing employee morale, promoting transparency, reducing attrition with great communication

InternetCouncil (InternetCouncil) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The mission of the Internet Council is to advance electronic commerce over open networks by enabling digital business in a straight-through, secure and cost-effective manner.


kayako (kayako, crm, helpdesk) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Kayako developers helpdesk, CRM and live chat solutions. We are accessible and affordable, and you'll find our team and our products incredibly engaging!

km (km, knowledge) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Knowledge Management (KM) Practitioners


L10N (L10N, localization, translation) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation, International Project Management, International Marketing.

LeadChange (LeadChange, NYMLC) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Members of the Lead Change Group

LeadershipAndStrategy (LeadStrat) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is for leaders and others working to navigate today's complex world.

Leadershipdevelopment (Leadershipdevelopment, "Myers Briggs", Coaching) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Passionate about developing leaders' strengths and effectiveness. Certified in Myers Briggs and Hogan

LeanSixSigma (LeanSixSigma) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
All things Lean and Six Six Sigma.

LeCafeduFashionBusiness (style, fashion, luxe, shopping, "ventes privates", design, illustration) 85 Member(s). Tweet threads.
New business center, for the fashion networking activities.

led (led, lighting, dmx) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Anything and everything about LED lighting and LED lighting products.

LiverpoolBusiness (LiverpoolBusiness, Liverpool, Business) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for Liverpool businesses of all kinds to get together. Founded and administered by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

LocalSearch (LocalSearch, LocalSEO, LocalSEM) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Local Search space includes an ever-changing landscape of mobile, search engines, and internet & print yellow pages. Although we live in an increasingly smaller online world, we have an ...


Made_in_Australia (Made_in_Australia) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For businesses who make or sell products that are made in Australia!

magento (magento, ecommerce, webshop) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Magento is the eCommerce software platform for growth that promises to revolutionize the industry. Its modular architecture and unprecedented flexibility means your business is no longer constrained by your eCommerce ...

managementconsultants (management consultants) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for people from management consulting firms.

manufacturing (manufacturing) 87 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Connecting the manufacturing community on Twitter

MarketResearch (MarketResearch, "market research", research) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.

MastermindGroups (MastermindGroups, mmg, mastermind) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is the Twibe for you if you understand the power of Mastermind Groups. We harness MMGs for our private and business success. We promote Mastermind Groups to make life ...

MeetingsIndustry (MeetingsIndustry) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Business Events, Conference, Incentive, Meetings Industry.

melbournebusiness (melbourne, business) 88 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Established as a central point on Twibes for Melbourne people in business to meet and network.

Metanomics (metaverse, business, Metanomics) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Keen interest in developing applications for both business and education in 3D virtual/ immersive environments/

mfg (manufacturers, manufacturing, manufacture) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a twibe for anyone who cares about or tweets about manufacturing - in only 3 characters! :)

MiddleEastMarketing (Marketing, Advertising, Media) 39 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Communications and marketing professionals focused on the Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

miles (miles) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
for everyone connected to Miles AS.

millionaire (millionaire, business, communication) 20 Member(s). Tweet threads.
I'm Peppy the Porpoise. I'm changing the way everyone thinks about business and communication. I have my address which allows everyone everywhere to see my status and click to ...

minc (minc) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
minc helps talented entrepreneurs to build up thriving businesses through coaching, advice & valuable contacts in a dynamic environment tailored 4 growing companies

misc (Misc, Meeting, Event) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is the Twibe for the MISC Group.

MoCo (bethesda, business, "social media") 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For Bethesda and Rockville-owned businesses who wish to connect other local owned businesses and engage in knowledge sharing of Twitter and Social Media

MorganPR_Alumni (MorganPR_Alumni) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Tweeple who have graduated from the Morgan PR Twitter Workshops.

MyersBriggs (MyersBriggs) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For professionals certified in MBTI and individuals interested in MBTI. A place to share best practices and learn


NAWBO (NAWBO) 20 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A place for NAWBO members and women business owners to collaborate and support one another.

NCI (NCI) 118 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A place for the people who make up Network Communications, Inc. to gather and share.

networkingwomen (networkingwomen, collaborate, network) 727 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Women in business, networking and collaborating their way to success! Open to all.

networkmarketing (networkmarketing, mlm, directsales) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.

NextGenMarketResearch (MR, NGMR, Market_Research) 64 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The market has changed, the customers have changed, why should consumer insight be the same? Marketing Research/Consumer Insights have changed little since the mid 90’s and still offer only 1.0 ...

