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4eDnD (4eDnD, 4e, RPG) 61 Member(s). Tweet threads.
4e players unite! A Twibe for players of the latest edition of the classic D&D RPG.


acon (åcon) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for Åcon!!


Balticon (balticon) 68 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Memorial Day Weekend - May 28-31, 2010. At Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Baltimore, MD

BattlestarTwitter (BattlestarTwitter, BSG, "Battlestar Galactica") 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
This is a Twibes for ALL fans of "Battlestar Galactica" old and new & "Caprica" to united in their shared interests. Tweet about them and anything related like CDF (Colonial ...

BTL (BTL, bbtl, abtl) 40 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A group for members of Between the Lines Studios - the group bringing you Buffy Between the Lines, Angel Between the Lines, Firefly Between the Lines and more...

BuffyFans (BuffyFans, buffy, joss) 18 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Simple and to the Mr Pointy---Members of this group love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


czechscifigroup (czechscifigroup, sci-fi, czech) 10 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe for Czech sci-fi fans. Just join and include one of the tags in your tweet.


Doctor_Who_Related ("Doctor Who", Torchwood, Tardis) 31 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Anything and everything related to the Whovian Universe and Time Travel...

dragoncon (dragoncon) 117 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US. Dragon*Con 2009 will be held Labor ...


fangbangers (fangbangers, trueblood, c4trueblood) 15 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Twibe to discuss True Blood during its transmission run on the UK Channel 4, at newbie pace. No spoilers please! #c4trueblood

Fantasygeeks (Fantasygeeks, fantasy, paranormal) 187 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For lovers of the fantasy genre. Fans of fantasy books, movies, TV shows, etc. all welcome

Farscape (Farscape) 14 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Fans of Farscape, discuss and share info about the show, characters and episodes.

FireFly (Firefly, BrownCoats, Serenity) 77 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Fans of the TV series Firefly or the film Serenity. Put your Brown coat on and join us.


HarpiLand (HarpiLand) 11 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The sacred land of the followers of @HarpiBizarre - Goddess, Maniac and general life enhancer.


ONTD_StarTrek (ONTD_StarTrek) 217 Member(s). Tweet threads.
1. Go here: 2. Laugh your ass off. 3. Enjoy the GQMFs. 4. Repeat endlessly.


Sci-FiTwitters (Sci-FiTwitters) 341 Member(s). Tweet threads.
for sci-fi lovers

science_literature (#Science_literature, #SciLit, #LabLit) 73 Member(s). Tweet threads.
A meeting point of Science and Literature (not only Sci-Fi or FC!). All welcome as long as interested in the subject. Good tweets! (@LabLit project is highly recommended)

sgmultiverse (sgmultiverse, stargate, dragoncon) 22 Member(s). Tweet threads.
We are the Stargate Multiverse Track at Dragon*con - returning in 2009 for its fourth year! If you are interested in our Track, panels, mega-panels, or just want the latest ...

Stargate (Stargate, SG, SG-1) 29 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Stargate fans group

StarTrek (StarTrek, Trekkie, Sci-Fi) 275 Member(s). Tweet threads.
ATTENTION ALL TWEETING TREKKIES! Whichever is your favourite season, series,fiction or movie! Let us UNITE in our love for Star Trek! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! Not joining this twibe is most ...

supernatural (supernatural) 42 Member(s). Tweet threads.
SnObs worlwide unite!

swse (swse, swrpg, order66) 13 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The premier Twibe for players of Wizards of the Coasts "Star Wars Saga Edition" role-playing and minis games! Also for listeners of The Order66 podcast


tolkien (tolkien, lotr, hobbit) 34 Member(s). Tweet threads.
The Twitter Group (Twibe) for all fans of J.R.R. Tolkien Literature, Films, and other forms of Media.

tscc (tscc, savesarah, nofate) 144 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For all fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Join the fight at

TwitVamps (TwitVamps, vampires, blood) 21 Member(s). Tweet threads.
Home of vampires on Twitter.


urban_fantasy ("urban fantasy", fantasy, book) 39 Member(s). Tweet threads.
For people who love urban fantasy novels. Magical novels and stories set in contemporary, real-world, urban settings. NOTE: URL will be of random urban fantasy sites.

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