Film Twitter Groups


AdobeAfterEffects 30 members

A twibe dedicated to fans and users of Adobe After Effects to share knowledge and showcase work

AllAboutFilm 10 members

Our Twibe is a film lover's watering hole. Come here to get suggestions, leave suggestions, new release criticism, and more.


cameraman 95 members

A Twitter Zone for:- 1. People involved in Film and Video production in particular - cameramen and camerawomen, directors of photography and lighting cameramen. 2. Professionals who care about television and film camerawork and operate video and film cameras across all genre of production. Key objectives are to network, POST LINKS to work and discuss job opportunities or projects. To grow TOP 100 CAMERAMEN SHOWREELS ONLINE to create a location to showcase the work of those members who have perfected their skill.

cannesfilmfestival 19 members

Cannes Film Festival, each May in Cannes! A place for those in the know, who go!

cinemasound 16 members

A gathering of sound enthusiasts and professionals who work in the Film and Television biz.

cultfilms 15 members

Makers and lovers of cult films - the obscure, offbeat and deeply fascinating.


Documentaries 16 members

A place to come running to after you've seen a documentary that made you feel more connected to humanity. A group that strives to promote the power of documentary film making.

documentary 110 members

All things documentary. A place for factual filmmakers to share production experiences, funding opportunities and screening information.


Film 222 members

A twibe open to anyone with a love of films

Filmmakers 473 members

Join if you love Film/TV/Video Production. #Filmmakers #Film #Video #filmmaker #TV

FinalCutEditors 124 members

For the users of Final Cut Studio to gather and share information


HOUSTONFILM 10 members

Houston based film group created for local actors, filmmakers & industry media to network & promote themselves.

hammer 11 members

Bringing together fans of the films from the famous house of horror, Hammer.

horrorfans 238 members

A place for horror fans on Twitter to get together and meet other sickos. Ghosts, gore and grindhouse, oh yeah!



camera crew, video production, tv production techniques, cameras


Rebel_Filmmaking 338 members

Filmmakers who put high production value on the screen by any means necessary. $1M films on $1k budgets.


SoundDesigners 154 members

Sound Designers, Audio Post, Music, Experimental Audio, Sound Editors, Foley Artists...

screenwriter 35 members

a forum for screenwriters and tv writers to have a good old moan and gripe about the good and bad bits of our trade.

scriptchat 66 members

new & seasoned screenwriters chat & learn w no ego... BYOB @zacsanford @jeannevb @DreamsGrafter @yeah_write @KageyNYC @scriptchat

starwars 64 members

For those that love Star Wars.


Tombstone 11 members

An Interest in the wild West and the historical Characters in the late 1800's Old West! We are all friends here, except Justice! He is a name caller!!


VideoWorld 17 members

A twibe for all things video. From shooting, lighting, editing and everything in between!

VirtInsiders 12 members

The Art of Playing Card Flourishes

videovillage 19 members

If you are interested in TV production, Video production. If your a Director, Editor, cinematographer. This is your home. Welcome

videoweb 15 members

Videobloggers, webTVs y creadores de vĂ­deo en la web.


WebFilmmakers 31 members

The Business of Web Film & Video. Getting Paid to make Web Cinema, Web Video, Web Films..$$$$


independent_film 52 members

For people producing, directing, marketing and finding distribution for their independent film.


michiganfilm 53 members

A Twibe for people involved or interested in the growing Michigan Film Industry.

motion-graphics 31 members

All motion graphics related tweets


nuke 11 members

Fun times with Nuke Compositing...boooya

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