Hobbies and Interests Twitter Groups


Amateur_Photography 34 members

Amateur Photography: a group dedicated to amateur photographers looking to take photography to the next level. All are welcome!

Amigurami 16 members

Amigurami toys,sites,blogs,listings,patterns,just antthing related to amigurami

AnimalCrossingCityFolk 10 members

Hopefully a group of gamers who have played Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii. Love the game! Love to talk about it and brag how great their town is!

ArtFire 304 members

Buy handmade and sell handmade. A global marketplace for arts and crafts, an artisan community.

Audi 29 members

For all things Four Rings.

aboutflowers 17 members

Aboutflowers is about flower care tips, flower design trends, flower decorating ideas, flower industry issues, health benefits and flower-buying tips.

americancraft 15 members

Welcome all American crafters, artists, and suppliers!

atenveldt 11 members

Stuff about the Kingdom of Atenveldt in the SCA.


BJDs 32 members

A group for fans of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls! :D

BallJointedDolls 33 members

This is a place to chat, place pics and pop news on all BJD's whether tiny, MSD, SD, whether Volks, Luts, Fairyland or any other company. A place to make friends and have a laugh. Enjoy ^_^

Beads 72 members

Bead crafts n creations, jewellery, fashion, blogs,chats,ideas,twits,supply shops etc.

Blythe 58 members

A Twibe for people who love all things Blythe! Please check out the Plastic Paradise forum http://plasticparadise.forumotion.com/forum.htm

Boating 35 members

The Boating Twibe is run by Mad Mariner, an online boating magazine that publishes daily. www.madmariner.com

Book 26 members

This twibe is for book lovers of all kinds. Anyone who loves to read and/or write reviews on their blogs.

BookBloggerTwibe 133 members

Bloggers who write mainly about books and the love of reading.

BookClub 30 members

We love reading, discussing, recommending, criticizing, living and breathing books - join in!

BookClubForum 26 members

Love Books? Talk Books!

BookCrossing 142 members

Books just want to be free! Bookcrossers all over the world love reading and releasing books.

BookDealers 15 members

A Twibe for book dealers and those who follow them (literally and figuratively.

BudgetQuilters 17 members

Making the expensive craft of quilting more affordable.

beekeeping 29 members

This twibe exists to educate, share, enjoy, promote, and foster the beekeeping community online through posting of news articles, beekeeping tips, getting started, education on bees and their benefits, and the beekeeper's relationship with the honeybee.

birdwatching 15 members

For all having bigger or smaller interest in birding and things related to that!! Welcome!!

boardgames 67 members

A group passionate about boardgames and boardgame design.



The color, flexibility, freedom and low cost copper affords has rejuvenated a love of copper jewelry worldwide. Rich, warm copper wire opened up a whole new life and career for me. Join me to explore the world of copper and please show off what you make. I love to see creativity at work.

CacheUSA 15 members

Geocachers from all over the USA and beyond!

Camarilla 28 members

General discussion Twibe for the Camarilla, White-Wolf's official fan club.

Chesterton 26 members

For fans for Bristish writer G.K. Chesterton.

Collecting-Holidays 23 members

Celebrate365 provides readers with up-to-the-minute ornament news as well as carefully researched articles of interest to holiday collectors. With subscribers throughout the world, Celebrate365 has become the premiere magazine for the year-round ornament & folk art collector. We know that there's something to celebrate 365-days a year! Celebrate365 understands that collecting is a passion! Join us in celebrating the joys of collecting!

Comicbooks 48 members

Coriandr 21 members

A twibe for all Coriandr sellers and buyers.

Corvette 19 members

For all of us who Love Corvettes and want to know what is being discussed new or old. We all want to know.

CraftBlogs 310 members

Let's build a place where it's easy to promote and find blogs about crafts, crafting, and creativity. Feel free to contact me. I have over 25 years experience in the handmade art and craft industry. Just google my name.

CraftSupplies 76 members

A Twibe For Craft Supply Buyers, Sellers & Hoarders

Craft_Professionals 96 members

A group of professionals working in the art and craft industry as designers, professional crafters, teachers, consultants, writers, authors, and talent.

