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100milediet 16 members

Wife, mother, entrepreneur, locavore, whole food nutrition advocate, marathoner who thrives on challenges and adventure, pursuing a more sustainable life.


ADHD 85 members

This group is for those who are interested in ADHD. Have it? Know someone who has it? Want to learn more about it? Join!

Addiction 15 members

Comments & Tweets on Alcohol, Drug, Eating Disorders, Gambling and Love Addiction, Rehab Clinic Addiction Treatment

AutoimmuneDiseaseSupport 53 members

Support for people with autoimmune disorders and for those who love them.

autism-asperger 326 members

If you're interested in autism or Asperger Syndrome, this is the place for you! You might have a diagnosis, you might know someone who has one, or you are just interested for whatever reason.



A Twibe for Tweeple kicking Breast Cancer's ass... and taking no prisoners.

BariatricBadGirlsClub 88 members

Do you have what it takes to be a Bariatric Bad Girl? It's not about breaking rules. It's not eating badly. In fact, most of the BBGC girls (and boys!) are rule-followers, go figure. We simply want long-term weight loss surgery success and happiness, for everyone, regardless of starting point, or RE-starting point. We are all equal, we are all human, we all make mistakes, and nobody is perfect.

Beachbody 16 members

I'm playing The Million Dollar Body Game® You can play for FREE by clicking the link from above.

BingeEatingRecovery 15 members

Professionals and those in recovery from binge eating disorder gather to share wisdom and hope!

Bipolar_Support 13 members

...sharing information, love and care...

Breastfeeding 91 members

Let’s make the world a place where breastfeeding works better for mothers and babies!

babyboomers 25 members

We all need to stay healthy and feeling young, especially the "boomers" Our group is here to promote just that!

bcm 13 members

Twibe to discuss the annual Breast Cancer Marathon - questions, comments, ideas, etc.

bicyclists 19 members

Bicycling as a life choice, and experiencing life at a human powered pace. The wonders of Alternative Transportation, discuss it.

bikramyoga 16 members

Bikram's family twibe! Twibe will collect all tweets using the three keywords: bikramyoga, bktt, and bikram.

bipolar 168 members

For people who have or know someone with bipolar disorder, to provide support, and discuss treatments and coping tools.

bodyweightexercise 22 members

This Twibe is dedicated to the exploration and spread of innovative bodyweight exercise as practiced in the Circular Strength Training system.


CRPS-RSD 31 members

This CRPS/RSD group is for those who are afflicted & suffering with chronic pain from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Please feel free to share how you are feeling, so you can release your pain and let go of it! We are here to listen & support each other because we know exactly what it's like and how it feels. Share what CRPS/RSD, treatments that have worked for you. Let's continue to have hope, be positve and encouraging to one another! Keep raising awareness about CRPS/RSD wherever & whenever we can.

Chiari 12 members

Support for those suffering from Chiari.

Crossfit 65 members

CyclingForTransportation 59 members

Riding bikes to work, to play, and just to get around. No spandex required.

cfrunners 11 members

Connecting runners in Central Florida.

chronic_pain 20 members

this group is for people to find common ground,and support each other. It is to help those w/chronic pain, RSD etc. we all need to be there for each other!


Dementia 22 members

Sharing thoughts and strategies for a better understanding of people with dementia.

Diabetes 114 members

A group of Diabetics sharing information from around the world - helping each other and much more

Digi-Scrapbook-Shops 1 member

Digital Scrapbook designers tweet about your new products. Shoppers - get updates to the shops!

dentists 209 members

A vigorous group of dentists and associate professionals sharing a vision of friendship and development

dietbloggers 46 members

We're helping the universe lose weight and get healthy!

doula 29 members

For women who provide emotional, physical, and educational support to women in labor and new moms


EatingDisorderHope 23 members

Eating Disorder Hope promotes ending eating disordered behavior, embracing life and pursuing recovery. Our mission is to foster appreciation of one's uniqueness and value in the world, unrelated to appearance, achievement or applause. Eating Disorder Hope, LLC offers hope, information and resources to those suffering from eating disorders, their treatment providers and loved ones by providing information, groups, articles, virtual library, books, treatment providers and events for individuals struggling with bulimia, anorexia and binge-eating disorders. The Eating Disorder Hope Twibe is a place for sharing between all whose lives have been touched by an eating disorder. It is also regularly updated with important developments, happenings, events and discussions regarding the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. more at:

eHealth 42 members

Electronic health information online for patients and their families to access. Providing mobile and personal consumer health applications.

eldercare 189 members

Professionals and caregivers online support. Ideas, questions, networking. A caring community.

endolphins 11 members

Pack of running fools chasing the gay shark buzz.

evidence-based 13 members

evidence-based health information


Fitness_Health 20 members

A group of health and fitness bloggers.

fibro 35 members

For anyone tweeting about fibromyalgia, or interested in connecting w/ others who suffer from fibro. This is where we can connect!

fitness 210 members

Useful health and fitness information for busy people on the go who still want to look fit, fine, & fabulous and be tough, tight, & toned.

fittingitin 23 members

Getting healthy together!

foodallergies 86 members

This group is a place where people who suffer from food allergies can come to find the latest and greatest food allergy tweets.


