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Allotments 121 members

For allotment lovers and vegetable growers everywhere!


BirdLovers 16 members

Bird lovers unite! If you love sharing information, pictures, stories, etc about birds, this is your Twibe!


ClutterersTips 15 members

If you are overwhelmed w-clutter or can help those who are, please participate. I do not have the answers but encourage others to pass on their tips & ideas.


DIY 31 members

Twibe dedicated to DIY-ers and DIY projects.

Dresden 127 members

Gruppe für alle Dresdener, Ex-Bewohner, Zugezogene und so weiter. ;)

decor 542 members

A Community of Cultural Creatives dedicated and obsessed with all things Design + Decor.


FLYBabies 12 members

Fly on in to where the FLYBabies are! :)

Flowers 43 members

Getting together for the love of flowers.

Furniture 98 members

flylady 14 members

FlyLady Marla and her friends help you get rid of CHAOS in your home and life and help FlyBabies learn to finally love yourself!

freebies 20 members

If you love freebies - Legitimate freebies join this group and visit my URL link.


Gardening 610 members

Gardening, flower gardening, herb gardening, container gardening, vegetable gardening,

Greenbuild 41 members

Green design, construction, LEED, EnergyStar, homebuilding, remodeling

garden-birds 16 members

Dedicated to anyone who enjoys observing and caring for garden birds.

gardencoach 10 members

Professional garden coaches.

gnomes 27 members

For the lovers of little things everywhere. Gnomes need love too!

groworganic 35 members


Handyman 12 members

If you are or need a handyman Tradesperson

HomeDecorating 38 members

Home decorating network twibe

HomeEntertaining 20 members

For anyone who wants to share ideas about home entertaining and party planning.

HomeImprovement 19 members

Home improvement, DIY, and tool enthusiasts unite!

Home_Staging 11 members

HomesteadMommas 15 members

We are a group of Christian women striving to live according to the Christian principles of simplicity, frugality, generosity and simple living. We are wanting to learn more about the homesteading or agrarian lifestyle and raise our children according to old-fashioned values. This community is for newbies, as well as seasoned homesteading women. We need Titus 2 type women to help instruct us newbies in the fine art of homesteading! Topic of discussion will include all homesteading type subjects: farming, gardening, animal care, how-tos, soap making, cheese making, and old fashioned wisdom

Hostalovers 12 members

This is a twibe for anyone who loves or wants to love gardening with hostas.

HousewifeBliss 29 members

A haven for all things domestic. For everyone who adores the fine art of nesting and is looking for inspiration, insight and tips on making their house a home.


Interior-Design 20 members

We love interior design and decorating.

InteriorDesigners 216 members

Promotion of Interior Designers, Architects, Furniture and Product Designers, and other design related matters

interiordesigntips 13 members

An absolute adoration for interior design. Not quite to the point of obsession. Smitten with beautiful pictures of interiors, always interested in interior design tips and home tours.


Kitchen-Appliances 15 members

The Premier Online Resource for the World's Finest Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen-bath-remodel 29 members

This is a twibe to exhange information about remodeling kitchens and baths. Tweet about cabinets, appliances, design.


Lighting 17 members

Anything and everything for home lighting products

loanmodification 10 members

Call us 1-800-890-2099 for help now. In the normal progression of a mortgage, payments of interest and principal are made until the mortgage is paid in full (or paid-off). Typically, until the mortgage is paid, the lender holds a lien on the property and if the borrower sells the property before the mortgage is paid-off, the unpaid balance of the mortgage is remitted to the lender to release the lien. Generally speaking, any change to the mortgage terms is a modification, but as the term is used it refers to a change in terms based upon either the specific inability of the borrower to remain current on payments as stated in the mortgage[1], or more generally government mandate to lenders.


Multi_Media_Gardener 49 members

Multi media garden professionals unite! Networking for garden authors,bloggers,video producers, publishers,speakers,PR, education/institutional representatives.


PartyFavors 18 members

Party favors for all occasions. Weddings, birthdays and more. Join in if you are planning a party or sell party related products.

Potager 14 members

Inspirational potager (kitchen garden) grown without chemicals. Feel free to tweet about your allotment or potager. Tiered SFG, cloche, vertical structures, sustainablity.


Renovations 26 members

Home renovations


UrbanGardening 94 members

Devoted to the joys and rewards of growing, eating, and sharing high quality organic produce in a metropolitan environment.


VegGarden 282 members

For any one that likes to get the most out of eating & growing their own vegetables & Fruit


WaterGardening 10 members

Lovers of water in the garden, whether it be an ecosystem pond, a waterfall or stream, a Pondless Waterfall, decorative fountain, or container water garden.

Wildlife_Gardening 20 members

Creating habitats for wildlife in your garden. These should give you pleasure in themselves and in what they bring. If you like ordered formal borders in your garden, then please have ordered formal borders, but maybe plant them with butterfly friendly formal plants. Managing land or gardening is a compromise with nature, and it should be a compromise that makes you happy.


nesting 142 members

Nesting is a place to discuss entertaining, recipes, homemaking, interior decor and everything that envelops domestic bliss.


organic 49 members

For All things organic!!

organicgardening 125 members

We're all about organic gardening. Plain and simple.

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