Music Twitter Groups


1075kzl-AMLs 16 members

Group for listeners of 1075kzl (located in Greensboro, NC) the BEST radio station EVER!!!! Listen online @


30STM 66 members


30secondstomars 79 members



50songs90days 23 members

50 Songs in 90 Days is a songwriting challenge from July 4 to October 1.


AlexandraBurke 21 members

A place for ALL Alexandra Burke fans worldwide to come and meet.

Ambient 15 members

AnythingIndustrial 11 members

Love Industrial music. Good source for new and old industrial

Audiomulch 27 members

For those who live to mulch audio.

anoopdesai 30 members

For fans of Anoop Desai of American Idol 8

antijohnmayer 25 members

Oh, hi! Welcome to the Anti-John Mayer Fan Club! Know who sucks? John. Mayer.

askingalexandria 26 members

Anyone who is a fan of Asking Alexandria is welcome. Asking Alexandria are an English metalcore band from York, North Yorkshire, England. Founded in 2008 when rhythm guitarist Ben Bruce contacted old friends after moving back to England from Dubai, the current line-up consists of Bruce, vocalist Danny Worsnop, lead guitarist Cameron Liddell, bass guitarist Sam Bettley and drummer James Cassells.


BassPlayers 28 members

A twibe for the ugliest member of the band....

BeatAgainNo1 16 members

Join and spread the word! let's get as many supporters as we can to make our boys' debut single number 1! x

BenFolds 19 members

BlipDJs 14 members DJ's.

BlueScholars 22 members

BluegrassMusic 15 members

All lovers of the Bluegrass genre of music. Martins and Gibsons - Five-strings and Fiddlers.

BluesHarmonica 29 members

Blues Harmonica teachers, fans, lovers, and performers resource twibe! Post your info.. Ask a question.. Play harmonica!

bass 34 members

A Twibe for bassists.

beatcinema 86 members

Beat Cinema is the celebration of beats and films. Live artists every other week inside and dj's and films on the patio all night.

blues 91 members

Love the Blues. Enjoy the Blues. Promote your Blues. Post songs and videos. Comment and discuss.

bobdylan 80 members

The Twibe


CDBaby 18 members

For lovers of everything from CDBaby...

CSLove 13 members

Past and present Texas A&M Century Singers and friends of all Choral Activities at TAMU!

CapitolHillBlockParty 41 members

For fans of the West Coast's best block party. '09 featuring Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard, The Gossip, Deerhunter, Black Lips, Thermals, and tons more.

CelticMusic 14 members

This Twibe is dedicated to lovers and performers of Celtic music.

CinemaBizarre 34 members

Cinema Bizarre Official E-team

Classical 65 members

Twittersphere for those interested in and twittering about any sort of Classical music.

CountryMusic 23 members

For anyone loving and following the Country Music industry.

calledquest 13 members

Fans of one of the greatest hip hop groups ever. "Can I kick it?" "Yes you can!"

castrocopia 56 members

Castrocopians Twunite!

chillout 23 members

This Twibe likes downtempo ambient music and LOVES to chill.

chipmusic 49 members

Twibe for composers and fans of Chip Music.


DUBSTEPPERS 29 members

We're all Dubsteppers...more bass please!

DamienLeith 14 members

A place for Damien Leith supporters to gather and get regular updates on what's happening in Damien's world.

DarrenHayes 163 members

DavidArchuleta 10 members

For fans of David Archuleta.

DavidCook 270 members

Fans of David Cook and his band.

David_Bowie_Fans 10 members

A twibe for all the fans of the British Rock Musician David Bowie

DepecheMode 65 members

For all lovers of Depeche Mode.

DiS 22 members

A Twitter tribe for / @drownedinsound

DreamTheater 13 members

Dream Theater

DrumCorps 36 members

whether old or young, for those who march or have marched drum corps or love drum corps this is your group. Share you stories or news about drum corps.

DrummersNetwork 18 members

A Twibe for drummers around the world.

DuranDuran 16 members

A community for people who love the music - past and present.

delta 11 members

All things Delta, Arkansas, and Mississippi but mainly music.

disco_biscuits 33 members

Official 'twibe' of the Disco Biscuits

dmb 53 members

For all lovers of One Sweet World, Eat Drink & Be Merry!!!

dnb 14 members

drum'n'bass music group

dubstep 43 members

This group devoted to the emerging genre of music called Dubstep. All things relating to Dubstep will be discussed including new tunes, events and production techniques.


