Education Twitter Groups



ADE 30 members

This is a twibe for educators involved in the Apple Distinguished Educator community.

ADPR5920 10 members

The Fall 2009 ADPR 5920, "PR Writing" class. Led by @prbrainfood.

ANGEL-LMS 44 members

This group is for users of the ANGEL LMS. We are here to support each other and give advice. **For direct communication with more people, go look at this Twitter user -

ASTD 42 members

American Society for Training & Development is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning & performance professionals.

AcAdvChat 28 members

Join the #AcAdv Chat every Tuesday from 12-1 pm CST on Twitter. Follow @AcAdvChat to stay connected to the conversation.

AllofE 10 members

ArtTeachers 33 members

Art teachers of the world unite!

AustLiterature 20 members

Collating news and views exploring themes, concepts, political and theoretical approaches underpinning contemporary study and reading of Australian literature. Please use keywords AustLiterature or OzLit to post.

Australian_eLearning 35 members

G'day to all the tweeps in the Australian eLearning community!

Ayn-Rand 43 members

A group for fans of Ayn Rand's novels and ideas.

adulted 43 members

Adult educators, join this twibe! We are about adult education, literacy, basic skills, and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

advising 24 members

For tweets on academic advising, specifically work with NACADA. Network of Academic Career and Directional Advising.

anthropology 197 members

We're here to share our passion for anthropology.

anti-AO 44 members

Twitterers lusófonos de todo o mundo contra o Acordo Ortográfico de 1990.

aspie-kids 152 members

Parents, friends, families of kids and teens with asd, aspergers and other learning difficulties.


BSCLife 18 members

A group for students, faculty, administrators and staff from Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts.

BSC_PR 16 members

Networking, internships, possible jobs, and sharing stories. Plus learning social media! If you're in Comm Studies at BSC, come on down!

BloomU-MSIT 39 members

A Twibe for students, alumni, and friends of Bloomsburg University's MSIT program.

BloomsburyGroup 63 members

The Bloomsbury Group is a modern day collective of creative minds, philosophies, & ideas.

Booktweet 27 members

#Booktweet is a Twitter bookclub that meets Sat mornings @ 12 EDT to discuss free eBooks

businessteacher 19 members

A Twitter group for Business teachers from around the globe. Share resources, swap ideas and keep in touch.



CharlotteMason 14 members

Homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason Method.

CooperativeExtension 63 members

For employees of Cooperative Extension. Visit to find more extension colleagues and share your social networking information.

castlebc 51 members

This is the Twibe for CASTLE Book Club participants. If you're a participant, please add yourself to the group!

children_in_nature 33 members

This twibe is for those like-minded parents, educators camp professionals, and researchers who believe nature calms children, focuses them, and excites their senses more than the current technology-based world. Exposure to the natural world creates peace and curiosity in children. It provides physical and emotional exercise that "is more varied and less time-bound than organized sports." (R. Louv) It reduces stress and bolsters children's resilience. And, as Louv further points out, "Children are simply happier and healthier when they have frequent and varied opportunities for experiences in the out-of-doors." Join us!

classreynolds 20 members

This twibe is specifically for the 2009-2010 students in Mrs. Reynolds' class. Welcome!

claymore 9 members

clionautes 10 members

Regroupe des enseignants d'histoire-géographie qui réfléchissent aux usages des TICE dans leur enseignement

collab_stout 17 members

Students from UW-Stout's Graduate Certificate in eLearning's 4th course: Collaborative Communities

culture_infodoc 11 members

Culture informationnelle, formation info-documentaire, questions didactiques...


DeCA 39 members

Twibe do DeCA, Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, da Universidade de Aveiro

Deutsche_Sprachwelt 20 members

Hier sind die Retter der deutschen Sprache.

Dyspraxia 59 members

DCD,Developmental Coordenation Disorder,affects small and large motor skills,speech.

differentiation 19 members

differentiated education to meet the needs of ALL students in the classroom

dyslexia 20 members

Sharing dyslexia stories, resources, news, research, and tips for learning and life.


EDUCATION 65 members

We all have kids in school. Is it the school, the Parents, the Students, the Teachers? Speak up!

