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Daughters Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "daughters".

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V_Simmons Vanessa Simmons 145,245 followers
Bio First Daughter Of Hip Hop
Location Outta This World
Other lists:  family
MichaelHyatt Michael Hyatt 44,377 followers
Bio CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, avid blogger, husband to @GailHyatt, father of five daughters.
Location Franklin, TN
Web http://michaelhyatt.c...
Other lists:  ceo, leadership, presidents, publishing
AppleInvestor Ernie Varitimos 41,866 followers
Bio Loving husband and Father of 2 beautiful girls, Techno-Geek, Market Analyst, Apple Evangelist, Love Ridgebacks and Martha's Vineyard, Sports Fan, Zen Buddhist
Location Sharon, MA
Other lists:  baseball, buddhism, dogs, independent-contractors
MaxLucado Max Lucado 38,016 followers
Bio Father of three daughters. Husband of great wife. Counting on heaven to make sense of this earth. (Sorry, I don't respond to Twittered inquiries.)
Location San Antonio
Other lists:  green!
stevejankowski Steve Jankowski 33,294 followers
Bio Christian,Husband, Father of 4 daughters, Attorney, Ret Marine, Online Marketer, Self Branding teacher, and totally determined dude
Location Minnesota
Web http://www.seolidify....
Other lists:  attorneys, branding, entrepeneur, lawyers
PeterAbbott Peter Abbott 26,330 followers
Bio Fitness & Health Coach working hard to reduce Child Obesity - what Former President, Bill Clinton called * The single greatest tragedy facing our society today
Location UK
Web http://children-and-o...
Other lists:  alternative-parenting, babies, health-coaches, parenting
StacieinAtlanta Stacie H Connerty 22,281 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Mother of 3, Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Blogger, Social Media Junkie, Entrepreneur, Tech Geek - Into Marketing, Fundraising, PR, Traveling - Eternal Optimist
Location Atlanta, GA
Web http://www.thedivinem...
Other lists:  aunt, babies, fundraising, mom
trafficisgold Joshua Landsberg 18,168 followers
Bio I am passionate about SEO | Social Marketing | Blogging | Wordpress. Living a good life in Los Angeles with my wife and daughter. *Can't read my DM's*
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://trafficisgold....
Other lists:  cms
tigw9598 Robert Elliott 17,702 followers
Bio Married. Living with my loving wife, 2 daughters, & 5 chihuahuas. Real Estate. eBay, Business Opportunities. IT, LOA
Location Chicago IL
Web http://tigw9598.wordp...
rhysdavies Rhys Davies 16,712 followers
Bio Hey, my name is Rhys Davies! Im 17, a school dropout, run a very successful business, have a daughter and love life right now!
Location Wales
Web http://mafiosomarketi...
joelcomiskey joelcomiskey 16,547 followers
Bio I’m a follower of Jesus, husband, father of three daughters, and author of 21 books primarily focused on life-giving small groups (connected to cell church).
Location Moreno Valley, California
Web http://www.joelcomisk...
DonSchnure Don Schnure 16,110 followers
Bio Rabid BMW fan, dad, husband, ecommerce shopping cart provider, guitar hero wannabe, entrepreneur and did I say rabid BMW fan? ;)
Location St. Louis, MO
Web http://1AutomationWiz...
leebo1010 Lee 15,980 followers
Bio Mission: loving mom, amorous wife, sweet daughter, make-your-small-biz-soar-consultant, save the earth for my spawns, bread winning-super woman!
Location iPhone: 32.654869,-97.058067
Other lists:  business-intelligence
Clijsterskim Kim Clijsters 15,782 followers
Bio Mother, wife, sister, daughter, tennis player - I have many aliases ;-)
Location Bree, Belgium
Web http://www.kimclijste...
Other lists:  sister, tennis
FrankCarillo Frank Carillo 14,991 followers
Bio Bassist for Grammy winner John Cruz, Waikiki entrepreneur, Lover of Christ, Wife Ruth, Life, daughter Kim, Residual and Passive Income.
Location Waikiki, Hawaii
CALLOMES Colin Allomes 14,271 followers
Bio Scorpio,Business on Line,Carbon Copy Pro,Cattle Farmer,Seven Daughters! One Corvette. Hawksbay. New Zealand.
Other lists:  agriculture, cattle, livestock
awakeningaimee Aimee Pilz 14,001 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Mom Entrepreneur w/teen daughter, Jewelry, Live & Work w/ Med Doc, Social Media, Trends, Blogger, Tech, Spiritual, Friend, Intuitive, Creative, Funny, Animals
Location Dallas, TX....Texas...Global
Other lists:  crafts, jewelry, teenagers
MichaelAMartin MichaelAMartin 13,346 followers
Bio I Love My Daughter Madison!
Location Roseville, CA
Web http://www.MichaelMar...
TheWomensMuseum The Women's Museum 12,851 followers
Bio Women's history museum highlighting heroines and stories from 1500 to the present. My name is Alyssa and it's nice to tweet you!
Location Dallas, TX
Web http://www.thewomensm...
Other lists:  art-galleries, associations-organizations, history, nonprofit
SilverLiningSG Silver Lining 62 followers
Bio SILVER LINING, lifestyle magazine for 45+. For a sterling lifestyle!
Location Singapore
Web http://silverlining.c...
Other lists:  aging, dining, fashion, health, lifestyle, magazine, mothers, sports, travel


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