Eclectic_Dance_Music 37 members

Find share discuss & create good ♫ content here for a new Generation of Sonic Seekers: Industrial Techno Electro EBM & Experimental Dance ♫

ebm_radio 11 members

Sammelpunkt für die twitternden Hörer von EBM-Radio

experimental 69 members

A Twibe for experimental musics of any nature - drone, noise, musique concrète, field recording, minimalism, et al.


FloridaSka 14 members

A group dedicated to Sunshine State Ska :] Please, no prejudice, spamming, or flaming!

fieldrecording 15 members

A Twibe for field-recording, phonography, soundwalk and acoustic ecology related musics.

folk 13 members

folk music


GavinDeGraw 53 members

The GavinDeGraw twibe is a group of members interested in the musical talents of singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw

Goth 20 members

A twitter twibe for baby bats, neo-goths, trad goths, elder goths, and the rest of the goth/industrial twitter scene.

GratefulDead 62 members

Hey now!

girlsaloudmedia 22 members

GirlsAloudMedia is the ultimate fansite for Girls Aloud. With a top active forum, regular updates with high quality images and videos.

guitar 31 members

Play the guitar? Then this is the Twibe for you. Beginner or master guitarist, it doesn't matter to us. Use hash tag: #guitar


HIM 27 members

For the fans of the Finnish band H.I.M and it's lead singer, Ville Valo

HIP-HOP 29 members

Anything and everything related to hip hop.

House-Music 13 members

Twitter group for all those who love house music

HoustonMusicians 20 members

This twibe is for musicians, singers, songwriters, bands, orchestras, and anyone else who identifies with the word "musician" who live and work in the greater Houston and Gulf Coast area.

haggisheads 28 members

We are fans and supporters of Enter the Haggis.

hiphopheads 21 members

This is the place for hiphop artist fans promoters producers A&R bloggers


I-Mnet_tribe 14 members

The Invisible Movement twibe.

IFightDragons 29 members

We fight dragons. I Fight Dragons is Chicago's finest (and quite possibly only) NES-Rock band. They have very detailed delusions of grandeur, most of which include gross misuses of Nintendo products in combination with music in the Popular Rock genre. This February, they sold out Chicago's Elbo Room as they released their debut EP, "Cool Is Just A Number." They use a talking computer a lot, or possibly a talking computer uses them a lot. All in all, there are 6 of them, and at least one of them is really really cool, but they haven't figured out which one yet. It's Hari. A guy once told me that they periodically send $1000 checks to people who sign up for their mailing list, but that guy was a liar. Still, wouldn't you feel stupid if it turned out to be true and you didn't sign up? I would. "I FIGHT DRAGONS is a High-Def concert experience influenced by an 8-bit video game dream world. They are both an audio and visual powerhouse to have at the club"

IndieFans 43 members

Fans of independent music, indie bands, indie labels, indie radio, etc.

IndieSoul 81 members

An IndieSoul "support" group. Time for indie artists to get some recognition and radio play. This collective is all about the people who are on their grind and making it happen for themselves. Tweet your events and thoughts here. Let's see if we can get this goin...

IrishTrad 15 members

For all interested in Irish Traditional/Celtic Fusion. Post artists you have discovered and liked and info on where to get their CDs and concert info

IronMaiden 12 members

For fans of the band

ibiza_music 36 members

We Love... Run amazing parties throughout the summer months at Space in Ibiza. We Love... music, culture, art, and all things creative. Go to our website for heaps of free DJ mixes, tons of videos, the FRESHBLOOD DJ competition, our We Love... Life Blog and many more goodies.

imogenheap 28 members

We believe Imogen Heap has the power to change the world. Join us, won't you?

indiemusic 17 members

Independent Sounds


JasonCastroDreadheads 32 members

Jason Castro's Dreadheads :)

Jpop 17 members

Group for Jpop addicts!!~

jazz 155 members

Discuss all things Jazz. Twenties, New Orleans, Bebop, Modern, Fusion, etc. Promote your music. Post songs and videos. Talk it up.