Norwichandnearby (Norwichandnearby) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
if you run a business or love twitter and live nearby Norwich you should be in this twibe xx


ODProNetwork (ODProNetwork, OD, change) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Facilitators of organization development, leadership and management consulting, innovation and sustainability, performance management, and business change management.

OFAShortCourse (OFAShortCourse, ofa, shortcourse) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Will you be at OFA Short Course? Want to hear about it? Follow this Twibe.

OnlineBusinessSuccess (OnlineBusinessSuccess) 31 Member(s). Tweet threads.

openinnovation (openinnovation, "open innovation") 28 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Open Innovation does not only change your companies innovation management, it changes your whole company and your business model. Let's discuss how you define OI and how to apply it ...

opentext (opentext) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This twibe identifies Open Text staff who tweet

Owen_MBA (Owen_MBA) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Tweets & Twits - Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management


peoplesearches ("people search", business, "public records", "background check", dating, news) 1 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Trying to Find People Online? Try Using to Reconnect with Friends, Colleagues, and Family. Also Goto

pmot (pmot, "project management", PRINCE2) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for Project Managers, Project Management consultants, trainers and experts including PRINCE2

pod (pod, #pod) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are all members of the Print on Demand industry.

ppsosig (ppsosig, PMO, PPSO) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
PPSOSIG is the Programme and Project Support Office Specialist Interest Group

PRINCE2 (P2, p2, PRINCE2) 75 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for anyone interested in PRINCE2 (users, trainers, consultants, tool vendors, academics)

Pro-Dommes (BDSM, Mistress, Dominatrix) 25 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Professional Dominas and their fans


quinscape (quinscape, java, web, spring, opensaga, intrexx) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The QuinScape twibe exists to further the technical information exchange between all QuinScape employees.


Recruiting (Recruiter) 253 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for Recruiters, Sourcers, HR, Hiring Managers and others interested in the topic of finding skilled candidates, networking with potential candidates and business partners, advertising jobs and attracting talent on ...

RetailTechnology (retail, "retail technology", retailers) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Working in or reporting on the retail, retail technology and connected industries

RetailTrends (retailtrends, retail) 37 Member(s). Tweet threads.
General forum for trends in retailing and retail strategy.

riskmanagement (riskmanagement, safety, healthandsafety) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is the place for Experts in Risk management and Health and Safety. Some are also a little Crazy about Risk too!

Road_Transport (Road_Transport) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
List for those involved in road transport and logistics

Roofing (Roofing, roofer, roof) 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This group was started for members of the Roofing Industry - contractors, manufacturers, consultants, specifiers, or others looking to share information, learn from each other, and network.


saas (#saas) 66 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This twibe gathers all people involved in the Software as a Service business in any way. On both the technical as the commercial side.

SalesProfessionals (SalesProfessionals, sales, selling) 20 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Professional sales people in any field, with a focus on face-to-face business development and sales, supported by new social media.

SalesPros (SalesPros) 28 Member(s). Tweet threads.
THE place for sales professionals to share great tips and techniques.

SalesTraining (Sales, #sales, #sales20) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
sales executives, managers and trainers who want to exhcange ideas and best practices around sales training methods and tools

SAP (SAP) 36 Member(s). Tweet threads.

Schemers (Schemers) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
#schemingsaturday and Scheming EVERYday. Show your support of the DiMera family by joining this Twibe.

Seattle20 (Seattle20, seattle, startup) 37 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Startups, Entrepreneurship, Jobs, Events, Investors - Seattle 2.0

seo-spain (seo-spain) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Grupo para recopilar a los SEOs españoles que estén en twitter y quieren conversar entre si o conocer a nuevos colegas del sector.

SHEtweets (SHEtweets) 28 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are a group of artisans united by the bond of home education. SHE is a family-oriented team. Shops must meet team requirements in addition to Etsy rules, especially in ...

shoptoearn (shoptoearn, shoptoearth, "shop to earn") 103 Member(s). Tweet threads.
ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth is a hybrid MLM, empowering its associates to choose a lifestyle of better health and increased wealth.

ShropshireBusiness ("Shropshire Business B2B") 43 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For discussion between Shropshire companies - what's new, what's old, what's coming down the line at us.

signmakers ("signmakers signs marketing") 60 Member(s). Tweet threads.
sign makers signs banners vinyl decals graphics magnets carved signs sandblasted signs wraps window graphics

siliconmitten (siliconmitten) 44 Member(s). Tweet threads.
West Michigan: The "silicon mitten". Thanks to @merhl . It's his idea, not mine ;)

smallbusinessmarketing (SME, Marketing, Business) 122 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Are you interested in marketing for small businesses? Why not join our Twibe?

