World Twitter Groups


2012 17 members

Doing all I can to let people know the possibilities for 2012 - not all gloom and doom


Albuquerque 10 members

Anglophiles 12 members

A Twibe for people who love everything about England (and Great Britain too.)

AppreciativeInquiry 14 members

We see the world as a mystery to be embraced, not a problem to be solved.

austriansabroad 33 members

Twitter group of Austrians abroad - Auslandsösterreicher auf Twitter.


BeTheChange 36 members

------------------------ !!! BE THE CHANGE !!! ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ Are you a change agent? Want to discover what it's like to make the world a better place? Then, this is the place for you. Being the change requires that we embody change itself. To do this, each of us must surround ourselves with a community of others that can provide us with encouragement and supportive feedback. To Become The Change: * Know WHY you want change. * Understand WHAT it means for that change to happen. * Time WHEN the change can best occur. * Find WHO you want to ally with. * Consider WHERE the change can best serve. * Practice HOW the change needs to emerge. Paradise is real. Let's discover it and create the change that is needed to get there. But we must do it together. Paradise, here we come! ------------------------ !!! BE THE CHANGE !!! ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------

BlogBlastForPEACE 42 members

November 4, 2012 Bloggers from all across the globe will blog for peace. We will speak with one voice. One subject. One day. Join us! Facebook Fan Page

Bucky-Fuller 86 members

The home of Bucky Fuller's friends on Space Ship Earth


Cambridge 27 members

A twibe for people who live in Cambridge, UK and surrounding environs.

cardiff 14 members

A group for Cardiffians. Simple.

cyprus 20 members

Everything Cyprus related is welcomed!


Denmark 20 members

Should be from/live in Denmark

Deutsch 17 members

Eine Gruppe in der sich die Deutschen Twitterer zusammen finden können.


FairTrade 130 members

This is a group dedicated to promoting Fairtrade and all of the good that it entails.

France 124 members

Everything and anything to do with France!

French 20 members

French lovers unite!


HistoricPreservation 41 members

Historic Preservation enthusiasts and professionals joined to share information concerning preserving the best of the built environment!

hellas 40 members

The greek group from hellas!

hoteliers 21 members

A place to meet hoteliers


Israel 25 members

The home for Israeli Twitter users.


Localization 15 members

People interested in localization, global marketing, global product adaptation, linguistics and world cultures.


MadeinMalta 16 members

I thought I'd set up a Twibe for those of us Made in Malta or Made of Maltese :)

Mendoza 10 members

Grupo para twitteros de Mendoza (ARG).


Norwich 15 members

For anyone living in or connected with the fine city of Norwich, England.

noypi 32 members

We are certified "Proud Pinoy", Dito natin makikita kung ilan tayong pinoy sa twitter. Magparami tayo! GO NOYPI! SPECIAL THANKS to @renzoalmario


PEACE 84 members

November 4 Bloggers,Tweeters and FB users from all across the globe will. We will speak with one voice. One subject. One day. Join us! Info at FB Fan page


Socialinnovation 19 members

Social Innovation: novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. A social innovation can be a product, production process, or technology (much like innovation in general), but it can also be a principle, an idea, a piece of legislation, a social movement, an intervention, or some combination of them.

space 101 members

All things space & Earth & in between. NASA, commercial space, space industry, space geeks, dreamers, explorers. Welcome space tweeps!


WomensRightsAdvocates 12 members

This Twibe is for anyone who supports the advancement of women's rights and gender equality in our world. Join our Twibe, meet other Twibers, and let's work together to spread the message for gender equality! Here are some common hashtags used for women's rights tweets: #VAW = Violence Against Women #GBV = Gender Based Violence #FGM = Female Genital Mutilation Also: #Women, #WomensRights, #WomensDay (on International Women's Day), and #HumanRights Thanks for being a part of our network!


ethnography 44 members

A Twibe for ethnographers and anyone interested in ethnographic field research.


travelblog 229 members

A community of travel bloggers sharing their ideas, tips and advice.

traveldudes 18 members

love to travel, to discover the world, to travel free and untroubled and still be informed like an insider. The motto: For Travelers, By Travelers!

trendsetters 10 members

Supportimg The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The fight against breast cancer. Encourages young Americans to vote. The fight against HIV/AIDS/STDS. KEEP IT 100!!!


urbanism 163 members

The geography of cities, urban design, landscapes. History, theory, and politics of urbanism and urbanisation.

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