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backpackinglight (backpackinglight, "ultralight backpacking", superultralight) 29 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for lightweight, ultralight and superultralight backpackers.


Camping (Camping, hiking, outdoors) 81 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For campers of every ilk using tents to RVs. If you love camping this is the Twibe for you!

caravanning (caravanning, campsite, caravan) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This twibe is for people who enjoy the recreation of caravanning and camping in whatever form that takes

CasualGames (CasualGames) 36 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We love casual gameplay in all its forms from tabletop board games and card games, to Flash games and casual game downloads.

cigars (cigars, cigar) 81 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group devoted to cigars and the love of the leaf!


disneyworld (disneyworld) 26 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are all Disney World fans! We visit regularly or just once in awhile. Come spread some Disney World Magic!


fabulousclub (fabulousclub) 39 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are a group of people who know that we are all FABULOUS!


geocaching (geocaching, GPSr, Hobby) 312 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A place for geocachers to get together and see what other cachers are twittering about.


hiking (hiking, hike, trail) 109 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Hikers, backpackers, trekkers, and generally outdoorsy type folks

hunting (hunting, hunt, hunter) 85 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Hunters welcome. Share your passion for the outdoors here. Big game or upland. Bow or shot. Realtree or Mossy Oak. Woods,fields or mountains


kayaking (kayaking, whitewater kayaking, adventure) 56 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We're all about whitewater kayaking. Plain and simple.

Kiteboarders (Kiteboard, kiteboarding, kitesurf) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Kiteboarding is the apex of watersports evolution. For many of us it is an addictive wind driven lifestyle rather than a simple hobby or sport. Join to meet others who ...


MC-Norway (MC-Norway) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Denne gruppen legges ned til fordel for MCno. Kortere hashtag og lett å huske. Bli med der i stedet!

Must-Be-This-Way (MBTW, trek-blog, bpuk) 12 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Micro blogging group for the Must Be This Way blog, at:


naturists (naturist, naturism, naked) 178 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A Twibe for people who have an interest in geniune (i.e. family suitable) outdoor and/or social nudity.


PaddleSports (PaddleSports, kayak, paddle) 74 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For kayak, canoe, sail, & all boat lovers. If you feel any day on the water is better than any day on land, this is your Twibe


recreation (recreation, leisure, recre8) 16 Member(s). Tweet threads.
this is the group for those who make good use of their leisure time to play, have fun, sport a team, participate in a hobby, etc.

RVing (RVing) 153 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Travel trailers, motor homes, popups, vans, etc. Recreational Vehicles are vacation homes on wheels.

rvlife (rvlife, "rv living", camping) 27 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Recreation and Life all intermingled in a box on wheels - RV life baby, now that is living :)


Scooters (Scooters, scooters) 54 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Twitter Twibe for all current and future scooter owners!

scubadiver (scubadiver, scubadiving, scuba) 147 Member(s). Tweet threads.
scuba diver n. One who uses scuba gear in underwater swimming. scu'ba-dive' (skōō'bə-dīv') v., scuba diving n.

ScubaDiversCare (ScubaDiversCare, sdcare, icare) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This Twibe Is For Scuba Divers Who Care! Use Twitter to help save coral reefs worldwide: "In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only ...

seakayaking (kayaking, sea kayaking, adventure) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We're all about sea kayaking. Plain and simple.

Singers (Singers) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A twibe for singers everywhere whether you sing professionally, recreationally or secretly...

skydiving (sky, jump, skydiving) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Skydivers, future skydivers, flying-dreamers, and anyone who wants an inside look at why our sport inspires us so much.

snow (snow, powder, cm) 43 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Snow reports, anyone looking for a snow report. Tweets by Twibe members containing the words snow, powder or cm will appear in this stream.


tweetDC (tweetDC) 17 Member(s). Tweet threads.
scavenger hunt by Agape Campuses - Saturday 9/26, starts at Noon at Kogan Plaza GWU

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