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Feminist Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "feminist".

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attheheartofit Hugs w/ Love 4every1 3,624 followers (3 on this list)
Bio ☺ Hugs! At the heart of it, we'll follow any1 who'll follow us (patience) because love will make a better world. Everyone deserves a hug with love☺ ♥

Other lists:  art, celebrity, follow, love, media, music, news, socialmedia, women
lovepeaceandjoy Freeschool Community 3,468 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Freeschool + Activist Women + Blogger Podcast.Love &RMC2011+ZMI Reunion, Reviews of DIY Art Music Zines Writers Comedy Film - Love 4 All :)
Web http://www.PeaceCommu...
Other lists:  activism, activist, art, education, love, olympia, progressive, socialmedia, women
summerm Summerm 2,054 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Opinionated, liberal, dreadlocked, tree-hugging, wanna-be farming, breastfeeding, homebirthing, homeschooling, pro-choice, feminist mama.
Location Elk City, OK, USA / Route 66
Web http://findingsummer....
Other lists:  alternative-parenting, green, mother, natural-parenting, oklahoma, writer
TylerBorchers Tyler Borchers 1,532 followers
Bio Intern @TPM, former research scholar @VoinovichSchool, student of journalism & communication @OUHTC @ohiou, political blogger at heart & mediaite at play.
Location NYC
Web http://tylerborchers....
Other lists:  bloggers, culture, funny, journalism, liberal, media, news, politics, writers
blueskylink Love... & Bike Rides 1,325 followers
Bio If you'll follow, we'll follow you. Thanks. Creating women's equality & peace. Love, Peace & Beautiful Bike Rides. You are loved.
Web http://www.blueskylin...
Other lists:  bikes, blogger, film, love, music, musician, portland, socialmedia, video
MorgaineSwann Morgaine Swann 978 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Progressive Political Blogger ; Bipolar Poet-Painter-Priestess; APPLE/MAC fanatic; Witch with a captal W
Location Eastern, KY
Web http://the-goddess.or...
Other lists:  activist, art, blogger, pagan, priestess, trueblood
CrissLCox Criss L. Cox 961 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Just another girl with a laptop and a lot to say. Every now and then the talk involves my uterus and my right to control it. And other aspects of my life.
Location Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Web http://blog.crisswrit...
Other lists:  writers
LyndaIowa Lynda Waddington 931 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Southerner turned Iowan, balancing writing career, three kids & a dog. Work = &; Random goodness =
Location Marion, Iowa
Web http://www.essentiale...
Other lists:  iowa, iowajournos, journalism, politics, prochoice, sexpositivefeminism, women, writers-editors, writing
apeywoo April 593 followers (1 on this list)
Bio i get riled easily, particularly about feminisms, social justice, activism, anti-oppression work, historical materialism, communities, the ocean, and red wine
Location Berlin, MA
Web http://forecastingrai...
Other lists:  progressive
TLCHead Tom Head 465 followers
Bio ''I'm a juggler out in traffic, just another clown, throwing fire at the sky...''
Location Jackson, Mississippi
Other lists:  activist, agnostic, blogger, existence, jackson, postmodern, progressive, single, writing
colleen412 colleen412 267 followers
Bio Militant Feminist Icon. BE JEALOUS!
Location JC, NJ

Other lists:  childfree
lukascondie Lukas Condie 251 followers
Bio Gay Business & Entrepreneurship Student at UW - Parkside, Snopester, Model Railroader, Stage Manager, Environmentalist, Feminist, ISTJ, Slytherin.
Location UW - Parkside
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  entrepreneur, environmentalist, gay, milwaukee, stagemanagers
sfreasier sfreasier 240 followers
Bio Job Seeker, Nonprofit professional, passionate about gender equality and reproductive health
Location Brooklyn, NY
Other lists:  brooklyn, gender, nonprofit, reproductiverights, socialmedia, socialscience, thebiglebowski
summerminor Summer M 182 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Freelance writer, recently separated, progressive, feminist, mother, homeschooling, homebirthng, breastfeeding, green. Only real connections please.
Other lists:  frugal, green, mother, parent, rving, singlemom, texas, writer
Sasha_CA Sasha H. 140 followers
Bio Style junkie, political activist, radical feminist, animal lover, and tree hugger who'd like to see drugs legalized and prostitution decriminalized.
Location Southern CA

Other lists:  druglawreform, drugpolicy, feminism, green, liberal, progressive, progressivepolitics, socialjustice
Baby_Love_Child Baby _Love_Child 102 followers
Bio Radical Feminist Queer Bastard (adoptee) & Reproductive Autonomy Blogger
Location Maryland, United States
Web http://www.babylovech...
Other lists:  activism, adopteerights, adoptees, adoption, bastard, blogger, humanrights, queer, reproductiveautonomy
estein888 Elizabeth A Steiner 21 followers
Bio Liberal Democrat and Atheist in Florida
Location Florida

Other lists:  atheist, democrat, liberal, progressive
lovefilmandart LoveUnlimitedFilmArt 15 followers
Bio Follow me, I'll follow you. The Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition is one of the world’s most amazing & inclusive film festivals & art exhibitions.
Web http://www.LoveAndDiv...
Other lists:  art, blogger, entertainment, filmmaker, filmmakers, filmmaking, followback, love, photography
Barlarkan Helena Brors 4 followers
Bio I'm just as unique as everyone else. Average neo-Edwardian, dour, vegan, feminist authoress.
Location Stockholm
Web http://barlarkan.word...
Other lists:  aspergers, gothic, poetry, quaker, screenwriting, steampunk, sweden, vegan, writers
BleedingHeartSW Bleeding Heart 3 followers
Web http://bleedinghearts...


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