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24 15 members

Killing Jack Bauer doesn't make him dead. It just makes him angry.


30rock 15 members

Twibe for fans of the hit NBC sitcom 30 Rock. I WANT TO GO TO THERE!!!


90210 14 members

For all the fans of the new 90210 TV Show on The CW.


AdamsGlamverts 38 members

A fan group dedicated to His Holy Hotness, the Head Glamvert, ADAM LAMBERT!

altporn 23 members

AltPorn.net twitter twibe for tweeps (not twerps) that are involved or interested or entertained by AltPorn.


Bones 187 members

For fans of the tv show - Bones! Bones has been picked up for another TWO seasons by Fox! Yes, not one, but TWO!

Breakdance 13 members

Our people of breaking, locking, popping, beatbox and anything to do with hiphop's 5 elements!

Buffy 250 members

A Twibe for Buffy fans, duh!

badrobot 16 members

Love Bad Robot? Think J.J. Abrams is da bomb? Obsess over LOST and FRINGE? Saw Star Trek XI, even though you never liked Trek before? This is your twibe.

barbie 15 members

For collectors and fans of Barbie!


Comic-Con 101 members

A Twibe for attendees, press, fans and followers of San Diego Comic-Con 2011.


FEMINISTA 33 members

FEMINISTA. The new chic empowerment. Join the revolution!


Gamerchix 99 members

A network for Women Gamers. Wanna join the GamerchiX? All you need are two X chromosomes and an internet connection! Send us email at xlmail@microsoft.com with the subject: XGX.

Ghost_Whisperer 12 members

A twibe for Ghost Whisperer fans :)

Ghostbusters 24 members

For fans of the films, games, or products.

greysanatomy 29 members

We all love "Grey's Anatomy"


House 43 members

huddy_lovers 30 members

A Twibe for House&Cuddy shippers.


KPCS 18 members

Keep track of when your Tweeps talk about the one and only Kevin Pollak and use 'KPCS' in their tweets. Chatshow FTW.


LEVERAGE 49 members

One of the BEST NEW TV SHOWS to come along in years. Catch them on TNT. Plot: Nate & Team steal from wealthy criminals, corrupt businessmen, dirty politicians, and bad guys alike.

LukeandBex_fans 10 members

Fans of Luke and Bex from BB9 UK

leaky 88 members

The #1 site for Harry Potter news and more!


MST3000 12 members

For MSTies: Fans of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV show.

MTV 11 members

Like MTV? Join the Twibe.


OneTreeHill 31 members

Everything related to The CW's Drama, One Tree Hill.

ontd_ai 109 members

The fiercest benches on this planet.

otalia 352 members

Stop by and sign up for our Wednesday Secret Sandwich Seminars! Freeloaders are always welcome. Lattes will be served.


Real 12 members

This twibe was created to assist the Real Church community in communicating...


SaveChuck 175 members

Save Chuck!!!

Smallville 30 members

For all of the Die Hard Smallville Fans out there.

sockmonkey 15 members

Sock Monkeys should rule the world.


TheMightyBoosh 50 members

Come With Us Now On A Journey Through Time And Space! This twibe is dedicated to the worship of the brilliant comedy of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, more commonly known as: "The Mighty Boosh"!

TheOffice 84 members

For anyone associated with or fans of The Office. Come, sit down, have a beet.

torchwood 98 members

Top secret and no oversight (obviously!).


WERQ 75 members

WERQ when the going gets rough. WERQ when victory is yours. WERQ when you dance, when you fuck, and when you live. WERQ when you lead & when you inspire; when you dream & when you desire. WERQ like you have kids to feed, shoes to buy & men to catch. WERQ 4 it. WERQ thru it. When all else fails, WERQ.

Whedonverse 129 members

Fans of the works of Joss Whedon, incl. Buffy, Serenity, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible & Dollhouse, well as his comics (e.g., Astonishing X-Men).

whedonesque 166 members

Can't stop the Whedonesque


dittsche 11 members

Bidde! Bidde! Der Dittsche Stamm. Is ne reine Weltidee.


newsies 12 members

A twibe for fans of the 1992 musical, Newsies! Find fellow fans as well as a community of roleplayers and affiliated sites!


pottercast 196 members

They are all awesome, and like Harry Potter, and podcasts.


ushineishineweshine 15 members

A Movement of people promoting the positive advancement of one another!


youtube 25 members

Every time you post a YouTube video, feel free to share.

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