Geographic Area Twitter Groups


ADIRONDACKS 37 members

Members of this tribe share a love of the entire Adirondack Park of upstate New York, including its past, present and future. We hope to present and represent its diversity, its people, its floura and fauna, and its unique lifestyle. Despite our individual differences - the natural beauty of this place unites us all. Questions can be asked - information shared, with respect for that beauty and the for and between members of this "twibe"...

AVLtweeters 55 members

Asheville tweeps unite! Also see: #avltweetup

Aachen 19 members

Diese Gruppe ist für alle aus dem Raum Aachen.

Adelaide 152 members

For matters about Adelaide, capital city of South Australia. Fun, events, news about us!

Afritweets 68 members

a virtual african village where african news, tweets,opinions and folklore coalesce

Alaska 20 members

Algarve 70 members

Lifestyle, Leisure and Lusophilia in Southern Portugal's Algarve

Atlanta 113 members

Aussies 29 members

For all Aussie, Expat Aussie and people who love Australia

Austin 72 members

Join and chat with other fellow Austinites and Keep Austin Weird!

Australia 135 members

A Twibe for people who live in Australia - Invite everyone in Australia to join!

Azerbaijan 14 members

Twitterdə olan bütün Azərbaycan vətəndaşlarının ümumi siyahısı.

arouca 11 members


Barrie_ON 29 members

Meet tweeps from Barrie and surrounding area. Build your network, share ideas for organizing community projects, or just hang out for fun and friendship. *INDIVIDUALS ONLY, PLS* (not companies, or organizations).

Belleville 27 members

Twibe for anyone from the Belleville area. Everyone from the Quinte area, past and present welcome!

Berlin 62 members

Eine Gruppe für alle Berliner und die, die es gerne wären.

Birmingham 8 members

BirminghamAL 109 members

Living in the Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama.

Boise 13 members

For Boise, ID and surrounding areas

Bonn 19 members

Dieses twibes ist gedacht damit wir twitternden Bonner uns verbinden können!

Boulder 18 members

Twibe for the Boulder, CO area.

BowlingGreenKentucky 19 members

Do you live in or near Bowling Green, Kentucky? This is the Twibe for you!

Brighton 57 members

Brisbane 261 members

A Twibe for Brisbanians far & wide.

Brooklyn 12 members

We ♥ Brooklyn.

BucksCounty 17 members

Any and all things related to Bucks County Pennsylvania.

bamberg 12 members

All people in Bamberg that like to tweet all day. Lets make this fun and useful!

barcelona 15 members

People living, enjoying or just in Barcelona. Gent vivint, gaudint o de pas a Barcelona. Gente que vive, disfruta o tan solo está de paso en Barcelona.

bellingham 27 members

All the subdued excitement you can handle.

binghamton 10 members

Twitter members in Greater Binghamton, NY.

bristolian 23 members

Bristolians are people from or living in Bristol, England.

brno 25 members

Brno je zlatá loď :) Don`t forget to tag your tweets about Brno!

buenosaires 13 members

Buenos Aires Life Twibe - discussions and news about happenings in Buenos Aires, Argentina


CVBS 61 members

Don't cry because your trip is over, SMILE because it happened! The CVB Twibe has spoken.

Cairns 16 members

Cairns Locals and Businesses

California 15 members

California Love!

Canadians 28 members

Caling all Canadian out there!

CapeTown 129 members

Capetonians or Cape Town Fans active in Social Networks

Capitol-Hill-DC 17 members

Residents, business owners, and visitors who want to connect with one another and want to keep up with Capitol Hill (Washington, DC) events and happenings

Charlotte 16 members

All about Charlotte, NC

Charlottesville 144 members

Chennai 13 members

The land of dosai, idli, Super Kings, Rajni, Vijaykanth, MGR, Rahman, Kollywood, Marina, 'da', Amma, Karunanidhi...

Chicago 234 members

For all people in Chicago.

Chile 213 members

Somos Chilenos.

