Social Networking Twitter Groups


AcumenU 26 members

We're students and professionals who identify with the Acumen Fund's mission of solving global poverty through transformative businesses. We want to lead a tribe for social enterprise.

AgileDotNet 13 members

This is a twibe to bring all people in the .Net community together that have an agile state of mind.

AutoFollowBack 41 members

You can follow all members of a Twitter List, then be received follow back within 24h.

aReallyGoodeJob 76 members

This Twibe exists to foster community amongst aReallyGoodeJob applicants and other folks interested in following the tweets of the applicants.

alltwittertools 42 members

Tools that will help you to optimize your Twitter experience!


Blacksburg-VA 15 members

Twibe for those that live or visit Blacksburg, Virginia. Home of Virginia Tech.

BlogTV 66 members

BlogTV Members

BoomerNetwork 35 members

Group for those aged 47-64 in 2010. There are 80 million of us in the US, and we remain center stage in this nation's economic, political, and cultural life!

Bordeaux 33 members

Amis bordelais et girondins, bienvenue à tous !

bigmouthmedia 34 members

bni 16 members

Members (past, present or future) of Business Network International #bni

boards 27 members

Members of, Ireland's biggest and best discussion and conversation website.

brisbanebusinessowners 46 members

Brisbane Business Owners on Twitter! A place where we can connect, communicate, find resources and local business contacts.

btub 54 members

Brisbane Twitter Underground Brigade


CSInext 15 members

Spreading the word about superior communication in the construction community

Care2 7 members

This twibe is for the community to connect and share.

CommerceServer 32 members

Dedicated to Microsoft Commerce Server fans

canberratweeps 10 members

Canberra twitterers

cashmoneyblackdivas 24 members

Looking for THE black Mistress/Goddess/Boss you truly want to serve and submit financially. Understand these ladies are all about getting and making their money.... so dont waste their time.

christianbloggers 19 members

We are Christians who blog. :) You do not have to be a member of our blogroll to join our twibe.

chubut 12 members

Grupo de usuarios en la provincia de Chubut, patagonia Argentina.

churchcomm 114 members

Connecting point for church communicators, artists, video producers, writers, strategists, new media, etc.


DCTH 15 members

DCTH is Design Community Twitter Hours. The aim is to get the world community of designers involved in a weekly discussion about just that.

DChomos 21 members

Durban 16 members

A group for all the Tweeps from Durbs and surrounding areas :)

danielluis 30 members

Twibe de apoio a Daniel Luís (@dissidencias) na sua luta pela liberdade de expressão. Assinem a petição!

distortedmediaproduction 18 members

students collaborate in media production and research

dmo 12 members

members share and discuss insights about tourism and destination marketing



Social network for expats,international business people, individuals and families with multicultural background or living abroad

Eastsiders 24 members

This is the Twibe for the Eastsiders on Twitter group at Eastside Entrepreneurs.

EtsySellers 123 members

A twibe for people who sell on Etsy!

EuroRSCG 53 members

A place for all social media experts and enthusiasts at Euro RSCG Worldwide to join together and collaborate

Extremadura 41 members

Twibe sobre Extremadura. Todo lo que escribas sobre Extremadura será publicado en nuestra Twibe.

elpaso 10 members

Connecting El Paso/Fort Bliss. Information sharing

emergencymanagement 16 members

Connecting to Emergency Managers across the globe.

evfn 10 members

East Valley Friday Nights. Where all the cool kids and Twitter all-stars hang out after a long week. The venue moves each week. Join the yahoo group and recommend places and be the first to hear where it's happening this time.

exSOI 18 members


Facebook 45 members

A Twibe for people who love Facebook.

FollowFriday 42 members

Founders 160 members

This group is for twibe founders (people who have started other twibe groups). This twibe for discussing issues like promoting your twibe. It is not necessary to tweet to join this group. If you are signed in, and are the founder of a twibe, you will be automatically added.


HSA 18 members

For all members of

Healthcamp 22 members

HealthCamp Foundation. Co-ordinating Health Care transformation events for Patients & Docs using SocMed, Open Source, Best of the Web/Mobile

HollisTwitterArmy 85 members

Use Twitter for business? Want PR for your company? I NEED YOU FOR MY "TWITTER MARKETING: HOUR A DAY" BOOK! Join & track #HTArmy for all the details!


