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Finalcuteditors Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "finalcuteditors".

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CCMstudios Center4CreativeMedia 867 followers
Bio Our Mission: To raise up an army of Christians to be Film and TV Professionals who will impact the entertainment industry.
Location Garden Valley, Texas
Web http://www.centerforc...
Other lists:  centerforcreativemedia, unhindered, aftereffectsgroup, graphic-design, film, filmmakers
Bill_Pennington Bill Pennington 618 followers
Bio System D Master -
Location Silicon Valley,CA
Other lists:  photography, aperture
Joe_Yayo Joe Medina 542 followers
Bio Colombian born, Texas raised indie writer/producer/director. Strong Liberty Movement supporter with an anti-neocon, constitutional conservative world view.
Location Houston
Other lists:  film, filmmaker, filmmakers, filmmaking, films, screenwriting, video, videoproduction, webseries
DidYouLoseASock Timmy Jimmy McKimmey 453 followers
Bio Follow me on my main account for a single tweet a day @TJMcKimmey. But also follow this secondary account with constant live tweets.
Location Chicago
Other lists:  adobeaftereffects, animation, art, chicago, entrepreneur, film, filmmaker, graphicdesign, motiongraphics
zachnfine zachnfine 285 followers
Bio I am become Zach, destroyer of multimedia
Location Tehran
Other lists:  editor, fcp, filmmaker, finalcutpro, imbecile, motion
RaymondRoman Raymond Roman 280 followers
Bio Interested in Video Editing, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Photography, Motion Design, Graphic Design, Compositing, Animation & other forms of Visual Art.
Location San Diego, CA
Web http://raymondroman.w...
Other lists:  motion-graphics, filmmakers
matt_grover Matt Grover 278 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Freelance Cameraman SD/HD 2D/3D & FCP Editor. 7D owner.
Location Sussex, England
Web http://www.mattgrover...
Other lists:  video, cameraman, fcp-users, creative_types, mediaprofessionals, filmmakers, videoworld
mrsedders mrsedders 263 followers
Bio Husband/Daddy/Editor/Gardener/Bike Nut Job/Creative All Rounder
Location West Sussex
Web http://www.popupmedia...
Other lists:  newfrontiers, filmmakers, veggarden, videoworld, mediaprofessionals
timo_ruohomaki Timo Ruohomäki 231 followers
Bio I develop cross-platform software for broadcasting.
Location Helsinki, Finland
Web http://www.openonair....
Other lists:  bada, drupal, entrepreneur, iphonedev, jquery, radio, salesforce
roseclear roseclear 202 followers
Bio Just a fantasy girl in an impossible world.
Location Houston, TX
Web http://another-myself...
Other lists:  parallel-universes, lisaedelstein, house_cuddy, bookreview, house, x-files, fcp
alexmindt Alex Mindt 34 followers
Bio I'm a writer and filmmaker. Like Whitman, I believe in sex and body and soul, compassion and absurdity. Book: Male of the Species. Film: OxyContin Blues.
Location New York City
Web http://www.oxyblues.c...
Other lists:  detox, film, filmmaker, filmmakers, filmmaking, moviemaker, oxy, oxycontin, rehab
FilmTruth (2 on this list)

Other lists:  fcp
shepherdfx (1 on this list)

Other lists:  apple, virtual-worlds, raleigh, highered
RobProMAX (1 on this list)
boldrick (1 on this list)


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