Craft_Projects 35 members

A place to share your creative projects with others who love crafting as much as you do!

Craft_Supplies 16 members

Places,addresses,websites of crafts supplies all around the world.

CrazyQuilts 21 members

Crazy quilts were popular at the turn of the century and now are again. Uniting fans of crazy quilting from many continents - I can't wait to "tweet" it up!

Crochet 247 members

Crochet is an Art, a Craft. It's handmade and utterly fashionable. All crochet artists and crochet lovers welcome and share.

Crossstitch 34 members

For people who cross stitch to chat and swap patterns and experiences

chainmaille 30 members

for all enthusiasts of joining tiny metal rings together to make amazing things

conlang 40 members

Anyone with any interest in deliberately constructed languages, whether intended as a hobby, a work of art, or for 'IRL' use, is welcome.

crafteroo 58 members

Welcome to our Twibe! The Crafteroo Crafts forum is a craft-community based forum, set up by crafters and for crafters. Whether it's cardmaking or crochet that's your particular craft of choice, share your tips and ideas....or just show off! The craft forum was set up to provide a friendly and supportive environment and we're always on the look out for new members to add to the fast growing army of crafters!

crafters 18 members

All crafters are welcome. This is meant as a twibe for everyone to talk about their love for their craft and allow others to be introduced to new crafts. All crafts are welcome!


DUST 65 members

A twibe for all etsy Down Under Street Team members.

Dancers 13 members

For anyone interested in salsa, merengue, lindy hop, tango... let's dance!

Diapered 90 members

Some have to wear diapers, some like to wear diapers

Digi-Scrapping 128 members

Are you a part of the digital scrapbook world? Connect with others here!

DigitalScrapbooking 76 members

For anyone who loves digital scrapbooking as much as we do!

DollMakers 36 members

Primitive and Folk art Cloth Doll makers

datavisualization 49 members

Sharing, discussing & discovering fresh data & information visualization goodies.

digiscrap 111 members

Share your tweets with other digital scrapbookers.

digitalscrapbook 29 members

This is a twibe for digital scrapbooking. When you mention the keywords digital scrapbook in your tweets, your tweet will automatically show up on this twibe feed. Cool eh!?

disney-way-of-life 14 members

For those who love anything Disney,esp WDW,and live it through their thoughts and/or actions

dnd 46 members

A Twibe for D&D gamers.

doctorwho 135 members

For fans of the BBC TV series Doctor Who.

drag_racing 14 members

A Twibe for Drag Racers to get together..


EquineLovers 23 members

Created this group for everyone that loves the beautiful creature known as the HORSE! Pony lovers welcomed as well!!

Esperanto 136 members

Ĉi tiu komunumo celas kunigi esperantistojn, kiuj utilas Twitter-on. Aliĝu eĉ se viaj mesaĝoj ne estas ĉefe skribitaj esperante, tamen provu krei eo-versiojn de la mesaĝoj se tiu eblas kaj ili povas interesigi ali-lingvajn homojn. ;)

Etsy 2953 members

A Twibe for people who love Etsy, the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace.

EtsyMetalClay 10 members

Etsy MetalClay is a global group of jewelry artists and designers using silver, gold and bronze metal clays to create their work. We strive to make innovative, unique, and boundary pushing designs -embracing both modern technology and old world traditions.

EtsyTreasureHunt 12 members

A Twibe for the Etsy Treasure Hunt Gang! Be sure use the #treasurehunt when you tweet your sale!

EtsyVintage 242 members

Vintage Sellers on Etsy Unite! Share your new postings or any interesting information about your vintage finds or questions you may have! Enjoy! Vintage ROXXXX!

embroidery 32 members

Join us here if you are Interested in Machine Embroidery, Commercial Machine Embroidery and Hand Embroidery? Enjoy using embroidery with your sewing projects, quilts, heirloom sewing, mixed media, applique & more. I look forward to meeting you. JosyMaude, Lacy Daisy Designs

erotic-hypnosis 42 members

A group for people who use erotic hypnosis in their line of work or in their relationships, or who are fans of erotic hypnosis.

etsyplushteam 22 members

A group of Etsy artists supporting and furthering the ideas behind plush dolls, toys and all the soft areas in between. Add PT to your Tweets to have them show up on the group page.

eurogamer 33 members

A twibe (brrr) for EGers.


