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18882928438 50 members

Looking for sexy hot, wet, pleasure? Call 1-888-292-8438 for satisfying phone sex from the comfort of your home. Discreet 24/7 phone sex.


ARG 199 members

This twibe is for anyone and everyone who's interested in, builds or plays Alternate Reality Games.

ATLNightlife 14 members

Discuss, Review, Comment on the MANY TOPICS of ATL Nightlife

Aa_members 14 members

Here in the "Aa_members" we are "Aa" approved, so fly! If you aren't fly please do not apply!

Adult-Swim 15 members

A community for fans of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim comedy lineup.chek out our fan merch! http://bit.ly/sW4z0

AdultChat 44 members

A place for Phone Sex Operators and Adult Entertainers and lovers of porn to share their adult blogs and services. For Adults only.

Adult_Entertainment 90 members

Networking and follow community for all adult entertainment businesses & individuals. Use tag #adultbiz to post group tweets.

AmericanIdol 22 members

AnythingGoesPhoneSex 26 members

Welcome to the twibe that enjoys Adult Entertainment, Dirty talking, anything goes phone sex. Fetish Sex, Erotic fantasies,sex writers and adult blogs. Masturbation enthusiasts and people that enjoy their first ammendment rights! Adults only and must be 18+

Aunty 55 members

A Place for all ABC Friends and Family to get together and meet each other.

allthingsazeroth 14 members

The Twibe for All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast

anime 107 members

For anime fans.


BigBrotherFans 32 members

Big Brother Fans who are watching Big Brother 11 on CBS!

Bonyardontwitter 25 members

a place for the Boneyarder's

BritishComedyFans 42 members

For everyone that loves British comedy! Discuss, appreciate and love British comedy on Twitter with #BCF

backstreetlove 20 members

bbliveshow 48 members

bfheroes 177 members

blockheadradio 38 members

Blockhead Radio is all about Independence. We are an independent Internet radio station featuring music from the top rock/pop/jazz indie musicians and our talk shows are about independent artisans, family, and life.

burlesque 91 members

Celebrating the art and tease of burlesque


CCTriviaThursday 27 members

The Cullen Coven Online's Premiere Trivia Twibe Group. Also, please see our Twub: http://twubs.com/cctriviathursday

childrenparties 45 members

This group is intended for people interested in party planning and children's birthday parties in particular.

comedy 128 members

Twibe for comedians, promoters, venues and people who love good comedy.

comedywriters 19 members

The second most justifiable procrastination opportunity on earth.


ECA 23 members

The ECA is the non-profit membership organization which represents game consumers. Think "AAA," but for gamers.

ENB 44 members

There needed to be an acronym for when something is so funny LOL and ROFL just don't cut it. Ed Needs Bob, or ENB!

EVE-Online 13 members

All around EVE Online

Escorts 81 members

Self Explanatory. Sex Workers roll up...and hopefully enjoy the ride ;)

Event-Services 27 members

Services for any event including corporate, individual, organization, and institution.

escort 26 members

looking for an escort? Escorts join up and unite! This is the group where everything by escorts and for escorts is discussed. Join up guys or girls!


FemDomPhone 37 members

Dommes, Dominatrix, Mistresses, remote control domination for the slaves and submissives who crave and need the power and control of FemDom.

FinDomFetish 15 members

The financial domination diva chronicles: personal diary updates of beautiful international elite goddess around the world & the men who worship them...

Foot-Fetish 175 members

Online adult fetish of bdsm foot fetishes female supremacy feminization and financial domination

Funny 23 members

Funny stories, pictures, news, whatever

financial-domination 232 members

For the women who love to take from the boys who ache to give it up!

forcedfeminization 129 members

Forced feminization for wussy little girly boys and the femdom Princesses they adore.


GamertagRadio 21 members

Gamertag Radio (GTR) is an online radio show dedicated to the gaming & Hip Hop.

Glee 18 members

Fans who love the new Fox show Glee join up and discuss here!

GuidedMasturbation 55 members

Guided Masturbation Phone Sessions. Feminization, Domination, Sissy Training, Teasing & Denial. Adult Entertainment Only.

games 119 members

All about video games and video game culture.

goddessworship 13 members

Modern Day Goddess Worship - Submit now.


