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808pirates (808pirates) 27 Member(s). Tweet threads.
a place for the 808pirates to meet and chat and plan tweet-ups :-)


BlameBarrowman (Barrowman, "Captain Jack", Torchwood, "Doctor Who", Ianto, "Desperate Housewives") 24 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Star of #TouchJacksWood / BBC1's Tonight's The Night (I'm still waiting John) And more recently seen playing with his BIG gun on Wisteria Lane with some very Desperate Housewives, he ...


crystalchappell (crystalchappell, guidinglight, otalia) 307 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twitter tribe for fans, friends and aficionados of the Emmy-winning actress; one-half of the Otalia power couple on Guiding Light.


DannyWood (DannyWood) 161 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Welcome to the DannyWood twibe!!

DavidTennant (DavidTennant, "Doctor Who", "Tenth Doctor") 94 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Does it need saying!!! One man, two hearts, sometimes lives and travels in a blue box, seems to enjoy snogging a lot. SO What do we have in common? Well ...


Free-Leonard-Peltier (Free-Leonard-Peltier) 68 Member(s). Tweet threads.
"...a legion is required. We must be 'Leonard's Legions' hundreds of thousands of supporters in solidarity worldwide. We must unite in purpose, speak with one voice: Free Peltier NOW!" - ...

Friends-of-Jaamit (Friends-of-Jaamit) 270 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Friends of #Jaamit on Twitter. Let's get to know each other - any friend of Jaamit is a friend of mine.


GonzoMamaFans (GonzoMamaFans, TheGonzoMama, "The Gonzo Mama") 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is for fans of The Gonzo Mama column, authored in print and online at by Christina-Marie Wright.


HOCC (hocc, goo, supergoo) 250 Member(s). Tweet threads.
BE GOO. Save the world, Save the date.


Janeites (Janeites) 30 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for Jane Austen fans!

jessicaleccia (jessicaleccia, otalia) 205 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group to support Jessica Leccia, known as Natalia Rivera on Guiding Light. We love Dimples, the Freakin' Superhero!

JoniMitchell (JoniMitchell, Joni) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
lovers of the music, art and life of Joni Mitchell


KieferSutherland (KieferSutherland) 56 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Kiefer Sutherland Twibe Home.... Come on in and chat about your favorite, Kiefer Sutherland!


LauraIngallsWilder (LauraIngallsWilder, liw, Ingalls) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Author Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books (Little House on the Prairie)

Lord_Viles_Minions (#vile, Lord_Viles_Minions) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Lord Vile wants you!


MiaMafia (MiaMafia, "Mia Mafia", Mia) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe is a hub for all kickass females named Mia! WE RAWK!! *AIR FIST*

MissingApluskTweets (@aplusk, MissingApluskTweets) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Are you no longer receiving tweets from @aplusk? Let's speak up and maybe Twitter will fix it!!


patrickdempsey (patrickdempsey, pd, pdempsey) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Unofficial fansite of our friend and favorite actor/racer Patrick Dempsey.


RobertPattinson (RobertPattinson, RobPatz, shirtlessrob) 19 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The group for fans of Robert Pattinson. Whether you love him as Twilight vampire hero, Edward Cullen, his acting, his body, his hair, his voice or anything else, this is ...


Stellan (Stellan, MckMama, SVT) 230 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Stellan can't be described in only 140 chars. To read about him and why we all love him, visit


TOT (TOT) 164 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Togs on Twitter. That is fans of Sir Terry Wogan who also like to Twitter.

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