EMSchool 15 members

Every child can learn

ESL 135 members

This TWIBE is dedicated to ESL, EFL, and TESOL. It will be used as a hub for ESL teachers to communicate and share ideas.

EarlyChildhoodEducation 94 members

This is a place where anyone who is learning or wants to learn about Early Childhood Education practices can come and talk about anything and everything in relation to young children.

EdPolicy 114 members

Musings, news, and insights about PreK-20 education policy and politics at the national, state, and local levels

EdTech 2517 members

Educational Technologists, educators, teachers, technology, you get the idea.

EduWeb2 30 members

Yet another application to support the educator communities interested in how web 2.0 apps can support teaching and learning.

Ejournalism 16 members

Discussion about issues related to journalism online

English-Online 22 members

We are passionate about providing and using resources on the Internet for teaching English Language especially EFL & ESL

ExperientialEducation 45 members

This twibe is for all those passionate and committed to experiential education in all of its manifestations-- outdoor, environmental, service learning, school-based, training and development, etc. Experience it!

eLearning 318 members

For K-12 and Higher Ed educators who teach online, and all those great people who support us. Twibe tag learn

ecis 10 members

ECIS Conference attendees, real and virtual

economicsteacher 24 members

A Twitter group for Economics teachers from around the globe. Share resources, swap ideas and keep in touch.

edit772f09 11 members

We are members of Edit772 and come here to view the aggregated tweets of class members.

edt280cooper 19 members

This Twibe is a meeting place for students taking Mrs. Cooper's EDT 280 class at Wright State University (Dayton, OH).

education-internet 26 members

Groupe dédié à l'éducation au média internet. Soyez les bienvenus !

enl3 12 members

Members of ENL10B at UC Davis, Winter 2013.

epsb 12 members

network of epsb teachers sharing about meaningful technology integration in the classroom, and share some really cool tools

evomlit 54 members

This is a twibe of people indicating their interest in multiliteracies through enrollment in the TESOL Electronic Village Online session Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments

excelsior 13 members

a place excelsior nursing students can vent, share, support re: life, studies, cpne.


FAMU 200 members

Alumni, students, staff, administration and faculty who attend(ed)/matriculated/work(ed) at Florida A&M University. Established in 1887, it is THEE #1 HBCU, leading producer of black college graduates and home of Excellence with Care - where mediocrity is NOT a standard!

FEL_CVUT 21 members

Skupina pro všechny z FEL ČVUT

FETC 77 members

A Twibe Dedicated to the happenings at the FETC

FEUP 27 members

have you or did you have any relation to FEUP? ... if so, join this twibe group ;)

FFA 19 members

We are FFA members, teachers, alumni and supporters.

FinancialLiteracy 16 members

A place for K-12 educators of financial literacy to share information.

fle 16 members

French Teachers communauty. Communauté d'enseignants de Français (FLE, FLS, FLM) FLE : Français Langue Etrangère. French for Foreigners Thanks to this twibe, let's share pedagogic experiences, tools, practices...


Genetic-Genealogy 13 members

People who are interested in Genetic Genealogy and finding their DNA family, cousins and origins.

Geography 22 members

For Professional, Amateur and Armchair Geographers. Twibe tag: geog

GiftedEducation 89 members

This Twibe is designed for people interested in topics related to gifted education, advocacy, and talent development in gifted & talented children.

GoogleinEducation 34 members

This group is for anyone interested in using Google products in k20 institutions of learning

Grady 134 members

Faculty, students, alumni and friends of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia

gifted 10 members

Gifted chat, resources, links, and more.


HigherEd 930 members

For all the HigherEd tweeters out there.

HigherEdMarketing 23 members

An opportunity for marketing, enrollment, & admissions professionals to discuss, dispel, and disseminate ideas for the marketing of colleges and universities.

Homeschool 192 members

Home Educators sharing resources, tips, news, encouragement & support on homeschooling

HomeschoolSpeakers 16 members

Homeschool Speakers Bureau for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Homeschooling 138 members

HomeschoolingWithHeart 34 members

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Official Twibe. Come join us to talk all things homeschool.

historians 50 members

For anyone interested in the critical study of the past.

homeschool-news 29 members

Sharing education, parenting, teaching and homeschooling resources, links, tips and guides.

homeschoolmoms 71 members

Do you have math books scattered on your kitchen table? Is your house overrun with books and science experiments? Do you home school your kids? Then join us as we twitter our daily lives as homeschooling moms. Everyone welcome regardless of your flavor of homeschooling.


