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AbrahamHicks 41 members

For the few who Really Get It. Abraham's teachings of Law of Attraction.

AlAnon 15 members

Al-anon provides help and comfort to friends and families of alcoholics.

autisticpeople 14 members

Autistic people, their families, friends, associates... what we know, how we think, how we can be supported


EverythingForWomen 92 members

Everything for Women is for women interested in all issues concerning women: news, health, beauty, body, spirit & mind

enneagram 15 members

Growing into awareness and compassion for self and others through the Enneagram of personality.


FamilyPreparedness 14 members

Proper family preparedness planning and implementation assures family safety and security in uncertain times.


HSPs 51 members

Twibe for HSPs, aka Highly Sensitive Persons(/Souls), to find and support each other in mastering our sensitivity and using it well.


Law-of-Attraction 18 members

A place where we can share stories about being conscious creators and thus UPlift each other! So welcome friends ...

LookOnTheBrightSideOfLife 111 members

Life is too short to take seriously. If you must be serious about something then make it having fun. Smiling is the body's natural feel-good method, it's easy and it's free. This group is dedicated to putting a smile on the faces of those on it. Amusing tales, stories or anecdotes will be posted here, along with uplifting tales of exceptional courage, humility and personal breakthrough. Smile, be happy and pass it on


Meditating 38 members

Meditation is a universal practice. All cultures do it. There are many forms of meditation. You can meditate almost anywhere at anytime in many ways. The more frequently you meditate the more intense the effects become. Meditation brings many benefits – increased focus, improved performance, insight, reduced stress, emotional and physical well being, resiliency, self-control, proactivity in your state of mind, and so many other benefits. It can also create community. That’s what this Twibe is for. It’s a reminder that there are others we have things in common with, who want to share, support, and help. Each one of us can be a part of that. Twitter limits posts to 140 characters. That isn’t a lot of space. To be useful a post has to get to the essentials quickly, describing them in the simplest terms. Part of this process is if finding the right words that make them clear and memorable for you. This usually leads to greater retention (for both the writer and the reader) and makes it easier to act on the insight. Writing reinforces. It’s a form of reliving the experience. It functions similarly to an affirmation or a mantra. Writing your observations down increases retention 74% and makes ideas more actionable. That’s a lot. A Chinese proverb offers this, “We hear and we forget, we see and remember, we do and we know.” There’s an escalating scale of retention – think, speak, write, do. Writing can help the results of meditating in many ways. Reading what others write can give you ideas, confirmation, useful questions, and connection. You’ll find that by having someplace to put your observations and a way to put them to use (for yourself and others) that you’ll have more observations. One meditation practice is to simply observe your thoughts (or actions) without judgment or fixation. There’s a similarity between this practice and making Tweets here. It’s about awareness. You have to be aware to Tweet. If you have someplace to record that awareness, you'll become more aware. The more you Tweet, the more aware you'll become. Here are three types of Tweets I recommend. Meditating. Record your practice or a practice you’ve recently discovered. Questioning. A useful question. Answers not required. Realizing. An insight during or about awareness. Listening. Wisdom found in someone else. A quote. A fact. I'm sure we'll all learn new ways and times to become more aware from each other. I look forward to it. Namaste!

mind-mapping 300 members

Members of this tribe are interested in ways to represent ideas, information and concepts in maps. Join us for hints and exchange of ideas on visual thinking. Ideas on how to benefit from this Twibe are here:


PersonalDevelopment 12 members

The Twibe that's all about becoming a better you.


TwitterholicsAnonymous 13 members

Founded by HirePasha. Twitterholics Anonymous is a Twibe rehab where addicted twitterers can have fun, joke and find advice on Twitter Addiction. No one will be turned away and you can bring your sponsor for support and input. Join Today, and follow Twitterholics Anonymous on twitter at the link above.

twitter-illegitimati 29 members

as it says on the tin @thisstarchild High Priestess @songoftheoss Godfather @the_apostate AntiPope

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