Non-profit/Volunteering Twitter Groups


12for12k 22 members

The 12for12k Challenge is using social media to change the lives of millions worldwide in 2009.


AmeriCorps 36 members

for people interested in AmeriCorps, National Service, and "Gettin' Things Done"

advocacy 17 members

A Twibe for activists to connect, converse, take action, & share how they're using technology for advocacy.

associations 147 members

A twibe for all association community tweeps!


ChangetheWorld 11 members

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead >> That can be us.

ChildAdvocacy 30 members

Advocacy for children-- abuse and neglect, trafficking, sexual abuse. Let's work to save children from harm!

CityYear 10 members

give a year. change the world. managed by @michael_messina.

camfed 11 members

Camfed works to break the cycle of poverty and disease in rural Africa by educating girls and investing in economic and leadership opportunites for young women.

crafterslove 11 members

What Crafters with Love does is use-crafting talents to supply those in need with cards, clothing, bedding, and/or raise donations to assist with other needs as appropriate. Each month we pick a project to feature & then concentrate on it for the entire month. Whether it’s cards, crocheted/knitted clothing to send to orphans, chemo caps, blankets, or other needs, we spend a full month promoting and working on one charity.


Fundraising 19 members

A list for fundraisers!


Gaza2-Campaigners 99 members

Twitter list of people using #Gaza2

GirlScouts 72 members

A place for all Girl Scout council staff and volunteers to share ideas, successes and challenges.


Homelessness 46 members

This twibe is for people interested in discussing solutions to homelessness. Social justice and ending homelessness is what keeps us tweeting.

homeless 60 members


InfraGard 15 members

InfraGard is an information sharing and analysis effort serving the interests and combining the knowledge base of a wide range of members regarding the protection of critical infrastructure. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector. Learn more about InfraGard at:


JIDF 17 members

ב"ה The Jewish Internet Defense Force is leading the fight against antisemitism and terrorism on the web and provides cutting-edge Israel advocacy. We represent a younger generation of Jewish leaders, a new approach, and a real grassroots effort for change. עם ישראל חי


LowcountryNonprofits 49 members

Sharing information and insights about nonprofits in Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Hampton, and Jasper Counties, South Carolina


ME-CFSupport 43 members

A place for people with CFS/ME/CFIDS to gather to raise awareness and support each other.

militarysupport 23 members

Military Support Twibe members are part of the military community and support our troops! Spread the word & share us with a friend.

movember 33 members

Movember supporters, Mo Bro's, Mo Sista's, all changing the face of mens health during the month formerly known as November


NGOphotographer 19 members

A group for photographers who's primary work involves shooting for NGOs.

NPO_Professionals 121 members

We work in nonprofit orgs. We share insights & techniques and offer support to each other. We work for the common good!

NTC09 108 members

We are the superstars of the Nonprofit Tech-o-sphere, Attendees of NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco


Partnered with Spreading Joy Corp ((501(c)(3) nonprofit )in the launch of New Year Of Hope - a new age digital ministry committed to and specialized in, giving a hand "up" with hope! Twibe focus:networking charitable efforts, sharing ideas, encouragement, resources and faith in a collective effort to reach out to those in need with dignity, faith, hope and love.

NonprofitConsultants 98 members

We believe we can change the world by partnering with nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their missions.

nonprofits 555 members

A community to ask questions and find answers

npau 12 members

Connecting Nonprofits in Australia.


ONGs 72 members

Grupo en el que visibilizar y mostrar las ONGs del territorio español que usan twitter, a modo de directorio. Sin más.

Oxfam 37 members

Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change


PANDORA 10 members

One Voice, One Community, One Cause! Advocating for quality of life, increased research funding, patient treatments, and promote drug research. Join us on our project: Save a Life! Support the Neuroendocrineimmune Institute today and make a difference in the lives of CFS-ME, FM, GWS/I, MCS/EI, and LD/CLD individuals worldwide.

Philanthropy 314 members

Where giving and fundraising meet!

philanthropicmoms 17 members

Passionate Moms who see the problem, spread the word and make a difference!We dedicate ourselves to making the world a better place 140 characters at a time!

publiclibrary 21 members

A Twibe for Public Libraries and those who may work in Public Libraries. However, all are welcome...


Ragabonds 10 members

Twitter extension of the Ragabonds thing.

Rotary 99 members

Twibe for Rotarians and members of the family of Rotary International


SAR 20 members

A Twibe to support all Search & Rescue Teams all over the world.

Stop_HIV_AIDS 20 members

Until there is a cure, we are committed to fighting for justice and dignity for people living with HIV/AIDS. Come and join us!

StreetPastors 16 members

We're all Street Pastors - or admirers - here!

spiritjump 24 members

Fighting cancer 1 gift @ a time. We send cards/gifts to ppl battling cancer & other debilitating illnesses


TEDx 43 members

aggregate of TED and TEDx tweets

TroopSupport 12 members

Troop Support Twibe members are part of the military community and support our troops! Spread the word & share us with a friend.


VeteranServiceOrganizations 12 members

Dedicated to enriching the lives of our nation's heroes through selfless acts.

vakbond 12 members

Een Twibe voor vakbondsmedewerkers, leden en gewoon geinteresseerden. CNV, FNV whatever...

volunteers 12 members


Wiki 36 members

Wikis are wonderful!

WinLaunchParty 27 members

This is a group made to gather all the people who is going to host or attend to one of the Launch Parties all arround the globe... Why?, because would be great to hear what they do, how they do it, and so on.


bees 22 members

This Bees Twibe has been set-up to enable those interested in knowing more about bees, and for those wishing to discuss and swap tips or information about bees.

bellaonline 13 members

A wonderful gathering of talented editors that share information and experiences openly in a forum environment while raising money for charity!

bumblebees 21 members

Bumblebees play a unique role in our lives; through their invaluable contribution to our food, flora and fauna pollination. Many are under threat of extinction. And Help Save Bees would like to help protect them.


ethicaladoption 12 members

A twibe for folks who support adoption reform and ethical adoption practices


kitchengardeners 16 members

We love home-grown, home-cooked foods and are working to broaden and deepen the kitchen garden revolution. Kitchen Gardeners Unite!


union 240 members

A space for trade unionists using Twitter to meet up and see what's happening.


xlcitizens 43 members

The World’s Leading Social Entrepreneurs Network.

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