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Documentaries Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "documentaries".

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terrymyers Terry Myers 10,757 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Blurring the line between geek and cool!
Location Jefferson City, MO
Web http://isitjustme-mye...
Other lists:  cool, funny, sexualspirits
Fennos Fenno Verdaasdonk 1,784 followers
Bio LOOKING FOR A JOB IN: Innovation,Creativity,Strategy,Entrepreneurship,Imagineering,Music,Branding,Change-Management,(Online)Media,IT,Gaming,Film-making,People..
Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Other lists:  art, branding, businessstrategy, creativity, imagineering, innovation, marketing, media, socialmedia
TungstenMonkey TungstenMonkey 1,206 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Production Company. Documentary and Feature Films focusing on social & cultural issues. Working on the release of @acrookedline
Location New Orleans, LA
Web http://www.tungstenmo...
Other lists:  films, indb, indy, movies, neworleans, screenwriter, social-awareness, sxsw, writer
defaultmovie Default Movie 799 followers
Bio Default: The Student Loan Documentary Documentary Film about Student Loans
Location San Francisco, California
Web http://www.defaultmov...
Other lists:  activism, austerity, college, education, film, indiedocs, millennials, progressives, studentloans
editextreme Ian Pearson 793 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Toronto video editor, artist and SGI Buddhist interested in filmmaking, music, EFT, Final Cut Pro, Apple, video production, politics, enlightenment.
Location Toronto, Canada
Web http://www.editextrem...
Other lists:  buddhism, eft, filmmakers, filmmaking, finalcutpro, musicproduction, toronto, videoediting, visualarts
ACrookedLine A Crooked Line 354 followers (2 on this list)
Bio A Crooked Line is a soon to be released documentary by @TungstenMonkey that follows a 20 year old boy to the ends of the earth to combat his drug addiction.
Location New Orleans, LA
Web http://www.acrookedli...
Other lists:  addiction, documentary, drugs, film, imdb, movies, neworleans, producers, sundance
ThomasMaddens Thomas Maddens 316 followers
Bio Documentarian - Editor - Cinematographer at @UNOCHA & Epicity Pictures. DSLR Nerd. 2012 reel:
Location New York City, NY
Web http://www.epicitypic...
Other lists:  cinematography, dslr, editing, film, filmmaking, music, news, rock, travel
NeverForgottenD Never Forgotten 171 followers
Bio We need your help to finish this documentary that exposes the human side of immigration in the US-Mexico border. Thank #socialjustice #kickstarter #Immigration
Location San Diego, CA
Other lists:  activism, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, detentioncenters, dreamact, immigration, kickstarter, neverforgotten, socialjustice
PBWIFF PB Women's Film Fest 30 followers
Bio PBWIFF is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to producing a world class film festival that will inspire, promote and support women filmmakers.
Location Palm Beach County, Florida
Other lists:  filmfestival, filmmaker, films, shorts
sothisisithuh Steve Smith 23 followers
Bio None
Location None

Other lists:  arthouse, cinema, film, filmmakers, filmnoir, independent_film, movie, movies, movies-filmmaking
MissMakisi M Mak 22 followers
Bio I am currently studing a Master of Teaching (Primary) at Catholic Uni. and so far, it's great learning new ideas, strategies regarding teaching.
Location Sydney
Web http://theteachingjou...
Other lists:  education, faith, family, food, gadgets, learning, music, photography, reading
PainMD Gregory A Smith MD 22 followers
Bio Medical Director and Founder of the GS Medical Center/Comprehensive Pain Relief Group and the NESP program to treat prescription narcotic addiction
Location Los Angeles
Web http://painreliefgrou...
Other lists:  addiction, pain, physician, socialmedia
RichardDunkley The Silver Footprint 21 followers
Bio 'The Silver Footprint' is a documentary film about Robin Bell, the greatest Master Printer alive! DVD available in Nov.
Location London
Other lists:  artofphotographyshow, blackandwhitephotos, documentary, film, filmmakers, filmmaking, photographicart, photography, printinghistory
ucheaanene Uchecha 21 followers
Bio Cool cat.
Location Swansea, Wales
Other lists:  food, hotels, money, music, parties, politics, sports, teamfollowback, travel
Duckydoo Devan Harral 2 followers
Bio You're only young when you're young
Location Irving

Other lists:  universalsexuality
monanicoara (3 on this list)

Other lists:  sexualspirits
LisaMurray (1 on this list)

Other lists:  filmmaker, AssertivePackLeaders, ihavedreamsdammit

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