Pets/Animals Twitter Groups


APBT 16 members

This group is for those that love American Pit Bull Terriers! Punish the DEED, *not* the BREED!

Airedales 27 members

Love Airedales!

AnimalLovers 32 members

For all the animal lovers out there, be they cats, dogs, frogs or elephants.

alpaca 15 members

Join to let other breeders know you love alpacas. Good way to connect.

animalrights 32 members

We work to end the suffering and exploitation of all animals, giving voice to the voiceless, defense for those whose who can't defend themselves.


BackyardPoultry 27 members

Backyard Poultry is a Twibe of people that keep backyard poultry!

BobsBuddies 19 members

Looking for pets with opinions on life, blogging, helping others, and who are KIND

BohemianBears 11 members

BorderCollie 21 members

For people with an interest in the Border Collie and a desire to look out for the breed. Keywords BC - Collie - Sheepdog

BostonTerriersThatTweet 46 members

Boston Terriers r clever & some of us have figured out how to tweet. BT's ONLY pleaz!

bears 19 members

We are all bears, teddy bears or friends of teddy bears.

blogpaws 101 members

Blogpaws was founded by Caroline Golon (@RomeoTheCat), Yvonne DiVita (@mypetblog) and Tom Collins (@Tom_Collins). Yay! Blogpaws is the source for everyone who blogs, writes, cares for, and loves pets! We are a strong community committed to helping pets and animals everywhere. Our first ever conference was held in Columbus OH April 9 and 10, 2010. More to come! Join us.


CandyflossAnimalSanctuary 15 members

Help needed to support this self-funded sanctuary in Ireland. @sheyna123 sells cards to raise the money to buy feed and to pay for medicines. Help, please.

Cat-Art 13 members

Cat art featured on Zazzle or other art websites.

Cats 196 members

CatsWhoTwitter 259 members

caring4dogs 18 members

The desire to give our dogs the best possible care and the commitment to learn as much as we can in order to make that desire a reality.

chickentalk 21 members

A fan site for the blog ChickenTalk - a humorous blog written by chickens for chicken lovers. Share all your poultry tweets here!


DogAgility 21 members

a positive forum to discuss dog agility; training tips, questions, brags, etc.

Dogs 814 members

Dressage 12 members

Do you train, practice or compete in dressage? Any and all levels and ages welcome.

dachshund 38 members

For everyone who loves dachshunds! :)

dachshunds 25 members

dglovers 57 members

All I ask is please save a life and buy a dog at the shelter. Those dogs diserve a second chance too. Please if you see a stray take the time to help them!!!!

dogcare 22 members

We all love dogs and seek the best products for their safety, happiness and well being


EcoFriendlyPets 21 members

Is your pet going green? Pets all over are getting educated on how to go green and natural. Reduce your eco-pawprint today!


FUNWITHDOGS 20 members

For people in Lexington, Kentucky who would like to have fun with their dogs!

ferrets 34 members

All about Ferrets! Intended to bring together owners of ferrets - to share stories, ideas, problems, questions, videos, and pictures!


GreatDane 13 members

Great Dane lovers

Greyhounds 83 members

The gathering place for fast friends on Twitter. Come on in!

GuineaPigs 14 members

We are guinea pigs, the coolest rodents on the planet. Everyone wants one, or wants to be one.



Discussion of holistic health for all animals.

horses 291 members

If you love horses join our twibe!


LOLCats 23 members

Im in ur twitter, writin cat capshuns.

LabradorRetrievers 25 members

Lab love on Twitter - join the fun!

labradors 19 members

Dedicated to fans of the greatest dog breed in the world...The Labrador Retriever!!!


NYCPets 14 members

All NYC pet guardians, rescues/shelters, journalists, businesses, vets, and adoption, spay/neuter, and animal welfare advocates are invited to join the NYCPets Twibe!

Natural_Pet_Food 27 members

Let's talk about natural pet food, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats! What makes a food good, which ingredients matter & more!

natural_dog_food 26 members

Have a desire to learn about the best natural and organic way to feed dogs a preservative and chemical free diet.


