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Comicbooks Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "comicbooks".

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sweattshop Dennis M. Sweatt 8,485 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Artist^, Web master, Comic book creator, Father. Yes, my last name is really Sweatt.
Location Tracy, CA
Web http://DennisSweatt.c...
Other lists:  artist, blogger, california, illustrators
TheGodless T.M. Mackiewicz 1,114 followers
Bio Atheist, death metal guru, robot guitarist, comic book addict, skeptic, child abuse fighter, & family man.
Location Oklahoma
Web http://thegodless.wor...
Other lists:  atheism, atheist, deathmetal, freethinker, godless, humanist, rationalist, skeptic
D_MacPherson Dwight L. MacPherson 967 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Cantankerous comic book creator, writer, editor. Creator/writer of Zuda Comics' SIDEWISE and the Award-Nominated Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo series.
Location The United States of America
Web http://dwightmacphers...
Other lists:  comics, creator, humor, webcomics, zuda
blakestevenson blakestevenson 574 followers
Bio Creative Person (web/graphic designer and Illustrator)
Location Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Web http://www.jetpacksan...
Other lists:  design, graphics, illustration, movies, music, socialmedia, web, webdesign, websites
EnemyOfPeanuts Jim Gibbons 551 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Dark Horse Comics Publicity dude, lover of comics and hater of peanuts. (Art by Dan Hipp)
Location Portland, OR
Web http://enemyofpeanuts...
Other lists:  beer, brewing, buffy, comics, darkhorse, hellboy, pdx, portland, starwars
comix martha johnston 538 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Podcast addict & Grandmother
Location Arizona

Other lists:  anime, audiobooks, manga, photography, sciencefiction, stephenking
GeekRest GeekRest 521 followers
Bio Film + Comic Book Aficionado. Designer, Social Media Strategist and Editor-in-Chief at
Location Orlando
Web http://www.geekrest.c...
Other lists:  autofollow, comics, gaming, tech, videogames
ranma711 Roderick Cardwell 391 followers
Bio One day I really will put something here.
Location ÜT: 43.424472,-80.445031
Other lists:  warhammer40k, lego, anime, starwars
Din0dessa AllissaSaurus 356 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Doin big thangs.
Location Cali
Web http://www.allissacer...
Other lists:  anime, art, artist, designer, dinosaurs, gamer, mlg, music, videogames
kelface Jason Kelley 313 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Podcaster and sporadic blogger. Into comics, tech, general geekery.
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Web http://www.schindlers...
silran666 Manuel Rangel 211 followers
Bio Latino, Artist, Clubber, would be Entrepreneur, Bartender, Lover, Friend, LA transplant and Social Media Aficionado
Location Salt Lake City, UT
Other lists:  clubarea51, coffeeconnecton, comicartist, salt_lake_city, saltlakecity, saltlaketweeps, slc, slctweeters, socialmedia
Man_Tips Manny McManly 211 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Daily inspiration and words of wisdom from Robert E. Howard's famous leading men! Here to help you become a pinnacle of manliness!
Location Where action meets adventure.
Web http://www.darkhorse....
Other lists:  action, adventure, barbarians, combat, comics, daring, manhood, manliness, virility
NyxNine John Michael 128 followers
Bio Digital artist specializing in creating graphic novels. Creator of the black ops character NYX Goddess of Night [Mother of Death].
Location Sunny Arizona
Other lists:  3d, digitalart, photoshop, poser
sketchmaven Sketch Maven 116 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Sketch Maven is the premier marketplace where fans can buy and sell original comic art. Follow us on Twitter for our comic art page of the day!
Location Santa Clara, CA
Web http://www.sketchmave...
Other lists:  art, art-collecting, comic-art, comic-book-artist, comic-books, comics, deals, original-art, sketches
leafenegg Michael Gary Wirth 97 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Stinkin' it up since 1980. I am a trained graphic designer and an amature writer.
Location Someplace, New Jersey
Other lists:  freelance-writers, webcomic, bloggers, sketchcardartists, newjersey, writers, graphic-design, illustrators, zazzle-peeps
comicsbin Moss 58 followers
Bio Everything I know, I've learned from comic books...
Location Portland, OR
Other lists:  comic-books, comics
Valor95 Cailla
Bio I am a country Girl ,50%fangirl,50% geek,I am obsessed with Heroes and Peter Petrelli
Location North Carolina
Other lists:  PeterPetrelli, heroes, finalfantasy, nathanpetrellifans

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