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Conservativesunite Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "conservativesunite".

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RandyInman Randy Inman 6,377 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Conservative writer mostly about sports, football, outdoors, politics and North Carolina. If you spam my DM’s with links I won’t follow you.
Location North Carolina
Web http://www.associated...
Other lists:  conservatives
beulahgg Beulah Garrett 5,203 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Cagora Founding Member-A conservative great-grandmother to many-still working and trying to be an entrepreneur :) #TCOT
Location RGV of South Texas
Web http://riograndevalle...
Other lists:  conservative, tcot, teaparty
zzap Pearce H. Delphin 4,516 followers
Bio A barely legal teen, social media whore & manic expressive. Good at drinking vodka, hacking & misanthropy. Lover of politics, coffee & you! I'm fun; let's talk!
Location Melbourne, Australia
Web http://ʒ.net
Other lists:  australia, etsy, followback, libertarian, melbourne, politics, socialmedia, tcot, tlot
mossinterest Edward Snyder 4,280 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Ministry through writing. Christian is, as Christian does. Christian does not mean coward to tyranny #TCOT
Location Houston, Texas
Web http://biblicalintegr...
Other lists:  bible, christians, cureforpoverty, palin
JohnTalleos John Talleos 2,434 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Hartford Conservative Examiner
Location Waterbury Connecticut
Other lists:  tcot, NewEnglandConservative, tcot, newenglandconservative
Sir_Templar Sir_Templar 2,095 followers
Bio Conservative, Freemason, IT Professional, Knight Templar, Christian, Hermetic, Rosicrucian, Philosopher
Location Montgomery, AL
Web http://philosophersto...
Other lists:  KnightsTemplar, freemason
DallasJordan Dallas Jordan 1,211 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Artist, sculptor, Conservative and long-time high functioning idiot and sheeple herder! Where's my staff?
Location Kansas
Web http://au55teiger.blo...
tracman2 Bill Wayne 1,198 followers
Bio we are gunowners and concealed carry license holders in the Great State of Texas Grandson is beginning the journey toward becoming a safe gunowner and hunter
Location North Texas
DennyWarren Denny Warren 606 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Conservative, Christian, Amateur Radio, Photography, Racing Fan, Former Homeschooler - Anti-Socialist, Nationalist
Location Everywhere
1pointofview chad story 570 followers
Bio one of a kind...IT Professional, Conservative, open minded, tree hugger, father, husband, attempted role model, #tcot
Location Franklin, TN
mrlargo David Little 293 followers
Bio I'm a cranky libertarian! Congress needs to be reminded that they work for us. Then Congress needs to be purged. Ditto for the Senate Grrrr....
Location Las Vegas
Web http://davey-bloggy.b...
Other lists:  libertarian
leandrodamazio Leandro Damazio 107 followers
Bio This has been a motto of mine: there are some things that happens and some things you make happen, that's the difference between having a plan and not to have.
Location Joinville, Santa Catarina

Other lists:  christian, climatechange, communism, gop, obamafail, palin, palinbeck2012, prolife, tcot
commodoreboyd Crystal M. Boyd 101 followers
Bio I have long had a fear that I will turn down Jimmy Stewart because I want Cary Grant and end up with Rock Hudson.
Location Las Vegas, NV
reland1 Duliece Melton (5 on this list)
Bio Jesus loving wife, gun-totin granma, mother, JBS, retired medical professional. Love God, Family & Country. #DRIPusa, #R3s #clc #txtcot
Location Republic of Texas
Other lists:  christians, conservative, guns-firearms, r3publican, tcot

Other lists:  conservatives
Manawind Jeremy Schneider
Bio Compurter and video game enthusiast, also leads a life as a fire mage on world of warcraft.
Location Kansas City Metro
Web http://manawind.blogs...
Other lists:  linux, worldofwarcraft
IrishShamrock (1 on this list)

Other lists:  christians

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