SMEsAustralia (Australian, business, networking) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are all Australian small to medium businesses. We network,support entrepreneurs and look to do alot of business between ourselves. Come and say hi....Dean

SN4BW (SN4BW) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Social Networking for Business Women Connect business women through social networking and strategic alliances.

soulbiz (soul, align, partner) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
To engage our Soul as our "co-creative business partner" so that we may fully leverage the true potential (personally, financially, emotionally and spiritually) of our businesses.

Stock_Photography ("stock photography", photography, stock) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a group for stock photography. Professional or amateur stock photographers or videographers are welcome.

Strategic-Leadership (leadership, strategic, values) 50 Member(s). Tweet threads.
value-centred leadership and 'leadersmithing': developing others as leaders 4 the future. A place for sharing knowledge & what people are doing in developing leadership for the future!

Supply_Chain (Supply_Chain, "supply chain", logistics) 217 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Active twibe for supply chain and logistics professionals to review and share each others tweets. Just tweet to join and tell your SCM colleagues!

SupplyChain ("Supply Chain", Technology, Operations) 92 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Knowledge sharing related to Supply Chain Operations - strategy, execution, technology, logistics, material handling, best practices

SustainableBusiness ("Sustainable business", sustainability, CSR) 46 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The role of business is to help to alleviate poverty and suffering on this planet. Sustainable business follows the triple-bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.


teletravail (teletravail, homeworking, zevillage) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Un intérêt partagé pour le télétravail, le travail collaboratif à distance et les nouvelles formes d'organisation du travail.

telework (telework, telecommute, cloud) 65 Member(s). Tweet threads.
People who telework, telecommute, work from home, work anywhere, ...or wish they could!

TheVintageVillage (TheVintageVillage, Vintage, Antiques) 179 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Welcome to Twibe page. Follow us for amazing Vintage goods, information and more....

TicketSalesBestPractices (TicketSalesBestPractices) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a ticket sales and retention network to connect, interact, share and innovate together with news, best practices, events, insights, mutual help and more.

top (best, product, service, how, what, which, who) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Top / Best products, services, offers, opportunities, etc. -- you name it!

Tradeshows (Tradeshows, exhibitions, events) 52 Member(s). Tweet threads.
All of us are passionate about tradeshows, their impact on the economy, and the power of face-to-face interactions to drive commerce. Come to this Twibe for lates news and trends ...

TrainersClub (TrainersClub) 41 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Twitter Community for Business and Management Trainers

Translation (Translation) 183 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A meeting place for translators... who can spare a minute of their precious time to connect with colleagues!

transportation (transportation, transport, TMS) 20 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Let's discuss transportation and the logistics industry!

travelagents (hotels, travel, agents) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for travel planners, independent agents to share tips and needs for group travel planning.

trianglebiz (trianglebiz, tbiz) 27 Member(s). Tweet threads.
RDU biz owners, connect!


UK_Startups (UK_Startups) 84 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For UK start-up entepreneurs.

UKaccountants (accountants, tax, HMRC) 40 Member(s). Tweet threads.
UK accountants in practice and all those who work with them or would like to do so

UKtax (UKtax, VAT, "tax advisers") 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Tax advisers, accountants, bloggers, writers and speakers - and those who want help


Virtual-Assistants (Virtual-Assistants) 69 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A collaboration of Virtual Assistants everywhere!

virtualassistant (virtualassistant, virtual, assistant) 55 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twitter Twibe for Virtual Assistants

VirtualAssistants (VirtualAssistants, "virtual assistant", "virtual assistants", virtualassitant, va) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.

Vistage (Vistage) 130 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Vistage members, Chairs, and speakers


WomanOwned (WomanOwned, womenowned, businesswomen) 136 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Women in business, woman owned, women who work from home, home business women, women entrepreneurs, smart businesswomen

workplace (workplace, office, productivity) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for everyone interested in the issues, challenges and opportunities in the improvement of the corporate office workplace.


xbm (xbm) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Attendees of Extreme Business Makeovers


yulbiz (yulbiz, blogues, "blogueurs affaires marketing communication") 69 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Regroupement international de blogueurs d’affaires visant à favoriser le réseautage et la pratique des blogs dans un contexte professionnel

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