Cleveland 55 members

Live in Cleveland? Live near Cleveland? Join us! Once Twibes updates the features here, this should prove more useful.

Cologne 47 members

Twitter users from Cologne/Köln, Germany

Concepcion 12 members

Gente de Concepión, ¡unios!

Cork 63 members

A twibe for the people of Cork.

Creative-Frederick 15 members

For discussion of collaborative workspaces, projects, and other creative endeavors in Frederick, MD.

CreativeCumbria 19 members

A Twibe for Cumbrian based creative individuals and businesses to link and communicate

Croydon 15 members

cincinnati 39 members

Cincinnati related news and events

cocony 10 members

Tweets about Columbia County, NY.

colchester 19 members

For all things Colchester, Essex, UK. Live, Work or Play...

colorado 52 members

Twitterers in Colorado.

compostela 53 members

Eres usuario de Twitter y vives en Santiago de Compostela o alrededores? Hazte miembro del compostela Twibe

cordoba 20 members

Twitteros de Córdoba (spain)

cornwall 122 members

A Twibe for Cornwall:)


DARFUR 173 members

Life and Liberty Sharyn

Dallas 109 members

DavisSquaria 17 members

This is for all lovers of and livers in the Davis Square Area (or Davis Squaria).

Decatur 95 members

Residents of and visitors to Decatur, GA 30030

Delaware 275 members

DentonTX 28 members

For residents of Denton, TX to keep connected, share news, and form new friendships.

Derry 4 members

A group of People from City, County, L, Derry

Dubai 28 members

Dedicated to all things DUBAI. Announcements Events, & News - especially

Duisburg 12 members

Duisburg - meine Stadt...

denver 28 members

No manifesto, just livin' in the Mile High City.

derbyshire 55 members

For anyone with an interest in Derbyshire, its people, places, news and events

dfw 51 members

Any and all things DFW


Ealing 22 members

A group for those Twitters who live in and around Ealing, or have a strong connection to the place.

EastMidlands 12 members

Businesses located in the East Midlands, UK. Support, networking, resources.

ElSalvador 13 members

Twitter Salvadoreans... salvadoreños en twitter

Elmira 10 members

Elmira is the principal city of the 'Elmira, New York Metropolitan Statistical Area' which encompasses Chemung County, New York

edinburgh 54 members

Twibe created for those in and around Edinburgh, Scotland.

eindhoven 11 members

Eindhoven de gekste, Eindhoven Design Capital of Europe, Eindhoven is the home of creative, communicative and easygoing people!

england 6 members

exeter 5 members


FairfaxVA 12 members

The Twibe for Fairfax Virginia.

Fife 14 members

Local twitters and businesses in Fife and surrounding areas. Feel free to join!

Flagstaff 71 members

Twibe for folks living in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

Florida-FL 42 members

Florida is a beautiful state with so much to be a part of. Get information about anything involving the state of Florida here. Glad to have you! Please invite your friends.

Folkestone 15 members

If you love living or working in Folkestone, join this Twibe!

FortWorth 17 members

"But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you ... (Jeremiah 29:7) For those who love Fort Worth and seek the good of the city.

Frankfurt 13 members

In and outside fans of Frankfurt - residents/non-residents

Fredericton 13 members

Anyone living in, or from the Fredericton area.

florencesc 35 members

People on twitter in Florence, SC

frederick 83 members

For those who love to live, work, and play in Frederick, MD.


GeelongTweeters 27 members

For all Geelong Twitterers!!! Welcome!

Germany 44 members

A group for all German Twibe users

Glasgow 31 members

Gower 13 members

A Twibe where members can share and discover the latest news, tips, advice and updates about the Gower peninsula, Wales: from surfing news to climbing and photo hotspots, and more ! Join now - it's the best, fastest and easiest way to connect with other Gower fans !

Granada 19 members

Gente de Granada. Un lugar donde quedar, compartir e informarse de la actualidad de la ciudad.

