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Cnc Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "cnc".

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cadcam3d cadcam3d 1,054 followers
Bio *Seventeen hundred design stories and counting* 3D CAD CAM CNC - product & architectural design software, service and support - based in Sydney, Land of Oz
Location Sydney
Other lists:  3d, pro-engineer
CNCCookbook Bob Warfield 362 followers
Bio Developed G-Wizard Software for CNC Machinists
Location Santa Cruz, California
Web http://www.cnccookboo...
Other lists:  manufacturing, metalworking, software
WeldDotCom 183 followers
Bio is an industry resource dedicated to bringing industry leaders together into 1 easy-to-navigate website. Visit to register for a free listing.
Other lists:  consultant, metalworking, startups, welding, weldingschool
cnctoolkit Rab Gordon 36 followers
Bio Build, develop and advise on the creative use of CNC machinery and software. Author of the CNC Toolkit - a free, open-source multi-axis CAM plugin for 3DS Max.
Location Loch Ness
Web http://www.cnc-toolki...
Other lists:  3dsmax, innovation, machineshops, manufacturing, technology
warjames james barter 17 followers
Bio None
Location None

Other lists:  stargate
FanucTutor Fanuc Tutor 16 followers
Bio Cnc programmer and qualified fitter and turner. I write blogs to teach people how to program Cnc machines.
Web http://cnc-programmin...
Other lists:  fanuc, machining, metalworking, milling, programming, turning

Other lists:  gaming, videogames
NODSOLDIERGIRL (1 on this list)
m3ga0n3 (3 on this list)

Other lists:  thesims3, cnc_community, bfheroes
RyanTheHeretic (1 on this list)
pcnerd37 (2 on this list)

Other lists:  podcast
MajorTom617 Major Tom (1 on this list)
Bio I play video games.
Location Seattle
Web http://Xbox Live's Ma...
CNCNZcom (5 on this list)
warchef (1 on this list)


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