IFLA 87 members

An informal non-official group for twittering attendees at the International Federation of Library Association's conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hashtag: #IFLA2010

InvisionPowerBoard 11 members

Group for Invision customers to gather around to send tweets for the software.

itweetfrompete 23 members

If you live, love, laugh and tweet in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, please join!


JusticeLeague 26 members

We Fight TwitterCrime. We don't do Capes. Decoder Rings on order. We So Rule.


Kurds 38 members

Kurds and friends of Kurds


LatinaBloggers 43 members

We are influential, driven, passionate, storytellers, mamás, professionals and bloggers united through our heritage. Latinas.

LetsGetSocial 152 members

Networking group for Social Media Managers and Social Media Assistants

LinkedLocal 21 members

We are members who network network within the Linked Local concept, building business, resources, and human capital within local areas across a national scope.

linkedin 38 members

USE social network LINKEDIN ?


MaiTai 23 members

group site / communications site for MaiTai 2010 on Maui

Marbella 12 members

Join our growing community in Marbella & connect to anothers. Find out the latest buzz from the hip & happening Marbella.

MetaReciclagem 14 members

Critical appropriation of all kinds of technologies.

MilwaukeeTweetups 47 members

All the Milwaukee Tweetup tweets in one place ~ So you'll always know where to meetup with your MKE tweeps

merapi 15 members

mommybloggers 263 members

We're mommies. We're bloggers. And that about covers it.

mullen 66 members

We want to bring big creative ideas to the social media/networking platforms and the brands that are learning to use them.

mvo 16 members

mydiggmates 18 members

This is a place for diggers to share their stuff now shouts are gone (RIP shouts)


NavigatingChange 33 members

Group of diversified innovators working thru seismic world changes and helping others.

Ning 22 members

An online service to create, customize, and share a social network.

newfriends 2 members

Somehow involved in new friends parties? Here is a twitter group so we can chat.


OPS 45 members

OPSers connecting, learning and sharing

OakvilleBusinessNetwork 11 members

If you're interested in growing your business then join this group of business entrepreneurs who meet in Oakville, to build our companies through creating strong relationships, networking and referrals.

OneEyedPicClub 12 members

For people that have one eyed images as profile pics


PDXers 10 members

We are a Portland, Oregon based singles boardgame night. We meet the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

PakistanSM 17 members

This twibe is a listing & networking hub for all Pakistani Social Media participants regardless of their geographic location in the world.

PlurkersAnonymous 33 members

A list of all those who are addicted to Plurk!

pinoy 74 members

Open to all Pinoys irregardless of geographic location and/or ethnic background. Whether you have any Filipino heritage or not, brown skin or yellow, singkit or pango. So long as you are interested in meeting other people with a strong sense of Pinoy Pride, this Twibe is for you.


ROCC 16 members

Aside from the Volturi, the #ROCC (ReaL OlympiCullens Coven) is the largest & most powerful coven

RealFlorists 74 members

We are Real Florists who own brick and mortar flower shops. When you need floristry designs call a Real Florist. 800flwrs and etc are order gatherers(brokers) who charge extra to send orders to Real Florists. Google search 'florist,town,state' to find a Real Florist.

rp20 18 members

Tribu en relations publiques et médias sociaux-RP 2.0- PR 2.0 Twibe. Merci de participer. Thanks for joining.


SBTC 12 members

A group for those interested in the work the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. Missions, Church Planting, Cooperative Program, Church & Ministry support.

SMCdallas 53 members

Social Media Club of Dallas. "Social Media Club hosts con­ver­sa­tions that explore key issues fac­ing our soci­ety as tech­nolo­gies trans­form the way we con­nect, com­mu­ni­cate, col­lab­o­rate and relate to each other."

SOBCon09 17 members

Sarah 10 members

Serbia 42 members

Serbia is a twibe group made to gather in one place all Twitter users born or/and living in Serbia

SoFresh 88 members

Social Fresh is your opportunity to learn how to make the social web work for real business

SocialMediaConversation 14 members

Social Media Conversation - Just like it sounds. a place for all who interesting to learn about social media, to join and participate in the conversation via Twitter.