GrandRapids 81 members

For people passionate about Grand Rapids, Michigan USA.

Guatemala 44 members

Gwinnett 17 members

All things Tweeted about Metro Atlanta's greatest county. Success lives here.

galiza 10 members

...porque aos galegos sóbranos texto en 140 caracteres...

googleavl 21 members

Supporters of the #googleavl movement

greensboro 38 members

Looking for a place to catch up with all Greensboro Tweeps? You've found it. Just tweet the link and you are in. Thanks for joining and we look forward to connecting with you.

greenville 97 members

We all live in Greenville, SC!


HBG 35 members

Find other tweeps and share anything and everything related to the greater Harrisburg Pennsylvania area.

Harrogate 32 members

The Harrogate Twibe is open to anyone who lives, works, visits or is interested in the spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Houston 61 members

For everyone who Twitters from the Houston, TX area

hawaii 63 members


India 18 members

India a Spiritual Hub & a Vibrating economy in a democratic frame...

Indonesia 45 members

For All Indonesian Twitter Users

Italy 101 members

Italy... do I need to say more?

indiana 25 members

Residents, former residents, and future residents of Indiana

isleofwight 56 members

All thing Wight and Beautiful! C'mon in Nipper


Jackson 27 members

a Twibe for Jackson-metro-area residents. If you live in Jackson, Byram, Clinton, Brandon, Pearl, Madison, Ridgeland, etc. this means you

Japan 361 members

For those who have an interest in Japan, for those who live there, want to live there or just want to visit!


KansasCity 26 members

For anyone looking for others in and around Kansas City (KS or MO). Welcome!

Karlsruhe 19 members

Karlsruhe twittert.

Kent-UK 69 members

Everything to do with living and working and playing and business in Kent, UK

Kenya 20 members

Knoxville 68 members

One of the best places to live and work with an orb on the skyline.

kawaii 37 members

A twibe for everyone who loves kawaii!

kentucky 110 members

the Bluegrass State

kista 10 members

Twitterers in the multitechnological and multilingual Kista in Stockholm, Sweden.


LakeOfTheOzarksMO 11 members

Mid-America's Premier Vacation Destination.

Lakeland 38 members

For Twitter users in the Lakeland, Florida metro area.

Lancaster 14 members

A place to meet for people who work,live or play in the Lancaster area.

Lietuva 92 members

Čia - Lietuva, čia lietuviai lietuviškai "čirpsi" apie Lietuvą.

Lille 89 members

Twitteux et twitteuses lillois(es)

Lincoln 18 members

Tweeting news and events right now Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lithuania 16 members

Liverpool 134 members

A Twibe for all Liverpool based tweeters. Bringing together all Liverpool's Twitter Peeps in one happy friendly place.

LongBeachCA 12 members

This twibe is for members living in the areas of: Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Lakewood, North OC, or anyone who wants to head south from LA. We meet regularly for tweetups and just like to have a good time.

LongIsland 70 members

Calling all Long Island tweeps....Join the twibe!

LosAngeles 75 members

It looked like there was no "twibe" for people from the L.A. region, so I remedied that.

Louisiana 12 members

Louisiana history, family, genealogy, folklore, traditions, events and yes, ...even gossip!

Lyon 55 members

Pour les lyonnais de Lyon, les étrangers à Lyon et ... les lyonnais de l'étranger !!

lawrence 60 members

leeds 12 members


Macon 15 members

If you live, work, or play in Macon, GA or claim Macon as your hometown, then you are welcome to join this twibe!

Madagascar 51 members

Tsy mialonjafy fa tongasoa daholo isika rehetra. A group for all people who cares about Madagascar ... the real one, not the movie. Sans distinction aucune, un groupe pour tous ceux qui portent Madagascar dans leur leur cœur.

Malaga 30 members

This Twibe is for Twitters who twit from Málaga, in the south coast of Spain.

Malmo 10 members

All people twittering from Malmö, Sweden. Nice to know you.