KAXE 15 members

KAXE is an Independent Community Radio station in Northern Minnesota at 91.7fm in Grand Rapids, 89.9fm in Brainerd and 105.3fm in Bemidji. Check us out online at <a href=""></a>, where we stream live 24/7, and you can see local blogs, program schedule and get all kinds of information (like, <a href="">how to become a member!</a>)

KingsOfLeon 27 members

for all Kings of Leon fans!

KrisAllenation 14 members

Kris Allen's fan page on twibe!! Join in the fun! And vote for the true artiste that's appreciated in the music industry for this year's American Idol!


LastFM 13 members

Trying to gather members of!

letitbeatles 18 members

For anyone who loves The Beatles. For Facts, quotes and trivia about The Fab Four.

lightstwibe 15 members

A twibe for those that follows LIGHTS and her antics.

livesets 11 members

Searching or have links to Live Electronic ♫ Join us. Share discuss & create good ♫ content for a new Generation of Sonic Seekers.


MariachiMusic 13 members

All things Mariachi. From performing to memories and history.

Marillion 87 members

Followers of the music businesses best kept secret.

Marketing_Musique 12 members

Ce Twibe regroupe les conseils et les idées sur le marketing de la musique destinés aux artistes et artisans indépendants.

MichaelJacksonFans 149 members

This Twibe is for all the Michael Jackson fans around the world!

Montreal_Music 32 members

Tips & Cues on Music Web Promo & Musical Events in Montreal - in English et en Français - founder based in Montreal!! GROUPE! - Utilisez les mots suivants dans vos posts pour qu'ils apparaissent ici : #show, #soir, #song, #tonight, #chanson

MusicBlogs 28 members

group for music blogs

MusicInVirtualWorlds 43 members

Tweets on all music events happening in Virtual Platforms. Upcoming conferences and discussions on Music!

MusicJunkie 21 members

New music, old music, great music, whats your tune? We don't discriminate!

Music_Industry 37 members

This is a place to meet and discuss various topics affecting all aspects of the Music Industry. Music biz professionals and amateurs are all welcome.

Music_festivals 10 members

We all love music festivals!

Musiker 11 members

Dies ist ein Verzeichnis für Musiker (deutschsprachig). Auf dem "Chitime Blog" gibt es den zugehörigen Sammel-Eintrag mit Kommentar-Möglichkeit...

marionraven 14 members

Twibe for all who likes Marion Raven's music!

mcfly 19 members

a mcfly twibe!

metal 57 members

decussion of metal, hardcore, deathcore, grind, brutal deathmetal, black, metalcore!

michaeljackson 13 members

All about Michael Jackson: breaking news, new releases, this is it tour...

music-bloggers 15 members

See what other music bloggers are tweeting about, share your latest posts, and find new music. Connect with other music lovers.

music2 85 members

Twibe for "Music 2.0: Tools + Tech for Musicians, Marketers, and Managers at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center on Wednesday in Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 20, 2011.

music20 20 members

All about new (digital) business models for music distribution. Distribution in all different ways!

musictips 14 members

Everyone has their own areas of music expertise... But could also use advice from others about topics they know little or nothing about. Feel free to post a question or add in advice to a current topic: >musicianship >technique >theory >ear training >instruments: set up and equalization >rigging >recording >networking >booking >PR >promotion and marketing Come join the conversation!

musiquefrance 13 members

Le Twibe du petit monde de la musique sur Internet...


NKOTBFANS 22 members

As New Kids on the Block fans, this is our place to gather and celebrate this amazing reunion that was 20 years in the making! Join to show some love for our boys fom the city!

needtobreathe 12 members


newmusic 22 members

nin 23 members


OneRepublic 43 members

We love OneRepublic! This is the first OneRepublic Twitter group.


PSYTRANCE 28 members

Psytrance music and lifestyle community space.

PlayingForChange 50 members

Supporting the wonderful new DVD/CD Playing for Change and seeking world peace through music.

Poets_of_the_Fall 11 members

Twibe for everything Poets of the Fall, a finnish rock band. Join to show you're a fan of Poets of the Fall!

