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Conservative Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "conservative".

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nansen Nansen Malin 146,872 followers (183 on this list)
Bio Passionate about politics,technology,beach life,salmon and creating change.Former Alinsky student who does conservative politics.Mom of 4.WA GOP ExecBoard
Location Seaview WA
Web http://www.seaviewwa....
Other lists:  education, politics, republican, society
Radioblogger Duane Patterson 136,973 followers (40 on this list)
Bio Producer of Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, blogger on the Hughniverse, pesterer of @ev, according to web reports, winner of track & field gold medal.
Location Southern California
Web http://www.hughnivers...
Other lists:  blogging, gold, media, politics, radio
brooksbayne brooks bayne 110,001 followers (145 on this list)
Bio satirist, entrepreneur, technologist, music producer, melter of faces utilizing molten guitar riffs, slayer of myth, debunker of hogwash. american. foodie.
Location two weeks from everywhere
Other lists:  celebrity, entrepreneur, foodie, guitar, music, politics, satire, socialmedia, tcot
stephenkruiser stephenkruiser 100,236 followers (139 on this list)
Bio Conservative comedian & writer. Single dad. Runner. Reader. Sports and social media freak. Really like people who don't agree with me.
Location West LA
Web http://www.stephenkru...
Other lists:  blogger, comedians, comedy, politics
coffeemaverick David J. Morris 100,182 followers (24 on this list)
Bio David J. Morris CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Entrepreneur, Stuntman, Husband, Father, Servant & Conservative. but lover of ALL people! God Bless Everyone!
Location Tacoma, WA
Web http://www.dillanos.c...
Other lists:  beverages, ceos, christians, coffee, entrepreneurs, food, leadership, politics, ypo
mikepfs mikepfs 98,547 followers (26 on this list)
Bio Husband , Father,Christian, Conservative , Tech Geek #TCOT
Location So. Calif

Other lists:  audio-books, baby-boomers, christianity, fathers
TheDigitalLife Rick Abbott 77,051 followers (96 on this list)
Bio Christian Conservative home-schooling dad, Kentuckian, elder, in love with wife and kids! #TCOT - N8HMR
Location Mammoth Cave, KY
Web http://www.TheDigital...
Other lists:  blogger, christianity, fathers, politics
RightWingNews RightWingNews 63,237 followers (184 on this list)
Bio The official Right Wing News, Viral Footage, Linkiest Twitter feed.
Location Wilmington, NC
Web http://www.rightwingn...
Other lists:  politics
KatyinIndy Katy 62,105 followers (214 on this list)
Bio Cogito, ergo sum conservative. WE NOT ALL IMMIGRANTS! My family here since 1635! Jefferson: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. #tcot #gop
Location USA
Web http://katyinindy.blo...
Other lists:  national-rifle-association, pro-life, stoptheliberalsnow, tcot
ShamelessShamus Shameless Shamus 56,183 followers (27 on this list)
Bio Shameless Shamus is the bad-ass conservative sales dude defending right-thinking and helping you put more bux in your pocket with his irreverent sales advice.
Location Nevada City, California
Web http://ShamelessSales...
Other lists:  advice, business, business-development, business-networking, channel-marketing
MarkRMatthews Mark R Matthews 55,118 followers (170 on this list)
Bio #TCOT! I am a very conservative Attorney/Professor with a wonderful wife and seven wonderful children.
Location Fountain Valley, CA
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  attorneys, children, law, lawyers, tcot
ChadTEverson ChadTEverson 51,449 followers (121 on this list)
Bio #Grizzly Grizzly Groundswell Raku Clay Handmade Tile and Mosaic Artist and Conservative Activist, Founder of & Theodore Media LLC, Jo
Location Princeton, MN
Web http://www.grizzlygro...
Other lists:  blogger, ceramics-and-pottery, flooring, handmade
Torch762 John Ashford 50,920 followers (15 on this list)
Bio Blog: Midlife Motorcycle Madness. Enjoy Everything Motorcycle Related!
Location Bedford,TX
Web http://midlifemotorcy...
Other lists:  biker, blogger, christian, firearms, motorcycle, nra, tcot, writer
bambenek John Bambenek 43,237 followers (24 on this list)
Bio Infosec guru, author, conservative writer and policy advisor. Author of two books.
Location Champaign, IL
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  activist, author, gop, illinois, politics, republican, tcot, teaparty, tlot
larrylanier Pro Monopoly Player 40,124 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Troublemaker enhancing the lives of others.
Location Savannah, Georgia
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  associations-organizations, atlanta, chess, executive, faith, fundraising, georgia, soldier, trouble-maker
RightWingAngel Traditional American 40,048 followers
Bio Frmr elected official (I'm all better now, thanks)Conservatarian, Freedom Lover, Wisdom seeker, Mom, Christian, Artist. Politics, news inspirational!#TGDN
Location On cloud9 Alis volat propriis

Other lists:  arts, business, christian, health, homeschool, inspiration, motivation, politics, teaparty
RichardDParker Richard D Parker  39,658 followers (75 on this list)
Bio Conservative. Creative. Entrepreneur. Like Helping People. 7 Grandchildren. Married to Same Lovely Lady 38 Years. Love my Church – First Baptist Dallas.
Location Dallas Texas
Web http://www.richarddpa...
Other lists:  baptist, christian, creative, creativity, embossing, photo-stampers, rubber-stamping, seals, stampers
Newfederalist1l newfederal 33,978 followers (66 on this list)
Bio Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Conservative activist taking America Back!! Find me on linked in as well
Location Los Angeles
Web http://www.newfederal...
Other lists:  activism, graphic-designer, tcot, webmaster
ACPundit Alamo City Pundit 33,949 followers (46 on this list)
Bio Reagan Democrat, Displaced Hoosier, Mad Social Scientist; Zen Christian, Israel Friend, Psych/Dialysis Nurse, Blogger, #TCOT Editor, 9-12er. God Provides.
Location Beautiful San Antonio TX
Web http://jdlong.wordpre...
Other lists:  democrat, nursing, politics
michellemalkin michellemalkin 33,885 followers (190 on this list)
Bio American. Conservative. Mom. Wife. Blogger.
Location USA
Web http://www.michellema...


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