Manchester 179 members

Group for all people who work, rest and play in the pic conurbation that is Greater Manchester.

Mannheim 14 members

Maui 23 members

Anything Maui! From events and activities to sharing your Maui vacation pics. Ask travel questions. Meet up with fellow locals. You know the drill ☼ Maui is "no ka oi"

Melbourne 386 members

All stuff Melbourne; eating, drinking, playing... especially eating

Metropolregion-NUE 27 members

Gruppe für Twitterer aus der Metropolregion Nürnberg.

Mexico 21 members

Mexican Twitters here!

Miami 12 members

For people who live and work in Miami and Miami-Dade County.

MiddleGeorgia 17 members

If you live, work, or play in Middle Georgia, then you are welcome to join this twibe!

Milwaukee 371 members

For denizens (current, past, future or imaginary) of the Greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area. Milwaukee: the biggest small town you'll ever find.

Minnesota 31 members

For tweeple from Minnesota (living there or not) and those who love MN (living there or not)

Mississauga 89 members

For all the tweebs out there from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Moncton 70 members

Monterrey 53 members

For all the people who live or care about Monterrey, Mexico

malaysia 20 members

Malaysia Boleh.

malta 15 members

For anyone Maltese or who just loves our sunny rock.

milton_keynes 24 members

for people and all things MK. Concrete cows welcome!

moreheadcity 15 members

Sharing information on the area and businesses.

munich 21 members

twitterers from München or twitterers who like Munich


NEPA 111 members

We love and/or live in Northeast Pennsylvania. We party together via Nepatweetups.

NT 26 members

Twitrere fra Nord-Trøndelag, foren eder!

NYC 57 members

NashvilleTN 21 members

We love Nashville, Tennessee!

Nederland 11 members

Those 'crazy' Dutch are maybe not that crazy at all..

NewJersey 89 members

Only the strong survive... We suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State.

NewMexico 78 members

We're just a bunch of enchanting people who love the Land of Enchantment (i.e. New Mexico)!

NewZealand 623 members

For lovers of all things New Zealand

Newcastle_Upon_Tyne 34 members

Live in the North East of England, love the North East, proud of the North East? Please join us and be counted! Thanks!

NorthCarolinaTwitters 30 members

Connecting Twitterfolk from the great state of NC!

NorthEastEngland 42 members

If you live in the North East of England: Tyneside, Wearside, Northumberland, County Durham and Tees Valley, do join us, thanks!

NorthEastLincsPosse 11 members

A group for all Tweeple living or working in North East Lincolnshire.

Northampton 14 members

Northampton, England

NorthernVirginia 15 members

For people who live in Northern Virginia.

NorthwestARkansas 11 members

A group for people in Northwest Arkansas to connect!

nashville 36 members

This is the Nashville Twibe. Please keep it real.

northdevon 17 members

An area of outstanding natural beauty - please tweet with northdevon or NDevon tags for your tweets to show here.

northernireland 90 members

Tweeps from Northern Ireland

northumberland 21 members

Twitter members in Northumberland County, Ontario

nottingham 27 members

A Twibe for proud residents or ex-patriots of the wonderful city of Nottingham in England.


OKlahomaCity 73 members

This is a group for Oklahoma City area people, but all Oklahomans are welcome.

Oklahoma 212 members

A Twibe for Oklahomans. (Keyword tags: ok, blogok, oklahoma)

Olympia 45 members

Olympia, WA. The beautiful pearl in the Pacific Northwest or the gritty, torn apart political battleground - either way, our home!

Ontario 15 members

Residents & Businesses location in beautiful Ontario Canada

Oregon 25 members

Everything Oregon!

Orkney 10 members

For all people living in Orkney or wanting to be connected.

OuterHebrides 18 members

A twibe for the love of the Outer Hebrides : )

okanagan 11 members

For Twitter users in and around the Okanagan Valley, BC.

orne 16 members

vous êtes dans l'Orne, vous twittez, inscrivez-vous


PEtweeple 19 members

Hopefully a useful resorce for the tweeple of PE

PacificNorthwest 14 members

This is a Twibe for the people of the Pac NW to discuss things related to the Pac NW, socialize and network! BC is also included in this Twibe, we're only allowed 3 tags though, sorry.