PresidentsOfTheUSA 83 members

For friends of our wee little Seattle group The Presidents of the United States of America.

phish 414 members

The place for all your phishy needs. Come here to trade tickets, make tour plans, and meet cool people. Follow @phishtwibe for updates and whatnot.

psychobilly 38 members

Love Psychobilly music and related genres? Join!


Recoil 15 members

One big emotionally disturbed family who love Alan Wilder's solo project Recoil, his work with Depeche Mode, & his production w/ Nitzer Ebb, Toni Halliday, etc.

Rundgren_Utopians 28 members

A love of Todd Rundgren, Nazz, or Utopia music. A place to exchange ideas, info, music, pictures and friendship.

Rush 25 members

For fans of the greatest band in the universe - RUSH!

reaktor 12 members

Reaktor is a graphical modular software music studio of proprietary license developed by Native Instruments. It lets musicians and engineers design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects and sound design tools.


SID 49 members

News feed + interaction for fans for the Japanese visual-kei band SID.

SavageGarden 31 members

ShonsTwarmy 25 members

A twarmy of people working together.Make Love Not War bup bup

Songwriting 91 members

Twibe for those interested in discussing Songwriting on Twitter. Formed by The Twitter Songwriting Community (@RavenousRaven)

Springsteen 14 members

All about Bruce & The E Street Band

sarc 13 members

sfmusicgroup 18 members


shirleymansonfans 15 members

a twitter community for fans of Shirley Manson and her various projects

singing 18 members

A group for people who love singing at any level, in any style, for any reason.

smiths 70 members

Oscillate wildly! Share Smiths/Morrissey tweets. News/reviews from gig-goers and useful links esp welcome. Tag with: smiths OR morrissey OR moz

sogospelmusic 21 members

For anyone who loves southern gospel music.

songwriters 17 members

The one and only Twibe created especially for songwriters, Lyricists, Poets,and wordsmiths all over the world...

sound 48 members

For sound designers, sound artists, anyone who believes in the strength of good sonic design.

sufjanstevens 15 members

A place for discussion of topics related to the uniquely talented musician, Sufjan Stevens.

synth 25 members

Synthesizer Software & Hardware and Electronic Music of ANY Kind.


TheKillers 14 members

Where we can all share our love of the Killers. : D

TheMattPack 16 members

We love the music of Matt Morris, and we're going to Re-Tweet our support through the Twittersphere!

TheSaturdays 22 members

For all fans of girl group The Saturdays =)

TinaSugandh 22 members

Tina Sugandh on major Michael Jackson tribute album! Song on Melrose Place! Wonderful things with American Cancer Society, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart, Disney, etc! :-)

TokioHotel 159 members

Tokio Hotel!

techno 44 members

Those into techno, minimal, electronica, dj-ing, clubbing and the culture surrounding it all.

technorulez 16 members

electronic music & culture - PLUR bringing local heroes together.... techno,minimal,house,electronica Follow us and visit our website


UhHuhHer 19 members

Uh Huh Her fans on Twitter! All the latest updates on the band and further plans to rule the world while making cookies.

UndergroundHipHop 69 members

This UndergroundHipHop Twibe is about bringing dope emcees, turntablists, producers, and like minded artists together. Anyone can join!

unhindered 24 members

Welcome to the Unhindered twibe! Here you'll be able to stay in touch with the band as well as keep up with updates from the road and on the forthcoming record "Be." Also feel free to post your thoughts on worship or how God has worked in your life through worship with Unhindered.


VST 25 members

This Twibe is to keep updated on the latest VST Audio Plugins for Music and Sound Production. Tweets should be Seperated into 2 x 2 Categories : Free VSTi / Commercial VSTi and Free VSTfx / Commercial VSTfx. Other filtering methods will be sortable by : Developer, Sound Rating, CPU Usage, Presets. Enjoy!

Vinyl_Records 22 members

Vinyl dealers, collectors, lovers of records...Nothing plays music like vinyl

vgm 38 members

All about video game music.


ZOMGUVERx3 15 members

Twibe for members of ZOMG!UVERx3 and fellow UVERworld fans~ News and members/fan interaction.


worldmusic 34 members

World music. Provide your own definition. Join up. Tweet. Ain't so hard.

wwwswaggablockcom 14 members


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