Law Twitter Groups


ABATechshow 11 members

ABA Techshow un"official" Twibe.

AttorneyReferralNetwork 12 members

Place where attorneys can discuss the potential referrals of cases.

attorney 566 members

Attorneys and lawyers who want to grow their law firm and generate referrals.


BackLinks 29 members

everyone in this groups will share a backlink from each others website by uploading one file we can get great links.


CollaborativeLaw 27 members

People practicing and interested in Collaborative Law in divorce, business and other civil disputes.


ElderLaw-ElderCare 20 members

Emphasis on those issues that affect the growing aging population

Energy_Law 18 members

Building a real time information network for energy, water and renewables practitioners. #Energy #Water #Attorney

e-discovery 249 members

This is a twibe about the tweeps who are working in, apart of, or have an interest in e-discovery


IPAttorneys 29 members

A forum for intellectual property law attorneys who want to develop their IP practice and generate referrals.

IPLawyers 12 members

Please join my related twibe -- -- instead of this one.

iplaw 66 members

Attorneys, law students, or professionals involved / interested in Intellectual Property law.


LawEnforcement 40 members

LawFirmMarketing 49 members

Attorneys and lawyers who want to build a referral-based law firm. Legal marketing tips for small law firms. What works and what doesn't!

LegalMarketing 19 members

LegalTech 56 members

A group for legal teams, IT professionals, records managers, e-discovery experts and business process consultants interested in legal technology best practices.

LegalTweeters 95 members

The Legal Tweeters group is for legal professionals who use LinkedIn and Twitter and want to network.

law 35 members

Anything law related

lawlibrarians 66 members

A twibe for law libraries and librarians of all kinds -- law schools, law firms, courts, public law libraries -- to discuss topics of professional interest.

lawstudentsuk 14 members

A group for students studying law in the UK. Mainly the jurisdiction of England & Wales but we'll let you Scots/N. Irish have a look as well! ;)

lawyer 158 members

legalmarketers 38 members

A twibe for marketers, lawyers and others interested in legal marketing. We share best practices, good information, and our help.

legalnurses 31 members

Legal Nurse Consultants - providing litigation support to attorneys when they encounter a medical issue in a case.


Mediation 60 members

Mediators and people interested in mediation joined together to communicate with each other

Medmallawyers 20 members

A forum for sharing ideas about Medical Malpractice

MrHodge 1 member


NCAttorneys 19 members

Group for anyone practicing or interested in North Carolina law. Please also use for networking and referrals.


Paralegals 44 members

Bringing Paralegals together to discuss just about everything!

Personalinjuryattorneys 29 members

A forum for sharing ideas about Personal Injury Trial Law

Privacy 25 members

Stuff, news, views and links relating to the field of Privacy

patentlaw 77 members

For patent lawyers, patent agents, law students interested in patent law, inventors, and the like.


Recht 14 members

Recht deutschsprachiger Rechtsordnungen



Twibe for all Scottish Solicitors in Scotland and worldwide to share information about the legal profession and the law in Scotland

safetyto 11 members

Just a laugh


UKLaw 48 members

A twitter community for all involved in the UK legal sector - private practice, barristers, in-house, academics, consultants


familylaw 13 members

Family law practice & interest

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