Heroes 79 members

Fans of the great TV Show Heroes!

humiliatrix 112 members

Meet the Queens of emasculating silly boys just like you!

humor 112 members

a place for jokes, comedy routines, funny ideas, & anything intended to make others laugh,


IndieGames 55 members

Dedicated to the world of Indie Games. Both development and playing them.

improv 34 members

The TWIBE for all improvisers and comedy lovers :) And of course, those who love to "Yes, and..."


JaceHallShow 19 members

Fans of video games, music, movies, and the reality show television world.


KidsMedia 12 members

A group for anyone with a love of children's media; from Television and Web, to Books and Games.

KinkCult 52 members

18+ only. Share kinkspiration, ideas, filth, sexy goodness here.

katiemacalister 81 members

A group for readers of Katie MacAlister's books.


LOST_WFTB 19 members

A group of people watching LOST from the beginning during the haitus. Hate us? We're wordy.

LOTRO 107 members

Welcome to the LOTRO-Twibe. Like the name suggest all members play and enjoy LOTRO...feel free to join in ;-)

Lifeunexpected 15 members

Fans of the show Life Unexpected and the amazing cast/crew/creator.

LoyalMinionsoftheDarkLordScreamanova 33 members

Loyal Minions of our Dark Lord

latexgirls 30 members

For fans of latex, pvc, rubber and vinyl.

loveromancenovels 342 members

Romance fiction writers, editors, publishers and fans connect and share info and mutual love of romance novels.


MILFPhonesex 15 members

A place for older ladies to promote there sexuality.

Mixology 60 members

This twibe is for those interested in mixology and cocktail culture.

MoneySlaves4Mistresses 34 members

Where Money slaves can find that special Mistress & to find the Mistress they used to know from old yahoo chat room name moneyslaves4mistresses.

m-mromance 152 members

What we have in common here is a love of reading, watching, drawing, or writing about two men (or more) in love. Hot sex scenes are always welcome:)

masturbation 140 members

I'm a naughty Asian female who loves to get off.. i like to play with myself while i watch porn.. Lesbian asian porn, do you like to masturbate? If you do join up and lets come together. if you wanna come on the phone call me, 1-888-292-8438

mobilecontent 20 members

This is for developers, publishers, players, and lovers of mobile content, be it games or applications, be it on iPhone, Android, N-Gage or just "normal" phones.

mugglecast 193 members

A way for MuggleCast fans to connect!

mycoolcontestsfans 26 members

For fans of the website Mycoolcontsts.com. If you join the main site tell them stormyz sent ya!


NoRealityTV 12 members

If you tire of Twitter filling up with comments on Britain's Got Talent, Apprentice and the upcoming Big Brother, if you're sick of the ongoing celebration of mediocrity and arrogance and you'd like some shelter from the insanity with others who feel the same, welcome.


PhoenixMovieBears 12 members

Phoenix Movie Bears is a social activity group for gay men and their friends in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. We get together on Wednesday nights (and occasionally on weekends) to see a movie at a local theater.

PhoneDomme 82 members

Where are of your phonesex domination fantasies become reality. Be careful what you wish for.

Phone_Encounters 34 members

Find some of the sexiest girls on Phone Encounters phone sex services. Each girl is unique and has her own specials & services. Phone today!

Pogo_Nuts 18 members

A just-for-fun group for people who love to play on pogo.com. Use the #pogofan tag for group tweets.

partyplanning 12 members

Join our twibe for party planners and party related businesses. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. If you love parties then join this group!

phonedomination 13 members

Phone Domination, Phone Sex, Phone Humiliation Sessions!

porn 91 members

Special herbal formula to boost your stamina, stay long and strong! Get 10% OFF! Shipping Worldwide! http://bit.ly/94JzSK

punlikethewind 18 members

people who like pun games on Twitter



All our members LOVE books, be they readers, reviewers, book bloggers or authors -- maybe all four! Share your #book #review #giveaway TWEETS here. (No need to add #).

RUDETVFans 10 members

For the Fans and Friends of the Outrageous RUDE TV on Rude.com!! http://www.rude.com/tv

RadioTwit 13 members

RadioTwit is Radio's HORN: Headlines, Opinions, Resources and Nostalgia. We follow Radio.

RedDwarfers 37 members

RED ALERT...! Are you sure sir, that would mean changing the bulb...

