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Editing Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "editing".

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ichabodmedia Brandon Mitchell 2,243 followers
Bio Film, Web Design and pretty much all media.
Location Portland, OR
Web http://www.ichabodmed...
Other lists:  animation, art, drawing, film, graphics, inspiration, media, sports, webdesign
booksandcorsets Alyssa Smith 1,055 followers
Bio Editor at a NY publishing house, reviewer, convention organizer, avid costumer, and owner of several demanding parrots
Location New York
Other lists:  book, books, crafts, editor, parrots, publishing, reviewer, reviewing, sewing
ericamayer Erica Mayer 1,015 followers
Bio WCCO Television writer/producer/editor/blogger |||fan 'o social media and kitten mittens. **
Location Minneapolis, MN
Other lists:  advertising, directing, newage, postproduction, producing, television, tv, video, videoediting
mwikramanayake Marisa Wikramanayake 662 followers
Bio I'm a science journalist for @SNWA and a freelance editor. In my spare time I write novels.
Location Fremantle, Perth, WA, 6160
Other lists:  blogger, editor, journalism, journalist, news, reporter, science, writer, writing
RQuig412 RQuig HQE ViD &Photo 587 followers
Bio Direct & Edit #Music #Videos 4 Artist on a BUDGET #Pittsburgh #PhotoShoot #BUDGET High, Quick, Quality,Entertainment #HD #MusicVideo 1080P HD Vid
Location PITTSBURGH 412
Other lists:  artists, autofollow, beats, models, music, photography, producers, random, video
benbellabooks BenBellaBooks 562 followers
Bio Dallas-based publishing house that specializes in intelligent non-fiction and creative and innovative marketing
Location Dallas
Web http://www.benbellabo...
Other lists:  books, dallas, marketing, nonfiction, publicity, publishing, texas, writing
AmyResearcher Amy 431 followers
Bio freelance researcher | writing projects | INTJ | books | education/literacy | travel | family | real food & great wines | liberal arts | kill your TV
Location Denver, Mac, and iPhone
Other lists:  books, education, literacy, publishing, reading, research, travel, wine, writing
pinkbagels pinkbagels 426 followers
Bio INFJ, B-, Secretive Anarchist
Location Canada
Web http://314CrescentMan...
Other lists:  amwriting, author, fiction, publishing, reading, webfiction, weblit, writer, writing
thestoryspot THE STORY SPOT 426 followers
Bio For writers and the editors who love them.
Location Los Angeles, California
Web http://the-story-spot...
Other lists:  editor, fiction, novels, reading, screenplay, screenwriting, script, writers, writing
loganaa Ashley Logan 408 followers
Bio College graduate. Writer. Activist. Feminist. Lover of language and literature. Exploring life and all it has to offer.
Location Columbia, SC
Web http://missredefine.w...
Other lists:  activism, books, creativity, equality, feminism, publishing, volunteer, writer, writing
RareBirdCreativ Stephanie Lowder 375 followers
Bio Intelligent, strategic creative to help clients sell & grow community
Location Hendersonville NC
Web http://www.rarebirdcr...
Other lists:  communications, decor, design, interiordesign, interiors, marketing, publicity, socialmedia, writing
ThomasMaddens Thomas Maddens 316 followers
Bio Documentarian - Editor - Cinematographer at @UNOCHA & Epicity Pictures. DSLR Nerd. 2012 reel:
Location New York City, NY
Web http://www.epicitypic...
Other lists:  cinematography, documentaries, dslr, film, filmmaking, music, news, rock, travel
Seagman Secret Agent Man 303 followers
Bio Query and Manuscript Submission Do's and Don'ts . . . from a Literary Agent
Location Southern California
Web http://www.secretagen...
Other lists:  publisher, publishing, writing
javajnkie javajnkie 295 followers
Bio A CA ♀ who fell into a vortex & landed in WV.Once thought a neurosci PhD would lead to a magnum opus.Although I loved the lab,writing pays the bills now. Life=Δ
Location Almost Heaven, West Virginia
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  art, basketball, music, photography, poetry, poets, science, writers-editors, writing
dadalevrai ⚛ cadrage ⚛ 180 followers
Bio i'm a videomaker for Narco Tv & Pelican Fly / Love niews stuff & make party
Other lists:  arts, belgium, bruxelles, music, pelicanfly, video
EricDalen Eric Dalen 165 followers
Bio Fiction Writing Tips and miscellaneous fun stuff from a writer, author, novelist . . . and ghost.
Location Aliso Viejo, CA
Web http://www.ericdalen....
Other lists:  publisher, publishing, writing
AskAuk Miranda Waugh 160 followers
Bio Writer, artist, digital junkie and creative communications nut. I help other people communicate what they do. I also keep bees.
Location London
Other lists:  blogger, design, green, illustration, photography, socialmedia, web, writing
AliseRamey Alise Ramey 135 followers
Bio Tweeting about editing, writing, social media and marketing.
Location Ontario, Canada

Other lists:  canada, editors, freelance, freelancer, ontario, toronto, writers, writing
BestColorVideo BestColorVideo 130 followers
Bio Content Creator & Brand Engager in Victoria BC. for Video Production, Web & Social Media services to a wide range of clients - Guitar Hero in spare moments
Location Victoria BC
Web http://www.bestcolorv...
Other lists:  business, film_transfers, marketing, photos, social_media, victoriabc, video_production, weddings, yyj
noelcamille Noel Gardner 101 followers
Bio Video, Photography, Social Media & The occasional rant blog.
Location Chicago,IL
Web http://www.noelcamill...
Other lists:  filmmaking, photography, socialmedia, technology


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