FHFteam 28 members

A friendly group of UK Lampworkers,keen to promote their work and network with each other.

FMSI 10 members

This is a twitter group for Ravelry members, for the forum group Foul-Mouthed, Smart, and Irreverent.

FabricFanatics 25 members

Felt 13 members

New Zealand's online marketplace for handmade goods.

Folksy 94 members

Connecting Folksy Sellers with each other. A great place to find some interesting creative tweets as well as some gorgeous handmade stuff!

FoodPhotography 127 members

Fans of Food Photography, Food Photographers & Food Stylists

Fountain-pens 138 members

Fountain pens! Ok, other writing instruments are allowed too. :-)

FriendsofIrishFairMN 14 members

A Twitter Twibe for the volunteers, fans and supporters of The Irish Fair of Minnesota, held August 7-9 2009 on beautiful Harriet Island on the Mississippi Riverfront in St Paul, Minnesota. Join us!

fiberfanatics 17 members

Do you like wool, yarn, felt and all things fiber related? Then this is the Twibe for you.

fotoholiker 13 members

Fotoholiker ist die Twibe- Gruppe für alle, die an der Fotografie interessiert sind.

fun 24 members

Life is fun + games, so join the party + get happy! :D

funorb 26 members

People who play the games at funorb.com

fwa 88 members

For those who love innovation on the web.


GayPornStars 78 members

A twibe of Gay Porn Stars and the fans who love them! Industry twitters Welcome! Tell us what porn project you are working on now!

Geocaching_deutsch 44 members

Gruppe für alle Geocacher und Twitterfreunde in Deutschland. Wäre schön wenn viele dieser Gruppe beitreten würden. Happy Geocaching

Giveaways 133 members

Giveaways, contests, freebies and reviews.

geek 75 members

This is a group for all the geeks in the world. Please, explore your desire to learn about, use, and have fun with technology, Sci-Fi and Fantasy entertainment and anything else geeky.

geocachingnl 22 members

Dutch GeoCachers Twibe. About anything that has to do with our hobby. DM Wammus if you want any keyword tags added

girlgamers 22 members

For discussion of all things related to girl gaming!


HandcraftedJewelry 50 members

bead lovers, rock hounds, metal heads, and gem addicts...unite here!

Handmadecards 12 members

The Handmade cards twibe is for people who love to make handmade cards and for people who just want to learn more about the art of cardmaking.

Harley-Davidson 13 members

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles says it all

Horology 101 members

Horology is for all those with an interest in quality mechanical watches, clocks and fine watchmaking. Horology is for discussion and appreciation. Please do your selling and shilling elsewhere.

HuntingAndFishing 16 members

For people who love to hunt and fish or who just enjoy being in the great outdoors.

halloween 40 members

Darkened October nights, crisp wind, the scent of a wood fire, ghouls, goblins and ghosts. Celebrate Halloween with us!

hamradio 47 members

All things amateur radio

handmade 2037 members

Join us if you heart handmade!

handmade_by_me 23 members

Made by hand, by me. Handmade items, handmade artisans, handmade code, handmade friendships. This is the revolution of the handmade playground. Put the personal back in handmade.

handmadepledge 52 members

Meet other Twitterers who love to buy HANDMADE! You can take the handmade pledge at: http://www.buyhandmade.org/

hdrphotography 43 members

This twibe is all about high dynamic range photography (HDR).

homebrewing 20 members

Members of this Twibe are homebrewers or people interested in the homebrewing hobby. If it has sugar in it, we'll try to ferment it.