GFRunners 16 members

A group for gluten free runners or those who want to become runners. Whether you're starting a Couch to 5k or training for a marathon, come join the conversation and encourage others! Not a runner but still want to participate? Walkers are ALWAYS welcome!


HealthCampSFBay 24 members

HealthCamp organization for the San Francisco Bay Area.

HealthWealthEntertainment 16 members

Researching and networking about the latest trends health,internet enterprise,entertainment.

Health_Advocates 15 members

Targeted news, info and support for all Health Activists and Health advocates

Healthcare 56 members

For healthcare topics and discussions.

health20 23 members

Members of this twibe promote health 2.0

helpforeatingdisorders 12 members

eating disorders affect all our lives in some way. we all want to find help for eating disoders. we all want to help others who suffer


Lyme 17 members

Uniting our efforts to raise awareness about Lyme and supporting all those effected.

livestrong 27 members

Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.


MCMarathon09DC 34 members

Running the 09 Marine Corps Marathon? Training advice, habits and encouragement are welcome! 1st timer to experts-let's talk.

Menopause 14 members

Latest news, information and support for Perimenopause and Menopause.... for women and the family and friends who love them.

MentalHealthResearch 51 members

Support research on schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and childhood illnesses like autism.

Migraine 84 members

Migraine information and support for Migraineurs and those that care about them.

Multiple_Sclerosis 16 members

People living with all forms of MS, their family and friends. Any groups/organizations related to this terrible disease.

marathon 83 members

Run, Walk, Crawl...Finish! We FINISH marathons.

mentalhealth 445 members

A group of people seeking to spread awareness, information and end the stigma surrounding mental health and all it encompasses!

myspecialchild 20 members

For parents of a special needs child.


P90X 27 members

P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days.

PCOS 27 members

PCOS other wise known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - this is a group for all ladies who have this condition to share with each other their feelings and problems that are part of having PCOS

Pharmacy 31 members

Discussions and topics relevant to pharmacy (retail, mail, specialty), PBMs, and prescription drugs.

Pilates 96 members

A Pilates community where members can share and discover the latest Pilates news, ideas, tips, trends, and advice. Join us today!

Pilates4Rehab 10 members

Questions, tips, updates, discussions in the world of Pilates exercise as it is used in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation setting.

ProChoice 17 members

Every child a wanted child, and every mother willing.

perthcycling 12 members

People who love cycling in Perth Western Australia

pregnancy 58 members

everything preganacy related. come join us!


RSD_PAIN 19 members

For anyone that lives with RSD/CRPS- Your not alone... We know and understand your pain... This group is for anyone suffering with chronic pain from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy /Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. (RSD/CRPS) 1.Share your feelings, thoughts on your life with RSD/CRPS 2.How you deal with flare ups, and bad days 3.Ask questions about treatments, report on treatments you’ve tried 4.Ask about your patient rights (yes you do have rights!) 5.How do you tell family & friends about RSD/CRPS 6.Meet others with RSD/CRPS, we know and understand RSD/CRPS pain 7.Awareness!-Awareness!- Awareness! 8.Look for the joys in life Your friend, Carol Yakima WA There is Hope

RecoveryFromEatingDisorders 47 members

This twibe is for those in recovery, working towards recovery, or helping others "let go" of their eating disorder!

run 82 members

Motivating, encouraging and helping ALL runners!


Shefontaine 15 members

I am Shefontaine. You are Shefontaine. Real women all over the world are defining what it means to be a female runner. Share workouts, stories, experiences, advice. Our sport is what we make of it.

ShrinkingJeans 20 members

SocialMediaRNs 54 members

Nurses and those interested in furthering the nursing profession through social media.

SocialWorkers 26 members

For those in working as BSW's, MSW's, LCSW's or in the mental health field. Professional and social networking for psychotherapists.

Spoonies 57 members

For the Spoonies of BYDLS (But You Don't Look Sick). People with SLE, Fibro and others.

seniorhealthservices 20 members

The twibe for those serving older adults in a community setting who are advocates for seniors-allowing them to remain at home and age in place. A place to share information and real life stories.


Tennis 21 members

Tennis players, beginners to advance...enthusiasts,fans.. twit about Tennis!

Thyroid 19 members

Thyroid related news, information and support for those who are fighting Thyroid Diseases, their friends and family.

taichichuan 24 members

a twibe for tai chi chuan people!


Weight-Loss-Journey 98 members

Do you have problems with your weight loss journey? Share updates, tips, and even obstacles here & at OUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY

WiiActiveWeightLossGroup 37 members

Here is where we can mentor and motivate each other to loss weight using the Wii Active Personal Trainer!

weightlossandtraining 47 members

If you are passionate about health and fitness or weight training and bodybuilding then this is the group for you!

weightlosssurgery 1124 members

Welcome to the Weight Loss Surgery Twibe. Had/Having/Thinking Weight Loss Surgery? All surgery types, all stages, all together.


YogaAndWellness 131 members

Inspiring the yoga community towards deeper holistic health and wellness.


Zumba 69 members

Ditch the workout, join the party!


kickcancer 31 members

For everyone who is passionate about the #kickcancer campaign and wants to make a difference through social networking.


nutrition 38 members


old_farts 12 members

We are the "older" twitterers - however one self-defines older. We rock !


ultramarathon 60 members

To support those of us who enjoy running in events 50K and above.

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