Roobarb 20 members

Roobarbs DVD forum types

radiocaroline 12 members

Supporters Of The UK's Original Free Radio Station, Radio Caroline The Sound Of The Nation. This Is Caroline Newsbeat. All The Announcements And News You Need For Fans Of Britain's First And Only All Day Music Stations.

realhousewives 4 members

We are housewives & the real deal that look forward to BravoTv's Real Housewives each week. Put the kids to bed, pour a fabulous martini, and let's enjoy a night of drama that's not our own.


SALead 10 members

Twibe for Student Affairs professionals who are engaged or interested in leadership education

SaveReaper 10 members

We love the TV Show Reaper and want to see it live on! Join us! Save Reaper!

Sexyphonechat 10 members

SexyPhoneChat is about having fun on the phone. Do you love to have phone sex? We do!! Fetish of all kinds too are a must to twibe about!!

Shapeshifterluvrs 22 members

Lovers of books, movies and TV shows that feature shapeshifters!

SissyMaidTraining 59 members

Everything Sissy!

SmartAsses 22 members

SmartAss the trivia game. A group of players. Follow us and play along M-F 9:30am e.s.t.

SomaCowHeard 13 members

The Greatest Internet Radio Talk Show Fan Group, Ever.

Spooky 38 members

Paranormal Investigators and Lovers are Welcome! Share your adventures!

SquawkRadio 151 members

For lovers of romance novels and pithy wit of Teresa Medeiros, Connie Brockway, Christina Dodd, Lisa Kleypas and Eloisa James.

Stars 2 members

Discussing stars? It will end up here.

Stern_Fans_United 16 members

A place for all fans of The Howard Stern show to twitter about everything Howard related

SuperMeet 12 members

SuperMeets provide the postproduction and broadcast community an opportunity to not only learn about the latest technology trends, but to connect with each other to discuss experiences and opportunities within the industry in a social setting that is both educational and fun.

sluts 48 members

I am a slut! I want to hang out with other nasty sluts and talk about porn, sex, and naughty slut things! Join me!

supertopic 25 members


TVproducers 14 members

TheSims3 326 members

This is the Official Twibe Group for The Sims 3.

TrueBloodPlayers 39 members

For the "True Blood" players on Twitter - and our friends.

TwittBC 157 members

Twibe para twitters de Baja California

TwitterCelts 42 members

Twitter clan for all those who love Celtic Culture!

Twitterati 15 members

The Tweet elite, whose feeds attract thousands of followers and whose 140-character spews capture the attention of the rapt who doggedly monitor them.

Twitterbury 48 members

Twitterlicious 1164 members

Welcome to my online cooking school. Class is in session every Friday 12pm EST, 9am PST. Use the tag #twtlish in your tweets or comments to participate. Keep on cookin' TF

transmedia 177 members

For finding and Tweeting with other people interested in transmedia: branding, storytelling, franchising, whatever.

trs 16 members

Fans of The Totally Rad Show

twitjokes 46 members

Aceitam-se twitjokes em bom estado. Descontos para grupos.


WHEDON 28 members

WebSeries 91 members

For the creators, participators and lovers of Web TV, webisodes, web series, whatever you want to title the new media movement.

WebTelevision 90 members

A twibe for web television creators and their audience. Do you make a web series? Tell us about it!

WineWithTV 82 members

We are lovers of wine. We watch TV. Why not pair wine with our favorite television shows?

walletrape 28 members

Financial slavery for discerning money slaves

wwe 15 members

Twibe for World Wrestling Entertainment aka WWE.


XboxLive 15 members

A twibe dedicated to Xbox Live where gamers can share Gamertags etc


YardGnomes 13 members

A Twibe for Yard Gnomes and Yard Gnome supporters.


dGeekSquirrels 10 members

A Twibe for dGeek members and other's with like interests! dGeek.com is the actor David Hewlett's website where we congregate in the forums.

dominatrix 169 members

Power that brings you to your knees

dormlife 38 members


olympiccovenrpg 62 members

Members, followers, and fans of the fabulous Olympic Coven RPG

omedicamp 13 members

No final de semana de finados (entre 31 de outubro e 02 de novembro de 2009) eu promoverei o primeiro OMEdICamp, um encontro entre os fãs e espectadores do OMEdI e do OMEdICast. Prepare-se, vai ser o encontro de nerds mais divertido de todos os tempos, em breve eu passo as coordenadas para os interessados. Deixe sua opinião ou tire qualquer dúvida: email para email@omedi.net.


videogame 14 members

A twibe related to all things videogame.

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