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Fantasy Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "fantasy".

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STARBURST_MAG STARBURST Magazine 10,803 followers
Bio The UK's longest running Sci-Fi magazine - First Published 1978 - News & Reviews Constantly updated - New Issue Published online on the 14th of each month!
Location Planet Earth
Web http://www.starburstm...
Other lists:  comics, entertainment, films, horror, movies, sciencefiction, scifi, television, videogames
JakeJackson451 Jake Jackson 7,572 followers
Bio SF/fantasy writer, creator of practical music books, musician/songwriter, artist, father. EP Jakesongs on iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify etc.
Location London, UK
Web http://thesefantastic...
Other lists:  amreading, amwriting, fantastic, sciencefiction, songwriting, speculativefiction, writing
Uurte Uurte Jewelry FIN 6,216 followers
Bio Entrepreneur. Jewelry artist, designer. Interested in musical instruments, arts and outdoor sports. I answer E-mails and @mentions. I don´t send autoDM´s.
Location Finland
Other lists:  art, artist, business, design, designer, entrepreneur, fashion, jewellery, jewelry
talktokrista ✜Ƙяιƨтα'ƨ Ƨɛ∂ʋcтισи✜ 3,386 followers
Bio Ɖɛvιαnt Ƭease•Ɯittʏ•SugarBabe•Flirty•Bratty•Virtual Girlfriend• I ❤ Єxploring & Ɖiscovering Kinky|Єrotic|Ғetishes|RP|MIC|Sexting|Email|Phonesex Sessions Avail!
Location Ƴour Ғantasies & Ɯet Ɖreams
Web http://www.talktokris...
Other lists:  hottie, married_and_looking, masturbation, naughty, phone, phone_sex, phonesex, phonesexblog, sex
avvin Avvin Skorceni 3,225 followers
Bio фантастика, фэнтези, проза, стихи, поэзия, шутки, книги, Science fiction, fantasy, fiction, poems, poetry, Jedi, Jokes, humor, books
Location Rivne, Ukraine
Web http://avvin.livejour...
Other lists:  art, books, humor, jokes, literature, russian, socialmedia
ebonstorm Thaddeus Howze 2,826 followers
Bio Speculative fiction | epic fantasy author, consultant, polymath, autistic, iconoclast, humanist and creator of worlds.
Location Hayward, CA
Web http://ebonstorm.word...
Other lists:  astronomy, horror, politics, science, scifi, spaceopera, technology, writing
AoifeJoyce Aoife Joyce 2,405 followers
Bio Artist, Creative, Happy, Easy Going, Loves the Countryside, Green Tea Fan, wants an adorable St. Bernard very soon....
Location Dublin
Web http://www.aoifejoyce...
Other lists:  angels, art, artist, artistic, creativity, drawing, fairies, ireland, painting
KinkyKarnival ♥ Orias Bastet ♥ 2,350 followers
Bio ☠♺ Fetish model, sex symbol, nerd scientist, volunteer, risk takr, love makr, porn producer, smut slut, dork gamer, kink performer, bdsm whore, world travelr ☣☢
Location FL, NYC, DC +✈
Web http://oriasbastet.we...
Other lists:  bdsm, bondage, domination, humiliation, roleplay, spanking, teasing, tickling, torture
Uva_Be Uva Be Dolezal 1,882 followers
Bio Writing 365 page a day sci-fi novel on my blog to be read — also ❤ to read. I have too many greenish ideas & often accidentally make art —
Location San Francisco, California
Web http://odetoimpossibl...
Other lists:  art, fiction, green, reading, scifi, writing
LiaKeyes Lia Keyes 1,699 followers (4 on this list)
Bio British writer Lia Keyes pens tales of murder, magic, mystery and mayhem for teens with curious minds. Host: #ScribeChat on Thursdays (6pm PT/9pm ET)
Location Palos Verdes, California
Other lists:  writer, writers, ya
ElanaJ Elana Johnson 1,452 followers (1 on this list)
Bio YA author, repped by Michelle Andelman. My debut novel, CONTROL ISSUES, will be published by Simon & Schuster in Summer 2011.
Location PG, UT
Web http://elanajohnson.b...
Other lists:  author, dystopian, sciencefiction, writer, writing, ya, youngadult
Impala1958 Larry Henderson 1,106 followers
Bio W/M age 52 live in Texas 5'8, 178lbs, contact me anytime
Location Texas

Other lists:  cock, fucking, handjobs, masterbating, oralsex, orgasm, sex, vagina
BobBentz Bob Bentz 1,004 followers
Bio Experienced entrepreneur with expertise in mobile marketing, IVR, SEO, internet. WVU Moutaineers, Eagles, Phillies fan. Baseball coach, fantasy sports blogger.
Location Philadelphia
Web http://www.advancedte...
Other lists:  baseball, internet, ivr, marketing, mobile, qrcodes, seo, text, websites
leapetra Mari Miniatt 807 followers (2 on this list)
Bio My debut novel Fledgling is out now. A dark, urban, vampire fantasy. No sparkles and plenty of blood. Also a retail drone, mother, wife, and loves good rock.
Location Central New York
Other lists:  horror, indeauthor, sci-fi, urban-fantasy, vampires, writing
FantasyClay Susan 611 followers
Bio Polymer clay and world domination, together at last
Location  New Jersey
Other lists:  anime, artfire, computers, dragons, guilds, newjersey, polymerclay, scifi, selling
Scott_Kessman Scott Kessman 586 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Scott Kessman, author of The Tales of Tanglewood - a fantasy adventure influenced by Irish and Celtic folklore. Sprites, Fae, Druids, fairies and more.
Location New York
Web http://www.talesoftan...
Other lists:  authors, fiction, writers
RhondiVilott Rhondi Vilott 456 followers
Bio Author of The Magickers, YA 'Unicorn Dancer' and interactive ebooks, the Dragon Roads. More than 50 novels in print--f&sf, thrillers. Thanks for listing!
Location Southern California
Other lists:  author, ebooks, interactive, kindle, reading, writer, writing, ya, youngadult
sandykidd sandykidd 454 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Non-Fiction and Art Editor @
Location Boston, MA
Web http://crossedgenres....
Other lists:  art, fiction, make, non-fiction, science, scifi, write
renamcgee Rena McGee 417 followers
Bio Freelance writer and anime/fantasy/science fiction blogger. Web Graphic Design student. Member of the Amazon Associate Program.
Location Phoenix, AZ
Web http://renam2.blogspo...
Other lists:  anime, books, manga, sciencefiction
russviola RussellViola 309 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Writer, avid reader and world traveler. Working on my second novel.
Location Germany
Web http://www.russviola....
Other lists:  author, fiction, haiku, novelist, poet, storyteller, urbanfantasy, writer, writing


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