Paris 45 members

Paris, France

Pawleys_Island 26 members

Networking group for people living at or interested in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

Pembs 18 members

a Local Twibe for Local People

Perthshire 11 members

For people who live in, visit or are interested in Perthshire, the Big Tree Country of Scotland.

Phoenix 83 members

A twibe for everyone living in the beautiful Valley of the Sun. ☼

Pittsburgh 48 members

The twibe for people from Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania 'n 'at.

Portland 109 members

A group for us Portlanders!

Portugal 22 members

Are you Portuguese? Are you a Portuguese living in another country? Are you a foreigner living in Portugal? Feel free to join!

Prague 106 members

Tweeters living or working in Prague.

pakistan 57 members

This twitter twibe is based on discussions related to Pakistan

palmsprings 11 members

A place for all who live in Palm Springs to make new friends and share positive thoughts! Life's short, we live in a beautiful place! Let's all make friends & celebrate together!

philly 38 members

yo, philly! for those who love it, live in it, badmouth it, visit it. (use "philly" to tag your tweet)

pune 86 members

Of Pune, for punekars, by punekars (or puneris or puneites)


Raleigh 209 members

Join and connect with local Triangle tweeters.

RichmondVa 11 members

Rome 27 members

Rome, Italy-- archaeology, travel, culture, cooking, life, art.

russianet 39 members

Группа рунета - для всех русскоязычных пользователей Twitter и Twibes. Россия, Украина, Беларусь и не только. Постинг на русском. Чем полезна группа? 1. Все твиты участников группы, в которых есть ключевики группы (рунет, ru, Russia - даже без #) автоматически появляются и здесь. 2. Здесь можно твиттить и общаться как в чате или комьюнити. 3. Отсюда можно твиттить в свой Твиттер. Russian-twiting group - for ru internet zone users and not only. Welcome. Хэштэг для твитов, относящихся к группе: #rutwibe

rutlandUK 12 members

Anything Rutland related goes... Please join in !

rva 109 members

The Twitter group for RVA! Maintained by @TrevorDickerson. Send me a message to suggest new #hashtags to include to show up on this page! Also, if you live in the West End, please consider joining the group for @ShortPump,


SLResidents 36 members

For Residents in Second Life to network and share via Twitter

Scotland 32 members

Seattle 105 members

SeattleWashington 39 members

Seattle Washington, the Emerald City

ShopCanadianArtisans 12 members

Connecting Canadian artisans with the Canadian shoppers who love to buy handmade.

Singapore 33 members

For the Singaporeans around the world, people living in Singapore, and people who love Singapore!

Somerset 19 members

If you live in, and/or have a love for, the county of Somerset in the UK, that makes you part of the Somerset Twibe! Please use the hashtag #Somerset in your tweets to ensure they appear in the twibe tweet timeline below. :)

South_London 15 members

Tweeps providing updates about events and goings on South of the River Thames

SouthernDownsQld 15 members

For business Tweeps and others in the Southern Downs area of Qld incl Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Boonah, out to Ipswich 4 networking.

SouthwestFlorida 49 members

Welcome to the FloridaTweetup Twibe! Florida's Talking at @floridatweetup

St-Louis 14 members

All things St. Louis.

Starkville 26 members

Citizens of, students in, and fans of Starkville, MS

Staunton 38 members

Strasbourg 22 members

For Tweeters in Strasbourg and vicinity. English or/ou Français.

SuffolkUK 10 members

Welcoming all Suffolk Twits

Suwanee 13 members

This Twibe is designed to Connect people who live, play, work and love Suwanee, GA.