IndieFixxTweets 25 members

Do you like indie design? Crafts? Handmade stuff? Anything cool? Me? Then this is the place for you.

iknitlondon 58 members

IKL - a place for knitters to get together, chat, drink learn, inspire and make stuff with yarn.

indesign 13 members

For all Adobe InDesign users - fans, fanatics, users, designers, developers etc.

indie 12 members

Sharing handmade sweetness!

indiepublic 10 members

A Twibe for people who love Indiepublic.

intact 10 members

All children deserve the human right of intact genitals.


KnitKnuts 30 members

A group for knitters of all levels, ages and interest areas.

knitdesign 22 members

We all love to design knitwear.

knitloveclub 25 members

Welcome! The Twibe is for Knit Love Club members to tweet their projects, post questions, and squee to their heart's delight with like minded knitters. Your Club Handbook will have details on how to join this Twibe. Tweet tweet! Socky Knit Love Galore, Alicex

knittingbloggers 26 members

For knitters who blog or bloggers who knit.

knittyheads 27 members

This Twibe is for the wonderful folks who are on the Knitty Board and love Knitty.


Machine_Embroidery 17 members

For all machine embroidery enthusiasts! Digitizers & embroiderers - big and small.

Mid-CenturyLove 37 members

A group of Mid-Century design enthusiasts

MixxMade 13 members

MixxMade is a social network for indie artisans to market their creations, share photos, videos, ideas, information and more!

MooseTweeps 28 members

A group of friends who met at the "home of The Moose", the MooseTweeps share a common love of the "home of The Mouse". We consist mainly of Twistahs and Ed, but others have been known to chime in!

Motorcycle 188 members

Motorcycle Twibe for people who love motorcycles.

MuggleWirelessNetwork 22 members

The Official Twibe for the Harry Potter Fandom Podcast, Muggle Wireless Network.

machine-embroidery 15 members

Looking for great embroidery designs for your new machine? Looking for hints on using your new machine? Questions about machine embroidery? This is the place!

midcentury_modern 81 members

This Twibe covers all things around mid century modern design. Danish modern, Charles and Ray Eames, Vitra, Herman Miller, Alexander Girard, Dunbar, Knoll, George Nelson, Case Study Architecture, Richard Neutra etc.

miniature 46 members

Welcome to Miniature. We sell fine quality 1 inch scale (1:12) and half inch scale(1:24) dollhouse miniatures and porcelain dishes, cookware & china. Please add our store to your list of favorite sellers, and sign up our store newsletters about new items and special promotions!

moleskine 16 members

Everything about the Moleskine.

monopoly 10 members

A group to talk about MONOPOLY, past, present and future.


NASS-Club 12 members

N.A.S.S. is a classic British car club for owners/Enthusiasts of Triumph Spitfires, GT6 or other similar British cars.

naturephotography 35 members

For nature photographers and fans of nature photography. Please share some of your photos with the group.

needlefelting 24 members

A Twibe for all things associated with needle felting.

nudist 63 members

Nothing much needed...including clothes. Just a bunch of people who feel clothes are annoying :)


OfficeSupplies 13 members

Fans of Office Supplies, Pens, Fountain Pens, Stationary, Desk Accessories, Levenger, Sharpie, Uniball, and anything else that you use in your day to day office, school, or work life.


Podcast 27 members

Enjoy podcasting or listening to podcasts

PokerPages 32 members

Poker players uniting to share information and promote poker online and live. Discussing promotions, training and opportunities for new and established players.

PolkaDotPlum 32 members

Digital scrapbook site offering digital scrapbooking supplies, free newsletter, forum, gallery, friday night chats, speed scraps, digi scrap freebies, and more!

Postcrossing 12 members

An international postcard swapping community, where you send and receive postcards to/from a random person somewhere in the world!

Primsisters 44 members

Internet Radio show for Crafters of all kinds!

photography 4617 members

For everyone who loves to say 1000 words one frame at a time. Be a part of the largest Twibe!

photowalking 23 members

photowalking, photowalkers, photography, street photography, new topographics, documentary photography, visual studies.

pmsclan 19 members

Twibe for PMS and H2O Clan Members.

polymerclay 40 members

pytal 10 members


Quilters 330 members

Quilters UNITE!