ICE2010 48 members

A Twibe following the happenings of the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) 2010 Conference in St. Charles, IL - February 23-26, 2010

ICE2011 38 members

A Twibe following the happenings of the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) 2010 Conference in St. Charles, IL - February 23-26, 2010

IETC 26 members

A Twibe dedicated to the tweeters of the IETC conference.

IJK 16 members

Die Gruppe für alle heutigen zwitschernden IJKler und diejenigen, die es einmal waren oder werden wollen. Hashtag: #ijk

IMD 10 members

Interactive Multimedia Design course at Jordanstown, University of Ulster.

ISTE 34 members

Instructional Technology Twibe

ISU 13 members

Connecting ISU alumni, faculty, staff and friends. Founded in 1987, the International Space University provides graduate-level training to the future leaders of the emerging global space community at its Central Campus in Strasbourg, France, and at locations around the world.

ITEC 29 members

This is the site where you could post your tweets during the "ITEC Virtual Learning Tour"!

Indigenous 61 members

Indigenous peoples sharing stories and information of interest.

InstructionalDesigners 89 members

A Twibe for people interested in instructional design, elearning, training, instructional technology, and anything learning related.

IvyLeague 30 members

A new place for Ivy Leaguers to connect with one another and congregate at Twitter! Since I can't vet people's identities here, I'm asking that everyone who wants to join give me a reference to a Linked In Group to which she/he belongs. Linked In Groups have the ability to check alumni status. As soon as we have a few members, I'll be adding a "retweeting robot" here, so anything you post will get into the general Twitter stream twice - a boon to busy business and professional people.

images4education 25 members

Conversations about the exciting digital possibilities to help learners develop 21st century multiliteracy skills through active learning in the free online session Images4Education, part of the Electronic Village Online.

informationLiteracy 18 members

A group to discuss information literacy in the digital age. Both, suggestions and idea as well as strategies and methods.

iowaadmin 69 members

If you're an Iowa school administrator that Tweets, add yourself to this list. Then use this page to find and follow others on Twitter!

iowateach 36 members

If you're an Iowa teacher that Tweets, add yourself to this list. Then use this page to find and follow other Iowa educators on Twitter!

ist500socialmedia 20 members

A twibe for members of IST 500: Social Media at Syracuse University

iste10 139 members

Twibe for all #iste10 participants.

ivc 12 members

K-12 Videoconference Professionals


Journalism_Advisers 28 members

This group is for high school, college and university journalism advisers.

jokaydia 18 members

A twibe for the Islands of jokaydia Community of Practice! Join and experiment with yet another social networking tool right along with us and connect to other jokaydians!


K-12elearning 128 members

For anyone interested in elearning at the K-12 level

k12Ed 47 members

To have a group for education K-12

kidlitosphere 277 members

Anyone interested in children's books or "kidlit" - bloggers, librarians, teachers, parents, readers, writers, authors, illustrators, publishers...

kiwiteachers 38 members

A group to connect NZ Teacher Twits! Hopefully we'll make some new contacts and expand our networks :)


LIS 23 members

This Twibe is concerned with connecting and engaging dialogue amongst the Library and Information Science Community.

LaSalleUniversity 23 members

La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA USA

LawSchool 52 members

For prospective and current law school students and survivors to celebrate the greatest/worst years of your life.

LindenwoodUniversity 18 members

This Twibe is for students, faculty, alumni and enthusiasts of Lindenwood University in St.Charles, MO.

learnphotography 151 members

Want exp/pro photogs 2 share techniques & gear or just help newbies with all things photography. Pls tag all tweets with learnphoto / lphoto

library 35 members

Twibe for libraries and librarians.

lingq 16 members

An online language learning community of learners who prefer to learn languages the natural way -- input first. Join our growing community and share your experiences and opinions!

linguistics 105 members

A twibe for linguists and folks interested in linguistics.

literacy 66 members

For anyone who is interested in children's, adult or family literacy and what we can do to improve it.


