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Evolution Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "evolution".

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aricochet Byron Conway 31,715 followers
Bio Failed scientist, loves cooking, flying and photography, pretending to be in branding until the screenwriter comes out.
Location Sydney

Other lists:  branding, marketing, mythology, philosophy, screenwriting, socialmedia, storytelling
TheLeakeyFndtn TheLeakeyFoundation 29,632 followers
Bio To increase scientific knowledge, education and public understanding of human origins evolution, behavior and survival.
Location San Francisco, CA
Web http://leakeyfoundati...
Other lists:  africa, anthropology, archaeology, eco, grants, humanorigins, nature, primates, science
joshuamcclure Joshua McClure 21,941 followers
Bio Innovative marketer and world shaker. Current obsessions are Craigslist marketing, SEM and evolution of social media.
Location Austin
Web http://joshua-mcclure...
Other lists:  austin, consultant
ebenpagan Eben Pagan 15,916 followers
Bio EVOLUTION. Interested in brain science, psychology, raw food, great music, challenging myself, philosophy, yoga, changing the world. You know, normal stuff...
Location Santa Monica, CA
Web http://ebenpagan.word...
Other lists:  philosophy, raw, yoga
randallhaws Randall W. Haws 10,410 followers
Bio Programmer Developer ActionScript Flash Flex AIR VB PHP .NET Director of Interactive Services Development Musician Marketing Networking Social Media
Location Dallas, Texas USA
Web http://www.randallhaw...
Other lists:  adobe-flash, animation, audio-production, php
t Tantek Çelik 9,130 followers
Bio barcamp bicycler buildingblocks climber cultural evolution gtd hacker independent microformats nerdy optimist pescatarian scientist skeptic
Location Pacific Time Zone
Other lists:  hacking
feelgoodguru feelgoodguru 6,131 followers
Bio lifestyle curator, vegan consultant, feel good guru always striving to inspire evolution and trying to keep on groovin' with the woowoo
Location Los Angeles, CA (33.985380,-11
Web http://www.feelgoodgu...
DonnaMWells DonnaMWells 5,679 followers
Bio The Evolution of Solution Providers
Location Georgia
Web http://wellsblueprint...
1alfred 1alfred 4,992 followers
Bio Tech enthusiast, blogging research, Human evolution analyst, social networking enthusiast
evolutiontree Tree of Life 4,197 followers
Bio Balance and Harmony, Biology, Tree of Life, Creation, Evolution, Celtic Art and Folklore. World Tree, Sacred Tree and Messages from the Gods
Location Pennsylvania
Other lists:  biology
WorkforBooks WorkforBooks 3,990 followers
Bio The Evolution of Social Networking! Connect College students to Odd Jobs for Extra Cash! Earn Cash For Referrals Too! Need A Pro? Got those too! Workforbooks
Location Charlotte, NC USA
Web http://workforbooks.c...
yourgenealogy Your Genealogy 3,868 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Genealogy, Ancestry, Genetics, Biology, Evolution, Languages.
Location New Zealand
Web http://[ unsafe link ...
Other lists:  biology, genealogy
BEMagazine BEMagazine 3,650 followers
Bio Editor-In-Chief of BE Magazine-BE Entertained Magazine is the Evolution of Entertainment!
Location iPhone: 33.705776,-84.359779
Web http://www.BE-Enterta...
DoctorGraffin Greg Graffin 3,577 followers
Bio Anarchy Evolution, Punk Professor, and Bad Religion
Location Urban and Rural
akaMERMAID Tammy Suitor 3,550 followers
Bio Entrepreneur, photojournalist, mother, web-dabbler, insatiable reader, sunset junkie, enjoying the evolution of life and ALWAYS thinking outside the box...
Location Pacific Coast
Web http://www.beachweddi...
Other lists:  photojournalism
manualforliving Manual For Living 3,440 followers
Bio Author David Chernoff, Manual for Living, Meaning of Life, Spirituality, Evolution, Fulfillment, Truth, Understanding, Balance, Prosperity, Purpose, Passion
Location Colorado
Web http://www.davidchern...
LaVarHenry LaVar Henry 2,954 followers
Bio Author, Poet, Internet Marketer, Business Professional, Books Written: My Pain, My Passion, My Poetry and Poetic Evolution
everythingipod Apple iPod Guy 2,681 followers
Bio Delivering the coolest and freshest iPod & iPhone videos, news, articles and related deals on iPod accessories and gadgets! Watch the evolution of the iPod!
Location North America
Codies Codemasters 2,667 followers
Bio We make and publish cool computer games :)
Location United Kingdom
Web http://www.codemaster...
Other lists:  games, gaming, videogames
TruthAscension Gerald Benton 2,556 followers
Bio Dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. Too much has been hidden from us.
Location Seattle
Web http://321f46wwsb0sgt...


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