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Economics Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "economics".

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davos World Economic Forum 1,361,881 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Official Twitter account of the World Economic Forum, best known for the Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters (@Luefkens @amonck tweeting)
Location Davos, Switzerland
Web http://www.weforum.or...
Other lists:  business, entrepreneurship, meetings-events, twitter
NYTimeskrugman Paul Krugman 107,204 followers (8 on this list)
Bio Economics and Politics: The Conscience of a Liberal, an NYTimes blog by Paul Krugman
Location New York, NY
Web http://krugman.blogs....
Other lists:  liberal, media, news, nytimes
kevincottrell Cottrell Realty 84,919 followers (9 on this list)
Bio Leading Real Estate Media and Economic Expert, I share current and breaking news and critical info focused on real estate, financial/mortgage markets
Location St. Louis, MO
Web http://blog.cottrellr...
Other lists:  accounting, coach-professional, financial-advisors, foreclosure-short-sales
theeconomist The Economist 78,977 followers (15 on this list)
Bio Official site for The Economist. Follow for web-only article postings, updates from the weekly new edition and events
Location London
Web http://www.economist....
Other lists:  conferences-events, events, meetings-events, news
andilinks Andi Silver 29,826 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Economics Politics News Cloward-Pivenia delenda est
Location TX. Marxists out of N America
Other lists:  economy, politics, social-science
michaeljohns Michael Johns 24,657 followers (12 on this list)
Bio Health care executive, Tea Party leader, conservative commentator. Former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst. (609) 670-8142.
Location Suburban Philadelphia, USA
Web http://michaeljohnson...
Other lists:  business, conservative, foreign-policy, healthcare, politics, public-policy, tea-party
patrickdixon FUTURE Patrick Dixon 24,593 followers (8 on this list)
Bio FUTURIST, 12 MILLION VISITORS WEB, 1.6m video views, author 12 books. RANKED ONE OF 20 MOST INFLUENTIAL BUSINESS THINKERS IN WORLD (2005). Keynote Speaker
Location FUTURIST: visits 54 NATIONS
Web http://www.globalchan...
Other lists:  activism, banking, business-intelligence, business-writing
edskimin edskimin 22,557 followers
Bio Co-own a 10-person Internet consulting firm; offices in Elyria and Columbus, Ohio. Interests include technology, design, media, business, government, economics
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Web http://www.EmergeInc....
Other lists:  government, social-science
dambisamoyo Dambisa Moyo 22,145 followers (15 on this list)
Bio Economist, recently featured in TIME 100, and Author of 'Dead Aid : Why Aid is Not Working and How There is A Better Way for Africa'
Location London
Web http://www.dambisamoy...
Other lists:  associations-organizations, conservative, economic-development, libertarian, non-fiction
SteveWoda Steve Woda 21,722 followers (5 on this list)
Bio CEO & Co-founder of KidSafe. Founder of buySAFE. Entrepreneur. eCommerce. Mobile & Internet Safety & Security. Economics. Surety Bonds. Wharton MBA.
Location Arlington, VA, United States
Web http://www.stevewoda....
Other lists:  business, ecommerce, entrepreneur, marketing, security, socialmedia, technology, twitter, vc
dexin dexin 19,524 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Interested in Entrepreneurship, Crowdsourcing, Cloud Computing and Macro Economics.
Location Mountain View, California, USA
Other lists:  cloud-computing, entrepreneur
EMPOWERnet Darry, Darold Turock 13,258 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Passionate Adventurer. Visionary Ideas. Historical Understanding and Future Trends on Human Economics. Funny Guy and Smart Ass!
Location Olean, New York
Web http://www.Possibilit...
BullishChina Lawrence Wang 12,632 followers (8 on this list)
Bio Focus on China, mainly economy,finance,Web2,TED
Location London/Beijing/Shanghai
Web http://BullishChina.c...
Other lists:  swimming
WebVixn Cyndi Smith 12,549 followers (2 on this list)
Bio By night:coder-designer-webmaster-DreamWeaver-jQuery-SEO-PHP. By day: mom-chef-writer-Longhorn - i.e.:zombie! Back into tennis,horses & belaying w/my family
Location Silicon Valley, CA
Other lists:  adobe-photoshop, aerospace-aviation, developer, math
ajupresident AJU President 11,718 followers (2 on this list)
Bio President of Andrew Jackson University and The People's Economist
Location Birmingham, Al
Web http://www.takeeducat...
Other lists:  economy
econaddict John Dean 11,394 followers (7 on this list)
Bio Economist.
Location Tucson AZ

Other lists:  economy, finance
EconMatters EconMatters 10,669 followers (10 on this list)
Bio Analysis of Global Macroeconomics, Markets, Commodities. Check out FB page
Location Universe
Web http://www.EconMatter...
Other lists:  business, commodities, economy, finance, investing, news, oil-gas, stocks, trading
VF_Top Viewsflow 10,481 followers (4 on this list)
Bio The former is now Viewsflow. Lauching October 2009.
Location London, UK
Web http://www.viewsflow....
Other lists:  business, finance
michiganbiz Michigan Business 9,349 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Michigan Business News | local small business news, economics & finance
Location Michigan
CrossRefSearch Fred F. Meijer 9,304 followers (1 on this list)
Bio You should follow The Connection on Twitter. Share the interaction with food, health, digital commodities, economics and social marketing!
Location The Netherlands
Web http://www.crossrefse...
Other lists:  search


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