ManageByDesigning 14 members

Applying design attitudes and skills to the complex issues and problems facing organizations and society.

Marquetteu 34 members

Be the Difference.

McDaniel 15 members

This twibe is for the McDaniel College & Western Maryland College community, past and present.

Medievalists 40 members

A twibe for medievalists.

Medievitenskap 26 members

Gruppe for norske medievitere.

MissouriTeachers 28 members

Teachers in Missouri, K-12, Higher Ed, Ed tech, Edublogs, Professional Development, Professional Learning Networks

maety3_2009 18 members

a twibe for the maet summer 2009 plymouth group

middleschoolmath 46 members

Teaching math in middle school settings

mlearning 40 members

Enhancing learning in higher education through the use of mobile devices such as handphones and other portable devices.

museums 475 members

A gathering place for all museums, museum professionals, and museum lovers.

musiced 39 members

This is a twibe for music educatiors.


NAFSA 120 members

For NAFSA members & friends working in international educational exchange

NUT 8 members

A twitgroup for NUT members

Newhouse_Syracuse 76 members

A group list for Newhouse students, staff, and faculty members. Stay connected via our Twibe!

nontradstudents 52 members

Are you going back to high school, trade school, or college after a break? Maybe you want to go back to school later. Do you have a job, go to school part-time, have responsibilities, have a family, or just feel nontraditional? Or maybe you help older students, GED learners, nontrads or continuing education students. If you are a nontrad, a nontrad-to-be, a friend of a nontrad,or are just somebody interested in nontraditional students, this is the Twibe for you.

nusuk 73 members

For students' union officers and staff across the UK

nuttyEFLteachers 19 members

Members are all passionate EFL teachers who find creative and unique ways to expose students to language in real life contexts.


OperationEducate 12 members

Operation Educate is an event and "grass roots" movement with the goal of educating Realtors on the benefits of real estate packaging and staging while also introducing those Realtors to stagers in their market so they can begin a long a fruitful relationship. This is not only an educational event for Realtors, it is also a marketing opportunity for Real Estate Stagers, Home Builders, Title Companies, Mortgage Lenders and other professionals who market their products and services to the Realtors.

OzTeachers 73 members

A group for educators in Australia, using Twitter and Web2.0 to enhance their classroom

online_ed_info 44 members

information, observations, data, research and banter surrounding Online Education/eLearning


PAEducators 13 members

Where all PA Teachers can connect, share, learn and model the positive effects of PLN's.

PICT 41 members

Rendezvous for people belonging to the "Pune Institute of Computer Technology" college, Pune.

PRHigherEd 82 members

Higher Ed PR educators, practitioners, and students.

PrincipalsOnTwitter 35 members

K-12 Principals & AP's who use Twitter to share information, insights, ideas, & inspiration with other administrators in order to serve and support students and teachers more effectively.

PublicArchaeology 20 members

This twibe is for archaeologists who practice and treasure public and community engagement.

pagetwibe 11 members

physicshelp 17 members

Physics Help Me! Stuck on Physics? Interested to know the answers to burning Physics questions? Chat here & become the next Einstein! (Maybe!!)

podcastingevo2011 23 members

This twibe was created to collect the tweets of moderators and participants of the Electronic Village Online 2011 session "Podcasting for the EFL/ESL Classroom."

publicengagement 14 members

For anybody interested in "public engagement"


RDE09 10 members

A collaboration between students of French and English on both sides of the Atlantic.

reframe 25 members

Education for the modern event filmmaker



This is a group of #SAchat folks who will meetup at ACPA in Boston, on Monday, March 22, 2010 at 9pm at Kings Back Bay! @kingsbackbay


WHERE: NYC (127 w 43rd) DATE: Tuesday, March 2nd 2010 TIME: 9pm ORGANIZER: @tomkrieglstein HASHTAG: #acui2010

SDSU 20 members

All things San Diego State University.

SL_Educators 19 members

this group is for those interested in leveraging immersive technology in education

Schools 18 members

If you're a K-12 school that Tweets, add yourself to this list. Then use this page to find and follow other schools on Twitter!

