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4bodymindspirit 18 members

Raising consciousness & bring success to life. Personal & professional development life & Wellness NLP coach. Inspiration light love forgive grow gratitude of I.


About-Life-Coaching 100 members

We like personal/spiritual growth. We might be thinking about being a coach, might want to find a life coach or talk to someone who's both a client and coach-in-training. We like social networking with a personal/spiritual growth group & we can tell you where to get free online journaling assignments with like-minded people.

ArtOfHosting 21 members

This twibe is for tweeters exploring and using the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations in their work, in their communities and in there lives.

acim 13 members

A place for tweets on a Course in Miracles.

astara 32 members

A place on Twitter for Astarians and like-minded seekers to gather and share their expierence, beliefs and inspiration.


Chastity 29 members

For the lovers of all things lock and key.

CrackedLightLeakers 16 members

Motto: Blessed are the Cracked, For They Are The Ones Who Let In The Light


EckhartTolle 26 members

Transcend the ego-based state, release psychological time and awaken to the only thing there is- The Now

Enlightenment 37 members

Attain Self realization and God realization. Experience God directly. Realize who you really are-a divine being of great magnificence. You are God within.

EroticSpirit 28 members

Experiential events on themes related to integrating sexual awareness, identity and expression with self, relationships, creativity and spirit.


Feng_Shui 62 members

A fabulous group of Feng Shui fans and professionals. The best place to see Feng Shui tweets, all in one place!

fat_lib 12 members

Tweet #)))(((, #fat_lib, or #fat for your tweet to show up on the twibe log. We're about body esteem, regardless of your size, celebrating size acceptance, fat acceptance, fat lib, fat activism, plus size, and health at every size. No diet talk and no body deprecation. Just celebration and appreciation!

fengshui4u 11 members

For people interested in Feng Shui this twibe is a great place to share tips and tricks to improve your health , wealth and happiness


Global-Coherence 199 members

Uniting to Shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. Let the SHIFT begin with each of us!

GodConsciousness 17 members

God is within you. Attain self realization and God Consciousness. Experience spiritual enlightenment and realize who you really are.


Holistic-Health 26 members

It's the souls true intention to merge with the mind and body to acquire full human potential.


INTP 19 members

MBTI personality type - Introvert, iNtuituve, Thinking, Perception

Interior-prayer 1 member

To share the learned experience of going from darkness, self-centeredness and turbulance to one of growing enlightenment, helpfullness, Higher Power centeredness, and serenity. We are on a journey and daily interior prayer is a vehicle to travel this journey in an ongoing good orderly direction. Interior prayer allows us to contemplate our selves in the universe of life and helps us apply that insight on a moment by moment basis. Be at peace, live life to the fullest, and live life in true love.

Intuition 15 members

Listen to and trust divine guidance and intuition from the "still small voice" of God within. Distinguish between the true voice of Spirit and other voices in your mind.


Journaling-for-YOU 33 members

Journaling, journaling ideas, journaling software, journaling tips, journaling topics. The actual experience of journalers. How does it benefit you?


LIGHTandENERGY 24 members

Do you want to or are already: Living your LifePurpose? Use Energy and Light? Learn how to be who know you ARE in your heart? LIVE a life of PASSION and FULFILLMENT? Become part of a world changing community? Join our Twibe! Website and BLOG coming soon. A new JOURNEY awaits you and you are so welcome and supported here.

Lightworkers 111 members

Welcome to the Lightworkers Twibe! This is a space for Lightworkers to come together, share & shine. What is it like being a Lightworker? Do you have wisdom, tips or stories to share?

lawofattraction 23 members

Members of this Twibe are living a lifestyle that reflects LOVE.

laycistercian 11 members

A simple group of Lay Cistercians who are living the Rule of Saint Benedict, and the charisms of Cistercian life.


MJNA 22 members

The challenges facing dispensary/collective operators of medical marijuana is tax collection/payment. A constant assault on dispensaries regarding State getting its proper tax on sales - "Medical Marijuana, Inc" is the solution.

MagicalConnections 14 members

You love discovering the Invisible Realm acknowleging you, guiding you,helping you to reflect and you communicate back in gratitude and requests for help and guidance. You are courageously stepping forward into your Truth, and creating from there, knowing that your spiritual team is carrying you on the winds.

Marijuana 22 members

A free people claim their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate. -Thomas Jefferson

Meditate 57 members

Learn how to meditate, how to experience the divine presence directly, and how to hear the "still small voice" of God within.

MyGiftedLife 24 members

A Twibe for members and friends of the MyGiftedLife.org website, a support community for gifted persons.

manifesting 13 members

manifesting using tools such as law of attraction, gratitude, EFT, positive thinking,affirmations etc.

meditation 120 members

through meditation "we must be the change we wish to see in the world"


Nonduality 95 members

Hello Tweeple! This Twibe is devoted to Nonduality.


PTSD 21 members

No matter the source of trauma, there are more similarities in how we feel and how we heal, than differences.

Psychologists 19 members

Psychologists and professionals similar to Psychologists

positivity 17 members

We believe in the power of positive thinking and encourage people to pass on the positivity by sharing their inspirational stories, quotes, and sentiments.

psychicandparanormal 33 members

Those interested in psychic development, mediumship, the paranormal, life after death, messages from beyond.


Sensitives 19 members

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) on Twitter who want to connect and share tweets. Recommend you also join the HSPs Twibe: http://twibes.com/group/HSPs

Spiritual 56 members

Direct divine contact and communication. Hear the "still small voice" of God and experience the presence of God.

SpiritualQuotations 26 members

For Any Enlightened Soul who wants to contribute meaningful spiritual quotes.

Steiner 32 members

A gathering place for all people interested in the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf Education, Biodynamics, Anthroposophy, the study of the soul and the I AM. Share your ideas and experiences on teaching, parenting, playgroups, study groups, fairs, festivals & seminars. No commercial marketing please.

StrongWomenByChoice 13 members

Women who have grown through traumatic experiences and now are looking for their true voice, life direction and jumpstarting their creativity, without compromising themselves.

Success 4 members

This Twibe is for people who understand that real success stems from something internal; and then manifests as happiness, wealth and prosperity in your life.

spirituality 116 members

community for all denominations & those who are spiritual but not religious


TANTRA 41 members

Tarot 189 members

A twibe for tarot enthusiasts

TheShiftMovement 848 members

The Shift is a global evolution in consciousness and culture towards a green, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous planet - the largest movement in history without a name. This group is to connect us together! Click on the group URL for a list of important visionary leaders to follow.

TheTerraTachyonMovement 14 members

We are interested to explore, discuss and integrate Tachyon energy in our daily lifes. This is one way of conscious evolution.

tarotwitter 33 members

3X a day, tarot cards are drawn and tweeted on Twitter, & these users offer their personal interpretations for all to see. Follow along!

thesecretlawofattraction 13 members

A twibe for personal development,the law of attraction, self help, mind power, positive thinking, cosmic ordering, spiritual guidance...


WakeUPLightworkers 11 members

We are a community of Lightworkers who have come together to share our love and support so that you may continue your Light mission. Don't know how to handle your Ascension symptoms? Tired of being judged by your friends, family and neighbors? Even Lightworkers get the blues, so let's help each other here.


Zen 47 members

The Way does not belong to things seen: nor to things unseen. It does not belong to things known: nor to things unknown. Do not seek it, study it, or name it. To find yourself on it, open yourself wide as the sky


boomslam 11 members

Boomslamming for the greater good.


yogadorks 166 members

YogaDorks to the extreme, we bend over backwards to laugh, love, learn, and celebrate glorious yoga.

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