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Arquitectura 10 members

Arquitectos Arquitectura, Urbanismo, Construcción, Proyecto, Diseño ... interconectados en la sociedad digital del conocimiento

Aust_Photographers 25 members

Database of Photogs in Australia for hire.

architects 528 members

Forum for architects to gather and banter on architectural related topics. Tag your conversations with #archi for it to appear here. Follow @architwibe to get members tweets on your twitter.

archivists 52 members

A Twibe for archivists & those who love and/or hate archivists.


BI-JOBSdotBE 22 members

Business Intelligence jobs in Belgium. Job seekers: let people know who you are and when you'll be available.

Baristas 15 members

For lovers of the bean and the professionals who provide your daily cup.

Bibliotecarios 15 members

Brazilians Librarians' Twibe group./Local para discussão de assuntos ligados à Biblioteconomia, Ciência da Informação, Produtividade e internet. Para fazer parte é necessário ter uma conta no Twitter (

bibliotecoides 26 members

Bibliotecoides y otras especies documentales.

bibliothecaires 47 members

Ici se regroupent (tout seuls...) les tweets des abonnés tagués bibliothécaire, avec ou sans s..ou bibliotheque ou pmb ou PMB :)

birthlove 17 members

A tribe of women with a burning desire to smooth the path to birth for others. Students, mothers, maidens, and matrons joining forces to assist Mother Nature.


Careers 93 members

Twibe for careers advisers, information and guidance professionals.

careerdevelopment 11 members

For people looking to further develop themselves in their career. Share your best practices and learn from others.


DCdesigners 21 members

This is a twibe for fancy DC area web and/or print designers.


Entrepreneur 905 members

New advertising network is creating a buzz across the internet. It's the NEXT Big Social Network Technology ! ! Check it out, add and promote your links today 100% FREE!

ExecutiveCareerManagement 26 members

Resume Writing,Career Coaching, Job Search Strategies, Personal Branding, Outplacement, all up for discussion.

employerbranding 19 members

How to help attract (and retain) the right people for any organisation. Creatively, uniquely and effectively - with the right employer brand.

executivecoaching 21 members

Sharing ideas and strategies on executive coaching.


HRrecruiter 22 members

A Twibe devoted to sharing ideas about recruiting and human resources.


JobSearch 96 members

Job Search discussion and ideas for recruiters and job seekers. Hosted by TwitterJobSearch

jobboard 17 members

A gathering of minds who are interested in discussions related to the job board and job search engine industry.


LosAngelesVoiceover 15 members

A network for Los Angeles-based voiceover professionals. VO talent, agents, managers, casting directors & others connected to the industry are welcome to join!

librarians 1447 members

A twibe for libraries, librarians, librarians-in-training (and other interested tweeps) to discuss anything and everything relating to the work of the library.


Managers 15 members

This twibe is for twitterites that are striving to be good people managers.

MediaProfessionals 40 members

Open to all, especially people who work in, or have an interest in the media industry.

Mumpreneurs 206 members

Connecting Entrepreneurial Mums/Moms around the globe!

mompreneur 47 members

Networking for Mompreneurs


PoolSales 13 members

Pool sales professionals gather here to improve there skills, knowledge of pool construction and equipment, and to connect.


Recruiters 27 members

A twibe for recruiters

Recruitment 53 members

Join the Recruitment Twibe! Where professionals come together for continued professional development

Renegade-Marketers 68 members

Encouraging others to have an Entrepreneural Spirit, believing it is possible to accomplish great things. It's up to you!

resumes 17 members

Free blank resume, resume form, cover letter advice, how to write a resume, printable resume, online interactive free blank resume form with examples


TechComm 32 members

Technical Communication

togs 38 members

For those who have embraced the twitter synonym for photographers, namely "togs" or #togs.

traductores 78 members

Un grupo para traductores hispanohablantes en Twitter.

transition 81 members

The economic downturn has affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the United States. The purpose of this group would be to provide its members a source of information, advice and assistance with their career search. Bringing people together for a support group during a job search can reduce stress and the feelings of isolation the come with being in “Transition: In some cases, being part of a group can actually help to make the job search a positive experience. Hopefully through our involvement with this group we can have a positive impact on the lives and careers of our members. Thanks for your support!! Michael J. Szot Sr. Vice President CGS Technology Associates Email: LinkedIn: Twitter:


YPFP 15 members

YPFP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to fostering the next generation of foreign policy leadership.


genderoutlaws 40 members

growtalent 32 members

Members of growtalent belong to or support DnB NOR`s Grow Programme


internships 22 members

YouIntern loves interns and loves employers. Let's all get together, shall we?

itba 17 members


onlinerecruitment 32 members

Members of the OnlineRecruitment Twibe are those who have a particular interest in the ongoing development of the online recruitment sector, including job boards, recruitment agencies, publications and employers themselves.


servers 12 members

If you're a server (or bartender) at a restaurant or bar, join the twibe, and share your thoughts!

sla-newyork 12 members

This is a Twitter group for the SLA New York Chapter.

speakitforward 38 members

Experience Real SUCCESS & PROFIT as a speaker. Whether you're just starting out as a speaker or if you are already a pro, this Twibe is for you. It's not just about how to present, but about how to succeed in the speaking business.

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