Science Twitter Groups


AnimalResearch 13 members

A Twibe for anyone who supports scientists' humane use of animals in biomedical research.

Archaeology 55 members

Archaeology. Archeology. Archaeologists.

Astronomy 133 members

For anyone intersted in Astronomy or Astrophotography.


Bioinformatics 120 members

Anyone interested in computational molecular biology, molecular evolution, computational structural biology, etc.

biotech 268 members

Biotechnology tweeps and topics are growing quickly on twitter. Let's build a group to stimulate important biotech discussions and networking within the group.


CancerResearch 24 members

Frontiers of cancer research

Cosmology 24 members

Obsession of the Universe in its totality and humanity's place in it. Star seeking and theory, physics and awe.

ciencias 14 members

El twittverso de la ciencia en EspaƱol.

cognitive 60 members

This Twibe is for all things cognitive - cognitive science, cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience


Evolution 106 members

A common place where we can all discuss recent findings and topics of interest in the field of evolution


Gay_Bareback_Boys 18 members

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Genomics 116 members

For anyone interested in genomics tweeps and topics. Let's build a group to start discussions and networking in our fields of genomics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology.


Lifescience_Research 30 members

Where members discuss their research and help troubleshoot one another's experimental and theoretical issues

lifescience 17 members

Life scientists and companies that serve them.


Microbial-Genomics 33 members

All things microbial genomics . . .

Microbiology 85 members

A Twibe for discussions and networking around the microbial world. Use any of 7 keywords (microbes, microbe, microbiology, bacteria, virus, archaea, fungi) or post from the Twibe page.

machinelearning 62 members

Researchers in machine learning.

materials 22 members

For those working, active or interested in materials science and associated disciplines including engineering, minerals & mining, packaging, polymers, composites and design.

mechanicalengineering 17 members

The place for useful bits and pieces relating to mechanical engineering

meteorites 100 members

Main Interest: Astronomy,Space, Meteorites (space rocks), Geology, Fossils, MeteoriteMen TV-show! -I'm a Member of the Online Community for the #Meteorite Enthusiasts; Club Space Rock! It ROCKS! *Created by Meteorite man: Geoff Notkin Follow: @GeoffNotkin & @MeteoriteMen Meteorites For Sale:

meteorologists 47 members

This is an organization for meteorologist. It includes meteorologists mostly from the field of broadcast meteorology, but meteorologists from NOAA/NWS or private organizations are very welcome.

microb_jp 107 members

A Twibe for discussions and networking around the microbial world. Use #microb hashtag, or post from the Twibe page.

microscopy 22 members

All things related to microscopy, from grade school education to advanced research.


NASA 170 members

Encouraging participation and collaboration among people interested in NASA and space. News, views, and reviews to enlighten and inform.

Neuroscience 431 members

Aggregating the best neuroscience content on Twitter since 2009. Be a part of the revolution. Great way to find new neuro-geeks to follow.

ngs 10 members

Next generation sequencing and beyond...


Science-Centres 17 members

For Science Centre updates and to swap notes!

Semantic_Web 13 members

The Semantic Web will be a web of meaningful and connected data. A better user-experience and more sophisticated webservices will follow.

Skeptics 187 members

If you appreciate science, you'll approach everything with a generous amount of curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism. There's a lot of bunk in the world these days, and it helps to make an effort to think, question and explore the universe around you! Be a good skeptic, we're not here to troll and be cynical, we're here to help share our enthusiasm and educate the public.

Stemcellresearch 42 members

A forum for anyone interested in following the progress and wonders of basic and applied stem cell research.

sciencecommunication 183 members

For those interested/involved in science communication and the public understanding of and engagement with science.

scientists 627 members

A place for scientwists to meet and engage.


TEDTalks 25 members


Invited to September 21st meeting on using Twitter to Treat Tobacco Addiction at NIH


fsharp 17 members

This group exists for the sole purpose of connecting users of the F# programming language.


immunology 12 members

ipad_bio 22 members


postdoc 19 members

PostDocs unite!

psychology 105 members

Psychology is simply the study of the mind. This includes mental processes ranging from vision to feelings. Members share an interest in the life of the mind.


ufo 26 members

A 'Twibe' for people generally interested in the UFO topic.


visionscience 10 members

Finally, a twitter group that tastes great - and is not as filling as other groups. For vision scientists - eye people, brain people, everyone.

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