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Creativity Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "creativity".

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creativecommons creativecommons 106,428 followers (22 on this list)
Bio Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of ©.
Location We're international.
Web http://www.creativeco...
Other lists:  nonprofit
4giv Pseeker of Meanings 92,890 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Into Everyday Philosophy, Isolated Sociology, Lightweight Psychology in particular, and Simple-minded Life in general.
Location Somewhere carnal over 40 winks
Other lists:  arts, books, meditation, novels, philosophy, poetry, psychology, quotes, writers
Andrew303 Andrew Richardson 80,669 followers (31 on this list)
Bio I'm the Creative Director at Amnesia Razorfish (part of Razorfish Global) I like story telling with pictures in a browser, necrophilia & setting creatives free
Location Sydney
Other lists:  socialmedia, tech, web
modeling22 M Twentytwo 78,989 followers (32 on this list)
Bio Coordination For Film, Commercials Production In Thailand. Passionate about Media & Entertainment Industry, Fashions, Tech, Creativity, Productivity & Jazz
Location Bangkok,Thailand
Other lists:  business-services, dogs, entertainment, fashion
zakaraya I.zak 53,327 followers (6 on this list)
Bio Everything i tweet may be wrong.
Location Melbourne , Australia

Other lists:  blogging, graphicdesign, marketing, music, networking, quotes, socialmedia, twitter, writer
ChrisSpagnuolo Chris Spagnuolo  50,157 followers (25 on this list)
Bio Zen guy, creative mind, cyclist, and most importantly, husband and father. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. 
Location Fort Collins, CO
Web http://www.edgehopper...
Other lists:  biking, tech
successwalls Success Wallpapers 45,419 followers (32 on this list)
Bio I create and provide free, high-res inspirational wallpapers focusing on a large and growing variety of topics on success, motivation, and self-improvement.
Location Wisconsin
Web http://successwallpap...
Other lists:  art-galleries, aspiration, graphic-designer, inspiration
juliasmola Julia Smola 44,072 followers (9 on this list)
Bio I enjoy examining trends, brands, market news, social events and rumors for the purpose of realizing what is going be next.
Location US
Other lists:  adventure-travel, books, branding, conferences-events
RichardDParker Richard D Parker  39,658 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Conservative. Creative. Entrepreneur. Like Helping People. 7 Grandchildren. Married to Same Lovely Lady 38 Years. Love my Church – First Baptist Dallas.
Location Dallas Texas
Web http://www.richarddpa...
Other lists:  baptist, christian, conservative, creative, embossing, photo-stampers, rubber-stamping, seals, stampers
LisaCollierCool Lisa Collier Cool 37,055 followers (43 on this list)
Bio Bestselling author/awardwinning journalist. Specialties: health, pets, inspiration, true-life drama, past prez, ASJA; mom of twins + 1, loves dogs & tennis.
Location Westchester, NY
Web http://www.lisacollie...
Other lists:  dogs, freelancer, health, journalist, journalists, pets, writer, writers
DesignPepper Design Pepper 32,907 followers (20 on this list)
Bio Wordpress, shopify, design, coding, copywriting, blogging, social media, & creative inspiration
Location New England
Web http://designpepper.c...
Other lists:  cms, copywriting, wordpress
allancurtis Allan Curtis 32,811 followers (17 on this list)
Bio I absolutely love life and promise to live it fully. Ask me about ORGANIC MARKETING!
Location Brighton, MI
Web http://www.insights-g...
Other lists:  entrepreneur
bpinaud Bruno Pinaud 32,423 followers (3 on this list)
Bio I like to do things: Advertising creative, shortfilm director, TV 2.0 maker: Tweeting the coolest videos of the world. Have fun.
Other lists:  fun, web
CraigKausen Craig Kausen 30,892 followers (22 on this list)
Bio Just one guy livin' the dream... Father of 4, Chuck Jones' grandson. Art biz guy, Computer Engr, Listener of Wisdom, Creativity Seeker,Smile, it's contagious!
Location California
Web http://blog.chuckjone...
dcrblogs Dan C. Rinnert 30,433 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Chihuahua lackey, rubber stamp maker & sporadic scifi writer motivating people to believe, act & achieve by viewing life with wit, wisdom & engaging creativity.
Location Ohio
Web http://www.dcrblogs.c...
Other lists:  rubber-stamping
WritingSpirit Writing Spirit 29,408 followers (26 on this list)
Bio Julie Isaac. Creator/host of #WriteChat, Sundays 12-3pm PST. Founder of the WritingSpirit Book Writers Community. Tips to unleash your writing/promotion genius.
Location Marina del Rey, CA
Web http://blog.WritingSp...
Other lists:  author, creativity-coaching, freelance, twitter
PaulKSaunders Paul Saunders 28,685 followers (13 on this list)
Bio A committed Beatles fan, check out my daily blog
Location Denver
Web http://www.thebeatles...
k0zm0zs0ul Cori 24,808 followers (12 on this list)
Bio Ghost Writer Extraordinaire, Music Lover, Mother Of Two Rowdy Boys!
Location Orlando, Florida
Web http://www.writesynta...
Other lists:  copywriting, music-marketing
bigredspark Mark Hopkins 23,705 followers (9 on this list)
Bio I make replicas of antique items produced many years ago that are hard to find. First Aid Kits too.
Location Stone Mountain, GA
Web ...
Other lists:  information
ShowerThinker ShowerThinker 23,409 followers (5 on this list)
Bio We're a husband and wife who are shower thinkers. We needed to save ideas we get in the shower. We developed AquaNotes®. Follow our venture!
Location Grand Haven, MI
Web http://www.myaquanote...
Other lists:  business, creative, entrepreneur, innovate, innovation, innovator, showerthinker, thinking, writer


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