ShiftingParadigmInEducation 54 members

Members of this Twibe are committed to creating an education system based on beliefs, practices, tools, processes, and so on that support all children learning a levels significantly above their aptitudes.

sachat 253 members

Collaborative Student Affairs Community

sakai 70 members

Twibe for those interested in Sakai Open Source CMS/CLE

sateachers 51 members

A group for South African teachers using twitter 4 teaching and learning

science_ed 36 members

scotedutweets 104 members

Group for those engaged with Scottish Education Schools, Colleges , Higher Education, Community and related organisations

singularityu 38 members

Singularity University aims to assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies and apply, focus and guide these tools to address humanity’s grand challenges.

smartboards 399 members

Sharing information and content for teachers who use SMART Boards in the classroom. "Sharing is Caring!"

socialscience 48 members

Tweeting about social science research, methods and teaching!

soctech 33 members

The sociology of technology. Social aspects of new media. How are new media/technologies shifting sociality and social life? What's happening @ the intersection of people & technology? Include #soctech in your tweets!

specialedteachers 18 members

Where Special Education Teachers Share Ideas!

student_digital_arch 31 members

This Twibe was setup to connect Digital Architecture Students and keep them informed with links to digital design tutorials.



We are the TeenCultweeple studying at Cultura Inglesa. Here is our space to talk in English. Welcome :-)

TESOL 15 members

TEFL teaching, ESL, EFL, encouragement. Lesson Plans, Discussions, Theory

TRECA 10 members

TeachersOnTwitter 317 members

K-12 school teachers who use Twitter to share information, insights, ideas, & inspiration with other educators in order to serve and support students and teachers more effectively.

TechDirector 21 members

Technology directors, instructional technologists, tech integration specialists, tech professional development, etc.

TexasTech 62 members

Texas Tech is a major research institution that feels like a cozy liberal arts college -- our 28,000 students pursue 150 degree programs through 11 colleges and still interact one-on-one with faculty.

TheGiftsofAutism 20 members

We are paradigm shifters in Autism. (Awetism!) We see the gifts in Autism and inspire and empower others.

TisforTraining 22 members

To bring together other training professionals who work in or with libraries together to share stories, information.

Tweechers 62 members

Welcome to Tweechers & Tweecher sympathisers! Come gather ye educators, all in one place, don't tweet at work though, cos it's a disgrace!

teachingallkids 13 members

Teaching all kids in today's diverse classrooms including those who struggle and those who need challenges beyond grade level.

thecafe_edfd472 105 members

Final year secondary education students at ACU

troytwibe 11 members

Troy Elementary School faculty committed to teaching and nurturing 3 to 7 year old students.


UCONN 11 members

University of Connecticut Alumni Networking Group. Current UCONN students also welcome.

UDL 21 members

From the CAST website: "Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing curricula that enable all individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning. UDL provides rich supports for learning and reduces barriers to the curriculum while maintaining high achievement standards for all."

UKOER 25 members

For those working on the JISC/Academy OER projects

UTDallas-ATEC-EMAC 31 members

Professors and students (current & former)in the Arts & Technology or Emerging Media & Communications programs at UTDallas

ucevistas 15 members

Si "haces vida" en la UCV regístrate en este Twibe para compartir información.

unschooling 127 members

Unschooling isn't just a method of instruction, it's a completely different way of looking at learning - and life.

usmle 28 members

How to get 99 on USMLE? Hmmm, good question. Isn't better if you ask, "How to be a good doctor?". 99 is an excellent score, but not everything. Study and be happy. Medicine has to be fun, not only 32 hrs shifts and gray hair.


WIHsng 10 members

This is a place for people to gather and talk about the unique issues facing women in the University housing setting.

WMS 21 members

We are a 6th - 8th grade middle school in Montgomery County, North Carolina. We have a passion for teaching middle school students. We are excited about getting our new technology to prepare our students for life in the 21st century.

Westerdals 40 members

The Westerdals Twibe is for everyone that is interested in what’s happening within the Westerdals sphere.

WorldLanguages 142 members

Teacher of World Languages, unite to share ideas and resources!

writingproject 60 members

We are teachers, writers, and friends of the NWP who care about writing, the teaching of writing, and using writing as a learning tool now and into our global, multimodal futures.

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