Squidoo 121 members

Content creators from Squidoo unite ~ Squidoo addiction not required but it helps! Share your lenses with other lensmasters.

scrumdev 82 members

For users of Scrum and those just beginning to use Scrum. A focus on the fundamentals of what makes for great collaborative behavior across the people, technologies.

socialcrm 17 members

Discuss SocialCRM and the changing crm landscape and how it can and will enhance and extend traditional crm.

socialmarketingmedia 15 members

Social marketing online

socialmedia 1115 members

Review a social media technology, or recommend a new one!

socialnetworking 15 members

We share information about how to best utilize social networks for business, marketing, community building and just for fun.

stltwitter 310 members

For those active on Twitter and in St. Louis, MO

sugarcrm 17 members

The place for SugarCRM related communcations. You're welcome to join if you are a sugarCRM expert, partner, user.


TasteCasting 40 members

We are all members of a fast growing group of socially networked and social media savvy people who are assembling teams around the country to help establishments get the word out about their restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, cafes etc.

ThePhonesexSpace 73 members

Phone sex fantasies and phonesex fetishes explored daily. Create your free adult social network profile today!

TwitterMastery 23 members

A place to meet and share with others who are interested in learning how to properly use Twitter as a marketing tool!

thedomesticdiva 15 members

Mom turned professional blogger dishes daily about products she loves, vlogs about being a tech-savvy diva as well as offers up moneys saving tips and how to tricks for your domesticated life.

twittTAB 49 members

Twibe para twitters de Villahermosa, Tabasco


VegasRez 14 members

This is a Twibe for Vegas Residents only. VegasRez. Get it? Let's tweet-it-up!!

VegasYP 15 members

Vegas Young Professionals (VYP) is a division of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and our members are individuals between the ages of 21-39. VYP was formed in March of 2006, and we're happy to announce that we exceeded 1,000 members in December of 2007. We are the largest young professionals organization in the state of Nevada, and pride ourselves in being the ideal organization to make new business contacts, to gain a unique perspective on the Southern Nevada business community, and to further your professional development.

ViewpointsinTwitterville 18 members

At Viewpoints we write reviews on ANYTHING except for porn, firearms and illegal drugs. We have an opportunity to interact w/others by joining discussion boards, reading reviews, commenting and voting, and writing blogs. Want to share an opinion about something with others? Then come on over to Viewpoints where my motto is "Live, learn, love, and laugh" and in doing that you can make new friends along the way. Viewpoints got this "Girl In the Bubble" out of her comfort zone and I am loving it!

vivatamils 11 members

I am fasting since 11AM - 03 Mai 2009. Calling for Immediate & Permanent Ceasefire in Sri Lanka and Emergency Relief for my People in No-Fire-Zone. pls RT and JOIN ;)


WacoSMB 13 members

Individuals from from Waco and surrounding cities, who meet once a month for breakfast. Discussions on Social Media.

Web2EU 58 members

Europeans expanding the web2iverse You can post longer items at These will be relayed onto twitter via @Web2EU.

WildlyCreativeWomen 10 members

Women embody the sacred feminine and are, by design, wildly creative. This isn't about making art, it's about being vibrantly life affirming for all of life.

welshbloggers 13 members

I've had an idea. It may fall flat on its face but it may be worth a try. Basically I'm thinking of setting up a social meet up along the lines of the 'Skeptics In The Pub' idea. A 'Welsh Bloggers In The Pub' would meet up a couple of times a year and would serve to improve relations, promote better communication and give bloggers a chance to socialise in the real world. As well as that, taking another idea from 'Skeptics In The Pub' there could be special guests and competitions (jelly and ice cream as well if that floats your boat). It would also give some of us the chance to get out of the house and have a couple of pints.

westmidlands 6 members

For people in the West Midlands


gayandlesbiantweeps 46 members

A place to network and make friends with other Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Tweeps


ustream 12 members

This should attract all in the community. Broadcasters lets do this, UNITE!


yyj 140 members

YYJ is a list of Victoria BC locals connecting through twitter - Join here for information and invitations to Local AM & PM Tweetup's

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