PetLovers 12 members

This Twibe is for lovers of pets any breed or species, please if you own a pet sign up for a profile on

PetTalez 32 members

PetTalez - Funny Cat Videos, Dog Videos and Pet Photos for Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers and their Petz

PhoenixDogTraining 1 member

Sam Basso is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, providing services to pets and their owners, primarily in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale metropolitan area. He is known for his fun, kind, intelligent, and humane training methods. Lessons are geared towards practical obedience and behavioral modification for companion dogs. is built on a combination of common sense training, scientific principles, animal welfare ideals, and Sam Basso’s unique personal touch. Sam Basso is unique in that his approach to dog training and animal welfare has such a broad appeal. He has appeared on his own TV show, has been a guest radio expert, gives seminars locally and nationally, publishes a dog related blog, and is active in promoting fair laws for dogs and dog owners.

PinkPupsClub 58 members

The Pink Club is comprised by the cutest, smartest and pinkest anipals on Twitter.

PugPack 75 members

Premier Pug Twibe. For Pugs only! How can I bark this nicely...we love ya, humans & friends, but PugPack is for Pugs in their own personas.

Puggle 78 members

We are the cutest hybrid breed on the planet! Woof Woof HoOwWL!!

parrots 74 members

This twibe is for all things zygodactyl. If you love parrots and parrot people then this twibe is for you! Join and squawk!

pawpawty_addicts 109 members

Anipals of all kinds who love to pawty have fun and raise money for any unfortunate anipals without a furever family. You'd be mad not to join us

pets 46 members

For people who enjoy cats, dogs, and other pets.

petsitters 68 members

Professional pet sitters who provide pet sitting, dog walking, and other pet care services.

positivedogtraining 134 members

This group is for modern dog trainers as well as modern dog owners who support humane, kind, and effective reward based dog training. Reward based dog training works by using rewards, positive actions and interactions, rather than punishment or correction to teach a dog what works and what doesn't work.

pugclub 20 members


pughug 13 members

Pughug is an international free hug for all. You dont have to be a pug or an animal to pass it on. Its a free hug and we all love free hugs.


Rabbits_Online 13 members

A place for RO Tweet fanatics to keep up with each other!

Rat_Shack 36 members

Rats and the Rat_Shack

RescueGroups 105 members


Service_Animals 16 members

For anyone associated with service animals/service dogs to get together to discuss anything on your mind.

ShibaInu 15 members

shiba inu world domination will be accomplished if we use our combined shiba mind control. our twibe is a good place to share tips on controlling our human companions.

SiberianHusky 39 members

Siberian Husky lovers unite!


TheBasenjiTwibe 19 members

This Twibe was founded on August 13th, 2009 by @TheHouseHusband (4 Basenji's at my feet). I'll need some help writing this descriptive let's all pitch in and invite other Basenji Families from all over the world.

Twitterkatzen 45 members

Hier treffen sich deutsche twitternde Katzen und Kater sowie deren CCOs


Veterinarians 61 members

a group of fun but hard working veterinarians & some of their friends


WestiesWorldWide 106 members

A clubhouse for all westies and their scottie friends (really black westies!) NO CATS OR MOM'S ALLOWED, EVER!This clubhouse is protected by SnowySecurityServices (SSS) at your service! Ch Skyehigh's Mkc Bonaparte Breed: West Highland White Terrier Best Of Breed, Westminster Dog Show 2013

westie 18 members

If you own a westie or want to own one please join. Be sure to click on my URL link for awesome links & information about Westies.

woofwednesday 79 members

Every dog has its day... and it's called #WoofWednesday! :) Visit for info on the latest #WoofWednesday Giveaway!


kittehs_of_twitter 11 members

Mew! this twibe is for all kittehs of twitter and those who love em!


meowmonday 61 members

#MeowMonday is about giving our feline companions the worshipping they deserve. Visit for the latest #MeowMonday Giveaway!


zoosandaquariums 21 members

Accredited zoos and aquariums are wonderful places of learning and wildlife conservation.

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