Quiltsy 18 members

Members of the quiltsy team on Etsy


RetroHandmade 18 members

A group of Etsy sellers who specialize in handmade vintage-inspired items that resemble things from the past or create things that have retro vibe.

Risus 14 members

This Twibe is dedicated to the incomparable Risus: The Anything RPG by S. John Ross.

ravelry 589 members

Can *you* describe Ravelry in 140 Characters or less?

readers 28 members

Members of the Readers Twibe love reading. All readers are welcome whether you're obsessed with Shakespeare's plays or 'Calvin and Hobbes' cartoons. Share your passion for words!

robotics 32 members

For those who love robotics as a hobby, career, interest, etc...,



For makers, buyers and lovers of all good things handmade in Scotland - from textiles to ceramics, glass to jewellery and everything else.

ScrapGirls 13 members

Offering quality digital scrapbooking supplies, free newsletter, movie tutorials, eBooks, commercial use products, freebies, message board, gallery & more

ScrapbookSites 13 members

A twibe for members looking for scrapbook sites or for those who own them.

Scrapping 15 members

Welcome to the Scrapping Twibe! We're all here because we love to scrapbook. When our Twibe members tweet the words scrapping, scrapbooking, or stamping, our tweets will show up here so we can tweet together!

Sewing 465 members

A Twibe For Sewing Enthusiasts

ShopHandmadeUK 48 members

ShopHandmade UK is a directory of UK based handmade designers. We aim to promote the benefits of handmade goods and promote the designers listed on the directory.

SocktopusMysteryShawl 127 members

Socktopus Mystery Shawl KAL. One Lace Shawl over 4 weeks. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! The SMSKAL is finished, but I am looking forward to seeing all your lovely shawls! Updated pattern will be available soon. Twibe members pls TAG YOUR POSTS WITH SMSKAL so that they will appear on this page. No need to use hash.

SpecialEvents 18 members

A group where Special Event professionals and newbies can tweet about event stuff.

Stampington 83 members

A Twibe for people who love Stampington. Live an artful life. Live a beautiful life. Live a Stampington life.

Stitchery 93 members

People who love stitchery and ain't afraid to shout about it!

sca 37 members

For members of the SCA to discuss stuff about the Society for Creative Anachronism

scottpilgrim 11 members

If you heart Scott Pilgrim, this is the twibe for you.

scrapbookers 154 members

This is a twibe for scrapbookers. Talk about something scrapbooky and it should show up here at the twibe page. I added a few keywords, but if you think of some more let me know.

scrapbooks 23 members

A scrapbooking twibe where members can share and discover the latest scrapbooking news, ideas, tips & trends. Join us today!

screencasting 11 members

The Screencasting Twibe is a community where screencasters and those interested in the medium of screencasting can follow others who share their interest. This twibe was founded by http://scrast.net, the Screencasting Website.

sexdolls 18 members

A place for...Collectors, lovers, admirers, makers, creators, OF: sexdolls, silicone sexdolls, art sexdolls, lovedolls..friends of the above or just curious about the above, that is ok, too..Tweets from the twibe with #sexdolls #realdoll #siliconedoll tag will show up here. Strictly 18+ only

shoppingdivas 27 members

I'm a SHOPPING DIVA! How about you? Share your latest finds and the best sales out there. Including yard sale finds and curb junk.

sissification 51 members

Sissification and feminization of girly boys! Humiliation and emasuclation by the hottest phone babes!

spinning 149 members

People who spin! Wheels, Drop Spindles... anyone. Go Fiber addicts!

sportscards 18 members

Are you interested in collecting, trading, and/or buying sportscards? Whether it is Football, Baseball, Basketball and/or Hockey, join the twibe.

stampers 21 members

This is a twibe for stampers. Talk about something stamping related and it should show up here at the twibe page. I added a few keywords, but if you think of some more let me know.

steampunk 167 members

The past that should have been; a group for steampunk lovers everywhere.

strobist 26 members

For off camera flash lighting pictures, techniques, lessons, hints, reviews and gear!


The_o35s 13 members

A twibe for The o35s console gamers, if you are a gamer then join our twibe of old farts, check out our forums and podcasts too!