Sweden 10 members

sandiego 125 members

San Diego Tweeps!

sanfrancisco 29 members

San Francisco Twits

saopaulo 14 members

Everything Sao Paulo! Art, Culture, Music, Dance, Nightlife, and more!

shropshire 187 members

Love The Shire... Live in The Shire... Lived in The Shire... but most of all... We all love Shropshire

slovakia 10 members

Tweeting about Slovakia? don`t forget to tag your tweets and join!

stlouis 18 members

We're 314 and 631xx. We're Cardinals, Blues, and Rams. We're Schlafly and A-B. We are St F*ing Louis! Hey, Windy City: Blow Us!

stokenstaffs 23 members

Twibe for residents, visitors and fans of Stoke-on-Trent & North Staffordshire in England. Home of the Mythical City & the Potteries, full of exciting things to see and do. Not the official tourist centre but we'll still try to make you welcome :)


Taiwan 31 members

Taiwan Twibes is for folks living, working or travelling in Taiwan. If you have something to say about Taiwan, say it out loud here.

Tampa_Bay_Area 30 members

For all people from the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Get together and meet new people!

Tampico 146 members

Usuarios de Twitter de la Zona Conurbada del Sur de Tamaulipas, México. Si deseas que tus posts se publiquen de inmediato y/o sin necesidad de tags, escríbelos aquí directamente.

Tarragona 21 members

Todo lo relacionado con Tarragona

Tel-Aviv 30 members

קבוצה לטוויטרים התל-אביבים שחיים בעיר הזאת. Twitters of Tel-Aviv unite!

Telford 19 members

Tenerife 13 members

Interest group for everything and anything about visiting or living in Tenerife!

Tokyo 23 members

Anything related to Tokyo. Wish I could add more tags (Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Ueno, Harajuku)

Toronto-Canada 22 members

We live, play and work in the great city of Toronto.

Twitter-Morocco 21 members

A twibe about Morocco. Anyone who has ever visited, dreamed of going or is there now feel free to join & follow.

tunbridgewells 17 members

Bring together Twitters who live in and around Royal Tunbridge Wells


UK-Knitters 21 members

ZOMG! A Twibe for Knitters!

uruguay 25 members

Grupo de Twitteros uruguayos :)


VancouverIsland 13 members

Living and loving Vancouver Island.

Virginia 13 members

From the mountains to the sea, Virginia has something for every passion - Virginia is for lovers


WakeForest 11 members

We love Wake Forest, the town, and so do you. Tweet here for hyper-local news!

WarnerRobins 20 members

If you live in Warner Robins, GA or call Warner Robins your hometown, then you are welcome to join the Warner Robins Twibe!

WashingtonDC 58 members

People who live and work in Washington, DC, or have an interest in our nation's capital.

Welsh 159 members

Are you Welsh, in Wales, or run a business in Wales ?? This is a new Welsh community where members can share all interesting things Welsh or in Wales - local news, business, events, stories, memories, people, places, expats, pictures, & cwtches! Join us today, and re-tweet to anyone else you know is Welsh ! Diolch yn fawr !

WenatcheeWashington 12 members

Wenatchee, Washington is the Apple Capital of The WORLD!

WesternAustralia 14 members

A Twibe for people who live in Western Australia - Invite everyone living in WA to join. :)

Windsor-Ontario 92 members

Twitters who live in or near Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Wisconsin 14 members

When you say, Wisconsin, yes, you've said it all.

WoodinvilleWashington 10 members

Woodinville is set in the lush Sammamish Valley northeast of Seattle, Washington.

westontweetmeet 10 members

We all tweet from the same location, a lovely seaside town with grreat bars and parks as well as the long beach.

winchester 21 members


Yoopers 42 members

Grab da pasties and come to deer camp, eh! We welcome anyone with a connection to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Yoopers and Trolls alike.

Ypsilanti 13 members

Twitter Ypsi = Twypsi?

york 11 members

This is a twibe for York, UK.


quebec 118 members

Twibe des utilisateurs de Twitter dans la région de Québec.

Twibes is not affilliated with Twitter