ToastmastersInternational 20 members

TI is a global organisation set up in the form of local clubs to give you opportunities to learn and practice speaking and leadership skills

Toys 22 members

A group for anyone interested in toys, collecting them, or playing with them. Both modern toys and retro toys. Toys for Boys and toys for Girls.

TransCanadaEtsy 16 members

A group of Canadian Artisans that sell on the venue Etsy.com

tatting 38 members

Do you love to tat? A group for those who make tatted lace. By the largest tatting group online - InTatters

trrpg 12 members

twilightchallenges 11 members

Where Twihards create. We are handmade crafters who love Twilight and reading in general. Our crafts are inspired from our love of reading.

twitterbook 30 members

Histoire de voir si Twitter abrite beaucoup de blogolecteurs BLOG de LECTEUR, comme son nom l'indique = un blog où le blogueur parle des LECTURES.



Vaping 62 members

Meet and mix with experienced and inexperienced vapers. Lets compare our mods, juices and what we are looking for from E-cigs.

Victorian 29 members

We are mostly amused, adoring Victoriaphiles who admire the Victorian era, from art & architecture to fashion, literature and beyond.

VideoGames 205 members

This is a Twibe around video games. For gamers, by gamers, and people who are part of or fans of the industry. Welcome!

VintageJewelryCollectors 29 members

A network for antique and vintage jewelry collectors, dealers, jewelry designers and for those who would like to learn more about this subject. Post your questions and comments!

VintageToys 20 members

Vintage Toys Twibe is for anyone with an interest in vintage and collectible toys ~ All things toys. Join Us at VintageToys Twibe!

vespa 25 members

For owners and aficionados of this iconic scoot.

vintage_style 31 members

Vintage style and all that pertains! Clothes, hair, makeup...


WardrobeRefashion 14 members

Wardrobe Refashion is a community which has had an online presence since early 2006.Participants of the blog pledge to abstain from the purchase of new manufactured clothing for the period of 2, 4, 6 months or LIFE. They pledge to refashion, renovate, and recycle preloved items with their own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium or make their own from scratch.

WeaveMEET 10 members

A place for Handweavers to meet on Twitter.

Weavolutionaries 28 members

We are supporters of Weavolution.com, the online gathering place for hand weavers. Launchin June 8.

WhatAreYouReadingNow 21 members

A Twibe for book lovers. Come talk about your current read, favorites classics, obscure favorites and new authors.

Woodworkers 61 members

For all DIY'ers, Woodworkers, Craftsmen, Handymen, Repair guys (or gals), or just anyone interested in woodwork!

waldorf 25 members

this twibe is for anyone interested in all things related to waldorf education, waldorf philosohpy, waldorf crafting, etc. see waldorfmama.com for details!

weavers 34 members

A twibe for weavers! Any post you make with the words weavers, weaving, or weave in it will show up here.

workinglass 39 members

glass, artist, fused, stained glass,jewelry,lampwork

worldofwarcraft 234 members

The World of Warcraft players and RPers of Twitter!

wrath 15 members

Members of wrath


YPP_Puzzle_Pirates 51 members

A Twibe for YPP Puzzle Pirates to pillage and plunder! Also, if you join this Twibe then you'll probably gain a whole bunch of us YPP'ers as followers! :)

Yaoi 51 members

All members of this twibe have one thing in common... in one way or another, we all love YAOI!

Yarnies 12 members

We love all that is fuzzy. Angora, alpaca,llama, silk, yak, wool, acrylic, nylon. If it's yarn we use it...from hooks to shuttles,looms to sticks. It's yarn, we love it.


Zazzle_Artist 14 members

For Everyone who loves to Create and Buy on Zazzle. Come share ideas and find great Zazzlers.


jewelry_makers 15 members

If you are a member of this group you enjoy creating and designing your own jewelry! You may do some craft/art shows but mostly do it for fun! check out my website too! c'mon and we can find new projects and ideas together!

jpag 25 members

For Members in Good Standing of the Ancient and Honorable Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group on Facebook.


lego 14 members

For all those who love Lego.

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